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An explanation of the Coronavirus and how we should respond.

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Can we have the lights off? Okay.

Let me start out with some disclaimers. I am a doctor of natural philosophy. I'm a physicist not an MD. I'm not a paramedic. I'm not even an EMT. But I have a fair amount of his medical training. I was once a Adjunct professor of surgery at the University of Arizona medical school. They didn't let me touch any patients mind you. Okay. There's a lot of hype going on now about the coronavirus. It's a real thing in a lot of people getting sick. There's also a lot of reason for the hype the news people like heights because it encourages a readership the politicians like hype because they like to be seen as solving important problems. So there's some very large forces worldwide. You see it in the United Nations of the World Health Organization. You see it all through our political time and we're in the middle of a presidential campaign powerful forces trying to hide this all up but we want to do today is give us a little bit of from reality. Behind all of this and I was University Professor for 14 years. I did a lot of lectures. I expect my students to ask questions. So if you have any questions while we're going along on this raise your hand and we'll stop and take him right there. Okay, let's have some fun.

Epidemic music something that's spreading right now and it's a pandemic that means his pants across the whole world. This is not the first time the world has had an epidemic or pandemic. She want us to look a little bit about the history of these epidemics and how people got through them or didn't and what some of the Legacy other than our today. So, how should we respond next chart, please? Here's a series of timeline and here's a series of epidemics. I'm starting with the black death in the Middle Ages. The reason we're going back that far. It's because it's still affects us today and you'll see that we get into it when we get up to Modern Times. There was a Spanish influenza. Nobody really knows why it was called the Spanish influenza didn't start in Spain. It started during World War 1 the Great War and all of the armies in World War 1 right at the end of the last year all of them started getting symptoms of this epidemic and Spain was a neutral country. So they didn't want to blame it on either that either side of the antagonist. It's okay. We'll call it the Spanish influenza. Spain is not responsible for it. It also continues to this day and we'll talk about that more recently. We've had the Ebola virus epidemic severe acute respiratory syndrome. It's a Coronavirus. They had murders Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and it's also a coronavirus and we're dealing with a coronavirus today. The Black Death was a bacterial infection. Not a virus infection. Anybody wants to know the difference raise your hand will talk about it. Yes. You want to know the difference between a bacterium and a virus bug? It's a little living organism eats it grows. It divides. Makes life rip self these lots of things bacteria are really helpful where they're not helpful is when they start to eat us. We are full of bacteria more so than helpful. But when we die oldest bacteria immediately start decomposing us bacteria are very important to the world. The virus is not a bacterium. Virus is almost not alive. It's a little you can think of it as a crystal. It's got some genetic material in it and it's got a little Crystal Box around it and it doesn't read it has no metabolism. It doesn't grow it doesn't eat. It doesn't have enough jeans to make an honest living for itself. So the way viruses get around if they just float around and sometimes they bump against a real living cell and they grab it they poke a hole through the cell and they injected their DNA or RNA into that cell and they take over the the Genetic Machinery of the cell and that's still starts duplicating. The virus virus can't do it himself, but you can tell what cell how to do it and they make a lot of copies and they feel the wholesale up and sometimes it's all over the place. Sometimes they just poke a hole through the side of the cell and I started injecting injecting viruses, but once they come out of that cell

it has no metabolism. It's just set of instructions almost like a computer code. That's what a virus is too much smaller than bacteria virus can infect bacteria. Then answer your question. Okay, let's continue next chart. The Middle Ages, that's when the Black Death happen was pretty interesting time. They had some really cool technology in 13. They had windmills.

They had cathedrals. You'll see them today beautiful fantastic structures from the Middle Ages. They were very crowded. They were unsanitary and they didn't know they didn't know anything about germs germs weren't scientifically identify it until the 1800s. This is back in the 1300s know they also had the music and dancing and they had a good time. So this is a drawing of a painter of a Renaissance painter. So this is all very realistic realistic about the Middle Ages and hear they're having a village fair and back here. There's music and dancing and they're having a good time. Up here are merchants selling their Wares because that's what they did with Farrah's Merchants would come from all over and and the local people would come for all of renewed buy and sell and then I would take the fare to another Community great way to spread a disease, by the way. now these people we're here. You see maybe the the cenotes that they're having a lunch and it allowed or Cafe looks pretty nice. Here's a little bit rougher version of the dinner. It's just a table right out in the middle of the dirt street. There is a horses and cows and dogs and farm animals running around there few people over here relieving themselves at the side of the wall. They didn't know about sanitation. They just didn't but they had a good time. They they had good good social life singing and dancing and they all got to get together. Okay next chart.

So that's when the Black Death happen and happen to these years and they know exactly the date that it started in Europe twelve ships came into port and Sicily. It's an island just to the south of Italy 1212 ships came in they've been trading in the Black Sea. It's east of the Mediterranean this way you go through the Bosphorus Beyond turkey and they were trading and they came back with yours and he's twelve ships were full of sailors that word either dead or dying.

They didn't know what happened will that disease spread really rapidly and it went all over Europe and the Middle East.

Starting in October and I think they give you the actual day in Europe. It killed. Over half of the people in all of Europe about 240 million people died in the black death now, they had several occurrences of it. But this was the first one more tality rate was extremely high and it took your up about two hundred years to recover the population that they lost in those two years. Really deadly stop is caused by a bacterium. the bacterium lives in fleas that live on rats that lives in The Villages. And you get this by getting bitten by a flea in the flea injection bacteria in your bloodstream and goes all through your body. It's still with us today. It's very common in the Western United States is endemic in a wildlife all around us here. If you get to hospital within the first week of symptoms and their bad you feel really bad you get there in the first week. They give you a massive antibiotics and they can probably save you if you wait 2 weeks you're dead. The mortality rate is about 90% extremely high. This is a really bad thing to have. And we live with it today.

And in the United States today you have about seven cases a year of Bubonic plague of the badger will be 17 cases. Not that we learn how to handle this also because they can recognize it and they can treat it with very aggressive right away. And we don't we don't have a lot of rats in with fleas living in her house is so we've learned how to live with this. Bacterium is very deadly, but we live with it all the time.

Any questions so far? Okay. Yes.

The question is what is it about our climate that makes it so endemic in our area here has a lot of trouble with a lot of plague when they have really wet Springs and the Everything grows really well in the Pinon trees grow really well and they have bumper Harvest opinion us then then the Navajo medicine man says it's going to be a hard year for the Navajo. Because all is not allow the rats to proliferate and the Rats carry the fleas and the fleas get into some of the houses and occasionally if you get sick and you going to hospital in your out west the doctors look for this these symptoms and they'll treat you right away. But if you're visiting from the East Coast down here somewhere. You don't have it. You come out the West for busy to come home when you get sick you go to the hospital. They may not realize what you've got unless you tell him you've been out west if you tell him he's been out west to check you for bubonic plague right away, and it's very aggressively hit you with massive antibiotics and they can take care of it, but they got to get that diagnosis and get you on the mortality rate is very high. What's the mortality rate that's how many people died? Haven't gotten the disease in this case is about 90% If it's not treated we're going to be hearing a lot about what's the mortality rate of the of the covid-19 response. We don't know yet. We know that's people come the hospital and and they're very sick and some of them died, but we don't know how many people had the disease before they got to the hospital. So we can't tell you just yet what the mortality rate of the viruses are viruses worse than bacteria. Let's see if I have any other questions before we go go on. Okay, let's start. Let's talk about the Spanish Flu this it brings up the modern times. This happened started in 1918 is back in January of 1918 until December of 1919 to years the World War 1 was 1914 to 1980. So this really started right at the end of World War 1 had all these armies in Europe fighting each other.

Great War the war to end all wars

it infected about 500 million people. That's one quarter of the population of the world in 1918.

How many died we don't know because we don't know how many died in India Russia. We don't know anywhere from 200 million.

100 million people died doesn't mean that's the mortality rate. Sorry. I shouldn't have put it there are the Raiders. How many died who got it? This is how it well anyway, it's very high mortality rate is very high. It's caused by virus is known as the N1 H1 virus. It's a coronavirus and it changes a little bit every year and you can get a vaccine vaccination for this how many of you had your flu shot this year. 1 2

I'm surprised at you. You know what herd immunity is. Never heard the concept of herd immunity like herd of cattle. If everybody in the community, except you has had their vaccinations. Then the disease can spread through the community. So you're getting a free ride on because other people have sacrificed their bodies to get this.

Vaccination is a lot of people in California right now. So I don't want my child to have vaccinations because it might have some bad long-term consequences. Well, too many people start doing that you write it has bad learn long-term consequences for the entire Community. It's not just you. So every year I get a flu vaccine why every year because this sneaky little virus changes a little bit every year. And you have to have a new vaccine for it. And so the medical community colleges try and guess what the next year's vaccine is going to be like and they look at how it's been changing recently and they make their best guess at a vaccine. It takes almost a year to make the vaccine. So when the next year comes here's a new vaccine hears in his Iris do they match up or not? Well this year turns out they messed up pretty well. But that's not always the case. And there's absolutely nothing to prevent this vaccine. Changing until it's his of your Olympics. It was there. It's just hasn't happened since then, but it could.

We've been lucky we all get her accent. We hope we all get her back tonight since please I would like you to go out and get your flu shot this next year. It's very important. Any other questions about vaccinations? Yes.

Yes, the Spanish Flu the questions. The question was on repeat your question for the recording it to the Spanish flu or cold virus. Absolutely. It is just like the one we're dealing with now.

Same same variety of virus little bit different than the way. It's it's lethal. Are the virus is coming around now? We don't have a vaccination for you. It will talk about that a little more. So the influenza comes around every year we have a vaccine every year some years. The vaccine is more effective than other years, but we live with it. Right. Do you know how many people a year die from influenza? It's about 20,000. Deaths every year in the United States from that guy that's been around since the Spanish flu epidemic. A lot of people died from influenza. They tend to the older they tend to be people who have underlying conditions but flu is a serious thing and a lot of people die from it. The mortality rate isn't that high? It's about one tenth of a percent. So for every thousand people who get the flu about one of them dies fairly low mortality rate, but is still here and still going on and there's no reason to believe that it couldn't change next year. We could have a very seriously season. So I'm yours. We do on the average about twenty thousand deaths per year. We live with it. We don't even think about it. How many automobile deaths do we have per year? Does anybody know? It's about 30,000 about 30,000 people a year die in cars in the United States have all the time. We just don't think much about it because we live with it or used to it work. I'm telling you these things because the covid virus is going around right now. It's killing people but not huge numbers. And I want to give you some. Perspective of how does our present covid-19 epidemic pandemic how does it compare to things were already living with Bubonic plague with a mortality rate of over 90% We only get seven deaths a year. The influenza common flu. A lot of people get it and have a vaccine for it. You still get about twenty thousand a year from the common flu. Okay next chart. We get to talk about the Ebola virus. Ebola is also a virus but it's not a coronavirus coronavirus a little tiny small virus. Ebola virus is one of the largest viruses there are assets big sausage shaped thing full of DNA. It is very deadly. Was named after the Ebola River which is in the Democratic Republic of Congo right in the middle of Africa. It is spreads of to the coast and there been a several outbreaks over this. Of time from 1976 to 2018. It's now stopped. It's no longer a threat to the world. But it was pretty bad stuff. Mortality rate 43% you went into the hospital with ebola symptoms chances were just about 50 50 that you would not walk out people die really fast from it. It's comes from a virus that's found in chimpanzees. Gorillas and dogs. And they think it jumped to humans by somebody eating chimpanzees bushmeat they call it. That was the way it got into humans. It's not transmitted through the air. It's spread by direct contact from one human to another you touch a human who has Ebola infection infection, then you can get it. So way to handle is quarantine.

so it's no longer significant threat. They know how to recognize it a jump on it right away. They quarantine the sick people you try and help them but half of her going to die, but it doesn't spread and so there have been some a few small outbreaks of it. You quarantine him is taking care of it by the World Health Organization considers that no longer a threat the threat has stopped. Keep the virus, but it stopped because we know how to deal with it. Any questions about Ebola? Read that stuff. It is very vicious and ataxia.

All your cells leak and your blood leaks and you hemorrhaging is a really bad stuff. Okay, next chart.

Or take care of 2mm SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS. It's a coronavirus just like we're dealing with now. It's a virus that probably came from bats and started in southern China. and

the total number of world cases from stars is only about 8,000 total World cases almost all of them happened in the Far East China, Japan Taiwan. A few cases where somebody got on an airplane and went somewhere else and died. But almost all of the stars cases were in China and them in the Far East 15% It's pretty high remember fluid 1% as 150 times more lethal than influenza.

The only way you can get it is human to human contact and this particular Coronavirus. Is contagious only during the time when the when the victim is showing a lot of symptoms. I mean really really sick. So when you start feeling sick, you're not contagious yet. That means you can get to a position and they can find out about it and they can quarantine you. And the only 8,000 cases worldwide not bad is controlled by quarantine is currently not considered a threat could come back again could re-emerge but we don't work how to deal with it come from China. heard that before

where is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome? It's also a coronavirus all known cases of murders are linked to dromedaries on the Arabian Peninsula, which means don't mess with Arabian camels. You can tell him that cuz they got one hump. The Dromedary has a single hump.

It's very severe.

But haven't feel too many people the total number of people killed or the hotel number of people documented cases that actually showed up at the hospital sick was 2500 died. So the mortality rate is really high is 30% but not very many people get it. And they know where it comes from and they know how to take care of it by isolation again, mostly and so it's not considered. This was an epidemic but it's now stopped. This was an epidemic murders and Ebola we're epidemics, but they've not stopped. Any other questions?

Okay, next chart. The coronavirus this is the one we're dealing with. Well, it's um probably came from an unidentified animal. It originated in China, but not Southern China. This is time is Eastern China. Probably comes from eating some kind of strange creature. China has a culture where they like to eat odd things. I read an article some years ago if it lives in China, it's been eaten. It's just part of their culture.

Oki as of yesterday, there were 664000 cases worldwide and 31000 deaths worldwide. Big numbers and all happened in about 3 months. It's really ramped up fast in the United States. Yesterday we had a hundred and twenty four-thousand documented cases of these are cases where somebody is felt bad enough. They gone to the doctor and he said yeah, you got it and maybe you should be hospitalized or at least you should be quarantined. We have no idea how many people have mild cases of it just like mild cases of the flu and you feel crummy for a week and you don't go to work and then you're over it. We don't have any idea so we can't estimate the mortality rate at the moment. All we know is how many people who are sick enough to get the hospital I met them die. And that's not the true mortality rate, but that does tell you what your chances are once you have to go to hospital.

We don't know the answer the guessing. I'm hearing now from other Sciences about these things is that the mortality rate is somewhere between 1% and 1/10 percent one 10% is what does the influenza has? So this may be 10 times as bad as influenza, but it's not a thousand times as bad. And we'll get better information on that as more and more people recover and as we get more statistics as they test more people if you could do random testing of a large population. Review test of five thousand people out of a million didn't say OK 20% of them has a virus and 80% don't and then you can say okay, we've had this many deaths and 20% of this. Population has it so we can calculate mortality rate. We haven't been able to do that yet. Such thing as is coming up the ramp hang up really fast as fast as I can get there, but it will be Probably a year before we really had a good statistics on what percentage of the population it was actually infected by the stuff. And then once you're infected, what is your chance of dying and it's probably about like influenza.

So what will you do know it's really highly contagious. It's spreading rapidly and is easily transmitted. And so how is it transmitted? This is a virus that attacks. Very specific kind of cell it's actually mucus lines in your mouth nose throat and lungs. That's the only part of your body that it will attack. It doesn't hurt you on your finger.

But it can persist somebody who's sick and cough on a surface and leave some virus there where they can have it all over their fingers and they can touch the surface and leave the virus there a little bit later and you can touch it and you get the virus on your fingers. That won't make you sick. What makes you sick? It's when you put the virus into your mucus lining you touch your eye, you know. nose itches You are too on your pencil. If you put it in your mouth your nose your eyes, then you infect yourself beyond that it can't touch you.

It affects other person's almost exclusively by hand to face contact. There are some cases where if you live in close proximity with somebody who's got it for a half hour or so and you really talk on your sharing all the same are in really close. You can get it that way probably there exhaling little drops of fluid that has a virus in that you can inhale if we can get any of that way, but mostly it comes from your hands touching your face. The medical community just beginning to realize that they have face Shields up purpose of the face shield, so they don't touch their face. Not to keep somebody from sneezing in your face. It's so that you don't touch your own face. Now, it seems like an easy thing to do, but you're touching your face and you just did he did.

Yes a question.

No, the question is can a mask stop a virus answers? No, man s cannot stop virus getting into you the mask can stop somebody who sneezes from broadcasting those wet droplets all over the room. But the virus does not the mass does not help you through all these people running around town with masks thinking they're protecting themselves. They aren't there protecting you. Now if they would only get vaccinated for flu. They could also protect you and themselves. It's really hard to not touch your face. It's the way were made. I want to my mind and my nose itches. This is hay fever season. It's really tough. But you got to do it.

Any other questions about where we are here? Yes.

The 6-foot social spacing out. Yes, it's the stop you from touching other people. It's also to stop you from breathing too heavily on other people.

I saw a picture of a guy in in London who were this big donut? Keep everybody waiting years away from YouTube walking through the supermarket with a big donut around if so, nobody yes.

Good question. How long does a virus live on inanimate objects? That's not known for sure. They're looking into it turns out I cloth it's not much of a problem on nice pristine surfaces, like stainless steel smooth plastic can last a long time you ever been in a Subway or even a bus recently? What are you grab ahold of? Stainless steel or smooth plastic seats or smooth plastic. Those things are real transmitters of of the virus. It's a way to get it on your hands. Still can't get you unless you put it in your face and wash your hands a lot. When you're going to go see I guess it's the next.

This year the world not this time. This is not the last year either yes or no question.

Okay question is how long does it take for the virus to die if it's on your hands or you trying to wash it away or something?

Yeah, I don't know if alcohol kills a virus frankly. I don't know but I know watching it let it slide off. That's what washing. Does. It just mechanically removes it.

I think I got more specific recommendations on a falling star. This is the next to the last picture. Is this the end of world? Is the world going to end this way? Well, maybe there are prophecies in the in the Revelation to John that a third of the world will die from a from pestilence and plagues. It almost did in the Middle Ages.

How about we have survived this thing before and they're still with us and we're dealing with it quite well, we just have to learn how to deal with this thing. We're not going to be living like they did in the Middle Ages week. Is that up a long time ago? You know, what a threshold is on a house. What's the threshold?

It's a well as the door jambs almost it's the bottom of the door. You carry the bride over the threshold. That's the bottom of the door. Well in the Middle Ages fresh was Hey and they filled your house before the house with him and they had a board at the at the door so that he wouldn't spill out. That was the threshold it was holding the thresh. And they would change that very religiously once a year whether it needed it or not. And they were dropping food and if they had the dogs running around that they had rats living in it and and it was really yucky. It was full of bacteria and viruses, but they had no idea.

So we don't live that way anymore and we're probably going to have to change bit the way we're living now all of this stuff. That's kind of

I don't remember growing up. I don't remember most of my college Years. I don't remember most of my business years that people would come up and hug you.

Now, I did know when I grew out that you were expected to shake hands with gentleman. We're probably going to have to stop that too. Certainly. We got to stop at for a while. Maybe we're going to have to stop it. Whatever it's going to take to live with this new virus. That's that's so contagious when we touch ourselves. It doesn't it doesn't hurt you on your on your fingers doesn't hurt at all. If you touch your face with it, it's bad news. She got to wash your hands lots and lots wear gloves and a lot of applications Sometimes some some has anybody ever eaten at McDonald's in the last year. Come on not a single person here. Well, let me explain to you then. The new improved McDonald's as he's big touch screen. Ordering, thank you walking today the restaurant in her several touch screens and you can order all your stuff right on the screen and then they call you and bring it out. I remember the first time my wife and I one of the one of those I said, I'm not touching one of those. You know, how many feet many people to touch that so we go we still go to the counter and we order from the other person behind the counter and everything works fine, but we're going to have to stop touching things. You can do there some things you can do with it. You can take them. Computer stylus made for working touch screens together with these rubber in the end. That's it electrically conductive. You can pull out your computer stylus and you can do it. Maybe you don't go to McDonald's, you go to gas stations the bank the crazy

ATM machines you use a credit card anywhere. They want you to put in a pin code or something. Those things are getting touched all the time. There was a study done recently in Air Force. What is the dirtiest spot in the airport? It turns out when you take your baggage into the airport, you can either take it up to the lady and she'll check it for you. Or you can go to a kiosk will touch screen and you can put in your things and I'll give you the bag and tag right there in that big long line. That touch screen is a 30s thing in the airport. They found it's worse than anything in the restrooms. It's worse than the handrails on the escalators.

Use a stylus use a pin push the buttons don't do it with your fingers. Watch a handy rubber gloves. Put on you're going to the gas station. What's the first thing you touch?

It's that little feedback. What's the second thing you touch? The pump handle. Yeah, I'm carrying gloves when I go to the gas station now.

Well fence I can touch everything in the gas station.

You don't want to bring it back in touch a steering wheel on your car. I get it off before you get there. Okay. So this is not the end of the world. We've had much worse epidemics before this one is Raging really fast, but it's not that all that lethal. Next chart is the last one to see what's it's okay. So what do we do about it? Well, we already talked about avoid touching contaminated surfaces use gloves at the gas station use a pen or stylus when you got to punch numbers in at the grocery store. Social distancing is very nice.

We're not going to be able to hug people. We just not miss hugging you having an awful lot of trouble with Iran. The way men greet each other in a ran is they kiss each other on the cheek? What do you think is going to do if that guy's got a coronavirus right into you and they're having a terrible time social problem. If you can do this do not touch your face, you will be safe.

That's really tough to do. I'm working on it, but it's hard. I know they're in your questions. Yes.

If we are determined last night on the television the face not see you want you to become a face not so you do not touch your face.


A good question. Why is it called covid-19 no-oooooo. There was a lot of problem. There's that we were call me a coronavirus all the coronavirus has there are and how many of them are giving us trouble so they had to have unique name for it. And I don't know why they came to covid-19 Scarano virus.

Coronavirus ID 2019 So it's just a made-up name. Any other questions? Yes.

Okay, good question is the coronavirus getting worse or is it going to get better or what's going on right now?

We don't really know how bad it is because I told you we could we don't have good is statistics yet on it on the mortality rate, which is beginning to look like it's going to be about as bad as the normal seasonal flu. The problem is right now nobody has immunity to it. We don't have herd immunity. That's why you guys didn't get the flu this year because some of us got the vaccine and we have a herd immunity.

But there is no herd immunity to this new virus. So it spreads like mad anybody who gets it in there mucus lion Linings is going to come down with the disease.

That means that is spreading very rapidly and it's filling up the hospital's very rapidly spread out over the whole year. If you just let it go and not have anybody go to the hospital which people have died off a lot more people to see me for a long time. But in a year, we'd all be exposed to it and we'd have heard immunity and it wouldn't be raging. Is the big problem is now it's spreading so fast and it's overwhelming in the hospital and it's only overwhelming hospitals in the hotspot New York and Los Angeles and Seattle and right here in Southern California or Southern Arizona. Not a problem at the moment, but it may be that's the way these things go because we have no herd immunity and sweep through population. So we're trying to do social distancing not to keep you from getting it. It's a slow down the rate of people getting it. They really want you to get it but you can avoid getting it completely. You can avoid it if you do not touch your face. And if you can do that for a year, there might be a vaccine. That is almost certain to be exact saying there's a dozen of my show being developed right now. That's the problem at the moment. That's why it's overwhelming hospitals is because there's no herd immunity and it's just raging through her black death because it raised through just as fast as the mortality rate was 90% Your the mentality rate is probably under 1%


We don't know the answer if you get it, do you develop an immunity and you won't get it again. We don't know for sure the answer to that but my guess is probably yes. This particular virus is not mutating very rapidly all viruses mutate. They change a little bit month to month and the virologist watching closely the influenza virus changes quite a bit every year. This one is changing much more slowly than the influenza virus. So the current speculation is a vaccine for this virus will last several years at least unlike the flu vaccine. I also if you get it, you're sort of self vaccinated that point maybe it'll be the kind of disease that you only get once in your life like a chicken pox. But we don't know yet. We don't have enough evidence enough. Facts with answers questions are really good questions lot of people are concerned about it. We'll worry about that next year. Are there any other questions?

Social distancing. How long can this go on for maybe forever? We got to stop hugging each other. Maybe we got to stop having raised with rock bands. Maybe we got to stop having a spring break in Orlando. Or Miami, I guess Orlando City Lions, right? We don't know the answer to some of these things until we get a virus vaccine effective the answers until then don't do it.

The world is not on hold the world. It's just it's just social distancing. We got him a this morning as a hotspot. I passed my two weeks quarantine. I'm not sick, but it's a lot more crowded there. And this Subway is the BART and me in the trains thousands and hundreds of thousands people ride that train everyday. Oh boy. That's that's really bad news. And I don't know what they can do about that stuff work loves don't touch your face. And try not to breathe when you're on the train right beside somebody else.

Are there are there may well be some lasting social impact on us. We don't know yet. We did stop please the black plague with social social changes. Any other questions? We don't have to be afraid. The world is full of these things. We handle them all the time. Mostly we don't even think about him. We still got the black plague with us. If we want to play we still have the influenza we're dealing with some of them stopped completely like Mar murders and Sahara Sand Evola. They've been stopped they were very bad when I happened. But once you figure out how they're being transmitted what the course of the disease is, then you can figure out what to do. If he's just a kind of a disease that you can stop by quarantine just a few people turned out Ebola with that way and so was immersed so it's ours. So they're easy to take care of this more like influenza. You can't quarantine against this very well, so we'll have to do some other things and it will depend on how good the viruses work. Whether or not we can go back to a Huggy kissy stuff.

Any other questions? Pastor would you like to pray for us?

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