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Hey Church! Don’t miss out today on week two of our new Pivot series! Grab your Bible’s and open up to Luke 24:13-32 as we read about the encounter on the road to Emmaus! Also, grab your communion elements so we can take it together… virtually!

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Well, good morning church. I just want to start with a singing a song, Can I have the lyrics on the video on the screen or anything like that? But it's a song that I think you might know it's called you are my king.

I'm forgiven because you were forsaken. I'm accepted you were condemned. I'm alive and well your spirit lives within me because you died and rose again.


YouTube I'm forgiven

Jamba Juice

Diamond set

but she would die for me.

It's not your fault.

and know that

did you got it? Let's sing. I want again. I'm forgiven because you were forsaken. I forgive cuz you know, I'm accepted.

directions to Hemlock well

Baton Rouge middle of July

Lockheed Martin jobs

Amazing. Love singer

It's my choice.

You know that.

Jesus you are my king Jesus you.

Jesus you

cuz you

but he would die for me.

Follow me you prepare our hearts for your word today, or maybe be obedient to your word and I just hear it a father. Maybe you go in and share the great joy in the great story of of who you are and what you did your death upon the cross and and that you resurrected from the grave that we serve and we live for a living God. We just thank you for this relationship that we can have with our Our God through Jesus Christ. We just pray this in your name. Amen. Well, good morning everybody again, welcome back. This is the second week of our series on pivot and it is a serious dedicated to Christ Resurrection the appearances that he has had to certain people and individuals and groups between his his resurrection and his Ascension when he goes up to the father and give the Great Commission. So I encourage you to just stay in your word Guinea word. We're going to read it from Luke today Luke chapter 24 vs 13 to 32. But before we get into those verses I want to just give a little bit of background of what's going on right now a week earlier. Basically what happened was Jesus rode into the to the streets and Jerusalem, he wrote Into the streets on it on a donkey for filling a Old Testament scripture. But but as he was coming through the streets 10 Thousands of people were Joyce and and they were grateful because they finally in their mind we're finally to them. Their King was coming to redeem is real and restore power in so people shouted save us save us a hosanna in the highest. And so some of their expectations that they had was to to overthrow Roman tyranny to place the temple in The Godly hands to restore the rule of God's law to establish Israel as the light of the world kill Obamacare. I just do that in there. Make sure you're paying attention to that Jesus there. But the reason why why Jesus was was was coming back in and really it was his his his March his victory march to the Cross knowing that he was going to be resurrected. But but in people's minds they didn't I thought it was it was their King was going to come and redeem them and save is real and and and push away the Roman Empire and restore back to the Jews. So when Jesus died on the on the cross life went back to business as usual. The disciples hadn't had one off people scattered and went different places. I could imagine again with that Saturday was like when he he didn't resurrect in the grave at that point, but but only know three days later from his crucifixion on on Easter Sunday, did he do that? So at this point right now, we know last week we talked about Mary magdalene's experience with him. He he appeared to some women as well on their way back to to tell tell people about about Jesus resurrection and then a little bit later than that. He appeared to Peter. Not when he reinstated Pier on the shore, we can talk about that again that next week or the week after but today this is later on in the day when he resurrected. He appears to two people on a road. So everybody had kind of scattered the the in their minds all hope was lost. It wasn't the king that they thought it was an people just checking out their leaving Jerusalem. So these two guys were leaving Jerusalem and they were on the road back to normal lights and business as usual to Emmaus. And so here they are. Note for me on a side note. I like in this in a way to the show. And if you ever seen the show Undercover Boss, but I don't know anything about YouTube. I don't know if on copywriting in fridge or whatever by mention that one of these shows Undercover Boss is when the boss of the CEO of these big companies often times at Fortune 500. They they changed it but mustaches on they they shave the mustache the shed their hair. They dye their hair that you put beers on whatever are they basically just completely change the way they look when they appeared these people their employees and they go and work in these businesses in the people have no idea who he is most of the time and then at the end he find certain employees who are going through some hard times. But super dedicated to the to the business and so he gets to know how much or how dedicated these people are and that the end of it the the owners bless these people individually knowing their store. With cars or College tuition or finances to pay off medical bills or are things like that and it just really cool at the end to as they unveiled who they are and just to see these people is like I just know why the change in there just filled with joy and and compassion and obviously gratitude. And so I like in that store this story today and Luke 24 x Undercover Boss in Jesus as he's resurrected these two men are walking on this road and we're going to read the scripture in 2nd together get more Biblical context, but this is where they're at right now and there's some different speculation as to who these two men are people have said, it's Luke and clear up Hispano cleopas. His name is mentioned in it. It's spelled differently than the cleophus we talked about last week who is his wife was was married. And so some people think that it's it's It's Marianne cleopas and they're walking out of town. Some people think it's Luke and clear this but we know that clip this is there and so either walking out of town regardless of exactly who it is their Disciples of Jesus, but they witness the the resurrection they knew about it or the crucifixion and then their hearing these stories throughout the day of these women telling about this resurrected resurrected Lord, and so here they are on this road. So let's grab our Bibles and we're going to open up the loot 24 and kind of go through a little bit in Nesconset. After Jesus is risen there now on the road to Emmaus and we're going to pick up in verse 13 Emmaus about 7 miles from Jerusalem. They were talking with each other about everything that had happened. As they talk and discuss these things with each other Jesus himself came up and walked along with them, but they were kept from recognizing him here. When we read this. We don't know exactly what happened whether his appearance was was was changed their eyes were blinded in a way. But what we do know is that God kept them from seeing the recognized and who this person was that was Jesus, but in verse 17, he said he asked them what are you discussing together as you walk along they stood still their faces downcast. One of them named cleopas asked him. Are you the only one visiting Jerusalem who does not know these things that have happened there in these days. She got it. You got to think of this. Okay, if they don't know who this guy is and Jesus had just died. You know that a week before he came in on a donkey. I mean, that's a pretty grand entrance right then he dies on the cross and people are just completely discouraged as may they walk away but it was it was a known historical fact that Jesus died on the cross in that whole entire area. Nobody would have denied it. It would have been like the Talk of the Town, you know, or whatever like a small town. You got somebody's you know, I braise up and over his business or whatever you going to know everything about it. So that was this right now. Nobody would have denied what was going on everybody probably knew about it. And then the resurrection all the stories circulating the rumors and then things like that. So I mean this is the stuff is is fresh the stuff is going around everybody in Town's with a note knew about it. So this guy they're just there. It says the tomb we're going to Village call. The mayor's about 7 miles from Jerusalem. So it's not that far from where they were going, but they're on their way this guy and counters and he's right outside the city, so obviously Most people would have known about the stories that were going on. So this is basically like are you the only one visiting Jerusalem who does not know the things that have happened there in these days and I'm back in the day. They probably would have been laughter. Like people would have been laughing because everybody would have known what's going on and Enzo. Jesus says what? And then he goes in and cleopas starts to go into detail about Jesus of Nazareth. They replied he was a prophet powerful in word and deed before God and all the people the chief priests not rulers handed him over to be sentenced to death in the crucified him. But we had hoped that he was the one who is going to redeem is real and what is more is the third day since all this took place in addition some of our women amazed us. They went to the tomb early this morning, but didn't find his body. They came and told us that they had seen a vision of angels who said he was alive then some of our companions went to the tomb and found it just as the women had said, but they did not see Jesus and so Peter and John talking about them, but the companion that went there and so there is no deluca's is referring back to the what had happened at that time. So he's there explaining what happened to do. They think is person from out of town or whatever. That doesn't know what's going on. It's really Jesus. And so he he understand what Jesus did but he really does not understand Jesus's mission on Earth. And so this is where there where he's explained in the but then and verse 25. Jesus rebukes the two disciples on the road because all of the time that Jesus had been with these people he'd explain in great detail of that. He was going to use going to be crucified and resurrected again and everything that he was doing was for the father's will and for the glory of the father and so another another note to that. Maybe they didn't recognize him because when Jesus had when he was crucified, he was just figured he was beating he he was did not look the same and you can read about the in Isaiah 52:14, I believe but but in the Directed State. We know Jesus went from glory to glory and so he could have been a completely different in perfection in in a way. So maybe since everything is fresh on their mind. They knew him as bruised and beaten everything like that. It didn't recognize not whatever. They're the the case. They did not recognize Jesus and so they still don't recognize Jesus in the first 25. Jesus rebukes them and said, he said to them how foolish you are and how slow does how slow to believe all the people the prophets have spoken did not the Messiah have to suffer these things and then enter his glory and so Jesus is reminding them like all the things that he been been teaching them. He's going back to who Christ was and and then he goes in he says verse 27 in beginning with Moses and all the prophet explain to them. What was said in all the scriptures concerning himself. And when Jesus talks people are captivated their minds are open there just their intent and listening and so imagine Rodin in Emmaus and Jesus is walking alongside these two. It's getting late in the evenings. Probably a couple hours if they've been walking together. Jesus is explain the scriptures and who better can explain scriptures than Jesus and he goes back to YouTube to Moses and talking about the sacrifices that had to be made the Ten Commandments, you know, he goes into probably a lot of what he talked about The Sermon on the Mount, you know, and going to use some of those foundational truths in in Prophecies of a Old Testament scripture. He's reminding them of Jesus being the Fulfillment of the law of what was in place through through Moses. And so that's he's that's why he started with Moses and then verse 28 as they approach The Village to which they were going Jesus continued on as if he were going farther. But they urged him strongly stay with us for it is nearly evening. The day is almost over so he went in to stay with him and back then it was just Jewish custom Jewish Hospitality to invite somebody into your home so that they would stay with you. And so that was just the way that they they did things and so as Jesus was going on he was going to continue on but they said no no come in and stay. So obviously even though the contacts to your says how foolish you are and slow to slow to believe it may seem really harsh to us. But Jesus Took the time with them to explain it to be patient with them. And so they obviously did not get offended by by that what Jesus said, in fact, they took it a step further to invite him into their home regardless, whether was Hospital Jewish Hospitality or not. They decided to do that. They could have kicked him to the curb. He went in to stay with them in the next part is just amazing what happens so as they're discussing like one what went wrong in their mind that they thought that Jesus is King was going to redeem of Israel and nothing happened. They were in discouragement. And so that's why Jesus rebuking to the heart of of the scriptures to the heart of the reason for his fulfillment of the scriptures. They don't seem to grasp that they understood the the purpose but they didn't understand the the mission of Jesus and in so this is where Jesus is explain it to them and you know, this still happens today. I mean Jesus visits visit us in our lowest X and Y pipe he visits us when when a loved one walks away, right you visit visits us when a loved one has died when we released from work when life feels unbearable. When a friend moves away in Jesus times in life, and this is who Jesus is it, you know, we draw closer and we grow on face as the Lord Reveals His love and his plan for us and I think in this moment, you know, these these guys are starting to come back to their first love and last few weeks ago going through a series on rekindled rekindling our first love in so as Jesus is talking to these guys they begin to like rekindle that a little bit and so here we are verse 30 when he was at the table with them. He took bread gave Shanks broke it and began and began to give it to them. Now this is interesting whether or not these this other disciple with clip Eclipse was probably not at the the Last Supper this other guy. We don't know exactly where girl who this was but they no doubt would have heard about the last supper and what Jesus did and talking about breaking bread. And so it says then their eyes were opened and they recognized him as he disappeared from their site out. Why in the world would he just break bread give it to you in the eyes are open and just vanished. I mean, you know, why don't you just stay the morning and in and talk with him and so we can continue to to speculate on this but I think the biggest thing is that if you look at how Jesus told stories right and told Parables and told stories to people because you know what the people he hung out with a new talk to or less educated most of time than other people that's one thing. So people related to the stories. They related to stories that resonated with in their hearts. Jesus when he walked with Jesus disciples, they knew him personally. They they knew the love that he had for them. They knew the compassion in the mercy for him. And as we even begin to experience Jesus in our lives in the goodness that he has we our hearts can can burn for him. We we understand just how good Jesus is in our lives as we draw closer to him cuz he's Drawing Near to us. And so they were experiencing that in the in their lives and so their eyes were open but I think that more than understanding and we can read scripture all we want and that's great. We can like we can memorize this whole thing. We can memorize the covenants we can memorize the Ten Commandments we can memorize, you know, all the things in the scripture, but if it does not Pierce our heart if it doesn't connect our mind and heart then if it doesn't do any good First salvation because our Salvation is dependent on on a heart believing what these things say until I think for these people the reason why Jesus in my mind anyway, the reason why Jesus didn't just tell them on the road to Emmaus that he was Jesus and he could have easily just end of the conversation like that. I think you really had to help them to come back to rekindle to the relationship with Jesus to the first love with him before he just went and told him because what good is that they would have been excited about something think of it this way. You know, when we have people that that come and surprise us, right, you know, we could we could go and just you know show up somewhere in and surprise somebody but a lot of times I can make a grand entrance with it, right? We kind of built build it up and we talked to them on our phones or whatever and they have no idea that were in Yuma Airport and then we're driving our car somewhere in any kind of build it up. And now I'm so they have no idea, you know where you're at.

You start, you know rekindling yourself with your relationship with this person and it becomes more personal than just a quick thing like a you know, I'm coming over today, whatever you can expect a person's like that's great. That's cool. But it's not the same as a surprise, right? And so I guess that's why I'm getting at with within the heart was rekindled in these Disciples of Jesus in Jesus the moment, they didn't understand the purpose at that time. But as Jesus explained his ambition and why he came then it resonated with in the heart. And as soon as he broke the bread it was like wow, I get it because when he broke the bread in that last supper and we're going to do this in a minute today, we're going to take communion so you can get your ailments ready. You can hit pause on this but we're going to get ready to take the the bread in the & The Juice together today. But as he gets into this and breaks the bread.

I don't know exactly what it was for cleopas. I don't know what it was exactly for his other companion with him. But we do know is that this next verse right here says it all 31 dinner eyes were opened and they recognized him and he disappeared from the site. They asked each other. We're not our hearts burning within us when he talked with us on the road and open the scriptures to us. I think that's so cool because their hearts were burning as this guy that they didn't know who is Jesus was talking to them and it is just amazing as we encounter Jesus as you get to know him more in his word how much our hearts burn. I mean when you read scripture you could read scripture many times, right? But but we always pray we should anyway pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal our hearts what God wants us to speak to us through scripture. We know that God's word doesn't change but often times when you read scripture, sometimes we miss things in scripture and it's just amazing like it when you are So cool. When you start start reading more than one to discover more your heart start burning it start getting passionate about and that's how it was for these guys. They went back to the first love of Jesus and God's word is so powerful that Hebrews 4:12 that is sharper than a double-edged sword that pierces every man woman and child. I mean God's word is is is is alive and it's active and that's what it does. It should really burn within. You know, when we just read God's word and kind of do this this. Okay. If this doesn't speak to me today, then I'm just going to kind of put it down put on the Shelf let it collect dust and forget about it. But the more we get to God's word and we read the paragraphs in the context of the whole chapters and we begin to understand that more God's word Burns within us and we form nvme rekindle that relationship with Jesus. I think that's so cool. That's what happened with these guys as Jesus is sitting around and he breaks bread with them. And if we don't we don't have to walk in life with sadness into feet as as this guy in cleopas did on the road to Emmaus they felt defeat so they were walking away. They're walking away from Jerusalem and we have the victory through Christ death and Resurrection any of the proof through God's present presents through the Holy Spirit and his word among us that that Jesus is Alive and Well, I mean, he's closer than the air that we breathe and he wants you to get to know him more and more each day through his word and through prayer and through through daily living for him. And so they were rekindled in their in their heart and they're burning relationship with Jesus as is their eyes were opened before Jesus verse 33. It says this they got off and returned it once to Jerusalem and we're going to go to the this next part next next week, but what happened after that but as soon as their eyes were opened, The hearts were burning and they said we're a heart's not not burn within us when he talked with us on the road and open the scriptures to us. They got up and returned at once to Jerusalem. So they didn't continue to keep going to Emmaus. They turned around the pivoted that to Jerusalem and really in the series point in series that mean we don't just continue in life going the same exact way same exact Direction going through the motions because this is what we're supposed to. Do. You know, you you get a job to pay the bills right in and have a mortgage pay for your car is paid you all those things that you don't need to impress people. You don't like that's what Dave Ramsey says a lot but we do all these things and we forget that first of all is God's money. It's God's possessions in the things that we have should bring glory to him. But things that we have to be used for Ministry purpose is to bless other people. So real value thinks maybe there's maybe we need to look at the store and see how we can pay that our lives to bring more glory to God through the through the things that we have but as we get you we have God's word with us. How often we just leave it there. And in not not read it and and then we can turn to him. We can make that choice anytime and and God is just waiting to to be there to draw near to us. As soon as the scripture says in an in James. You don't we draw near to him. He's drawn noodle awesome and the devil will flee from you. That is a promise that we have. So here's here's where the guys are. This is a choice if they have there on the road to Emmaus they get to they get to where they're at. The they stay there for the night Jesus with him. Jesus opens their eyes through the scriptures revealing who used to prophecy for all these things. Their eyes are opened the Jesus disappears and they have a choice. They can stay with her at go back to life as normal business as usual. Or they can return back to Jerusalem and not only tell others what's going on but to go and make disciples to all around. And this is the choice that we have today. What choice will you make in your life? We just go as business as usual. I enjoy our lives. You don't continue to go to the same path or we can look to the bigger picture and really as they didn't understand the purpose of Jesus. They understand Jesus is Mission. Do you understand the mission that Jesus has given you on and I encourage you stick with us over the next few few weeks in the series pivot as be as we continue to unveil what that mission is as Jesus reveals it to the people that he encounters but some but right now because the scriptures every as you read in many different parts of a scripture New Testament about Jesus and in what the symbolism for communion first off, I would say that if you are a Believer if you have receive Christ as Lord in your life you believe in his death is is resurrection and you walk in with him your Christian. Then then take communion with us. If you are if you if you're not a Believer, if you haven't made that choice to commit your life to Christ, then this might not make sense. It won't make sense to you. This is a remembrance of what Christ did for us the church through his death and his resurrection as we remember him because sometimes we stopped the crucifixion and remember his death and communion, but we forget that we're going to be taking these these elements again with him when we're face-to-face and so we have that hope with him if you turn on glory and being in his presence, so that's another reason that we eat. We look forward to taking communion together and so as we look at the communion in Jesus is sitting there with his people in Doing the the last the last supper we look at these guys who are just sitting there and looking to Jesus and they're not quite understanding everything that's going on. In fact, even after his resurrection. They still didn't understand until the experiences Resurrection. But at the crucifixion that they thought I was over but as Jesus is sitting there in the end I Look to when he predicts his death and he says that the hour has come for the son of man to be glorified and I'm reading from John chapter 12 verse 23. It said the hour has come for the son of man to be glorified very truly. I tell you unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies. It remains only on a single speed but it dies it produces many see anyone who loves their life will lose it but anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life. Whoever serves me must follow me and where I am, my servant also will be My father will honor the one who serves me now, my soul is troubled and what shall I say father save me from this hour know it was for this reason. Very reason. I came to this Our Father glorify your name. Then a voice Came From Heaven. I have glorified it and I will glorify it again the crowd that was there and heard it said it had sundered others said an angel had spoken to him. Jesus said the voice was from your for your benefit not mine now is the time for judgment on this world now is the the prince of this world will be driven out and I when I am lifted up from the earth will draw all people to myself. He said that I said this to show the kind of death. He was going to die the crowd spoke up. We have heard from the law that the Messiah will remain forever. So how can you say the son of man must be lifted up? Who is the son of man than Jesus told them you were going to have the light just as little a little while longer walk while you have the light before Darkness overtakes you whoever walks in the dark does not know where they are believe in the light while you have the light so that you may become children of life when he had finished speaking Jesus left and hit himself from Jesus makes a point and then predicts his death before then and he explains why he has to go to die. Ennis believer is we are just overwhelmed by by the love and the compassion in our Salvation that we have in Jesus. But for those that don't know Christ person. I not invite you just get into the scriptures start with the Book of John read John 1 all the way through the through the end and then just experienced Jesus for yourself down a house and how good he is, but how he can take someone it's as simple as myself somebody who is completely in perfect and internal life around and I give a purpose not only that is to to give to glorify him through through my life and to have the promise of eternal life. It has a hope Beyond this life that this world does not offer us is so if you have your ailments go ahead and take them out as Jesus Took the Took the bread at the last supper and then she broke it on the road to Emmaus and he's at this home with these guys. He broke the bread in their their eyes were open. But but the breaking of the bread was for the purpose of explaining that his his body was bruised and beaten and it wasn't just for show it was for fulfilling of the prophecy as and Isaiah 53 the suffering servant and Jesus was at suffering servant in that moment. I think those people that you guys are eyes were open and he realized that he wasn't just a suffering servant that it wasn't just a good teacher that he was the Messiah that he was the person who he said he was on Earth and it clicked with in their minds lights within your your heart today that you are rekindling that that Fire Within you for the one who loves you so much to go to the cross. And so are we just thank you for this opportunity to come together. Lord should be reminded as your church that your body was was bruised and beaten for our for our good Lord that we have eternal life through your death on the cross that you tore the veil into that you fulfill the Old Covenant that we didn't have to do I sacrifice so we don't have to do sacrifices any longer because you fulfilled that lure you were the ultimate sacrifice and so we take this bread in remembrance of love you Jesus name. Amen. Take the bread.

Then you can grab your your juice.

finished Runing real quick

and he's the one of the things I really miss being with you guys on Sunday morning, honestly communion. We do every single Sunday First Christian Church and it is so good. It's not a ritual and honestly does not feel like a ritual each Sunday because we have different people in the congregation. If your church in your listen to this we have been people that do devotionals every single Sunday and it is so cool just to hear testimonies and scripture reading from the different people in the church that that can reflect on what of what Jesus did in their life but also the truth of scripture and so I'm really looking forward to that again meeting with you guys be able to take his face to face but now we pick up the juice and the juice in and keep in mind that these these elements if you if you knew all this is elements. This is not literally the body of Christ that that turns into the body of Christ This is not something you have to do to be saved. These are symbols of Jesus's body. That was that was bruised and beaten for us. This is the juices of symbol of Blood that was shed for us. And you look at Christ as a Passover Lamb and one of the plagues that was going through was the was the the angel of death that would pass over and so what they had to do is paint their door post with the blood. And if the angel passed over and saw the blood the the child will not die death will not come over then. And so this was a symbolism of what was to happen later on that Jesus is the ultimate penalty for our for our Salvation that his body and his that his blood was spilled for us to to pay the penalty determine that that we couldn't that we could never ever attained is not enough sacrifices that we could do is not enough, you know older ladies, we could walk across the street. There's not enough nice things that we could say to somebody to earn our Salvation. If you get anything from this communion message and you're not a Believer today just know that there's nothing that you can do that can earn your salvation. It is only through believing in the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ accepting her as your Warrior Savers surrendering your life to him and giving giving your whole life completely over to him and living for him. I'm confessing this and ask him that he would take your sin that you have in your life and he would forgive you for it. And we know as we read throughout the Old Testament and New Testament that Jesus Takes our sin the the blood that was shed for us the blood that was shed for that sin. And he removes it as far as the East is from the West. I mean how picturesque is that? If you look out in in in the North State here, you can look for miles and miles if you're in good terrain as it's amazing to know that your son is just is this remove even further than you can see so this blood is a symbolism of Jesus's blood that was shed for us. And and I'm so thankful personally for for what Jesus did on that cross and and I know if you've been walking through the Lord with the Lord for a while or few days or a few weeks you experience Christ goodness, and and you're right there with me and so let's take this together. Let's take this together knowing of what this symbol is, but also knowing that we will take this again with Christ himself in glory in when it when we die. And so let's do that and so far. We just thank you so much for this opportunity and this symbol that we have of this juice showing your blood Lord what you did for us on that cross. We thank you Lord for the promise that we have in the hope that we have an eternal life and to take this with you when we're with you face-to-face. I'm just pray this in your name. Amen.

And so we just thank you so much for for watching. This this next sermon on the series pivot. This is the second one. We're going to continue on with this get into your Bibles in the word go up on your neighbor help people out social distance, of course distancing, of course, but go be the church and I we look we really look forward to seeing you again being with you again. And so go be a blessing. We love you guys.

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