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God desires that we continue to preach a message of compassion to those who are yet hardened to His message.

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Appreciate those days since he's been faithful here as well. And I'm grateful for that. He's so we're grateful for the investment that you're now. I'm already just been having this cop is a tremendous blessing. I would ask you to let you know that times when I'm preaching about reaching the City of Reno. I'll mention a lot about prayer just to emphasize it's going to take a miracle of God for a church to get off the ground there and we seen churches move out compromises shut down altogether and so it's just a strange question why when churches are leaving why God is sending in his word this morning, so I'm not going to be preaching at specifically about

Desperately need your prayers at a tire Boulder Valley brother. Brian Ricker is in Lafayette and outside of him to reach Superior Boulder Louisville and Lafayette. That's the only solid independent fundamental Baptist Church preaching the gospel for about a hundred and fifty hundred sixty thousand people there. And so the need is beyond what I could even communicate through your prayers this morning going to be in 2nd Chronicles chapter 36.

I love this is your practice here with you stand in honor of God's word. If you're physically able to do that. We just want to give reverence and respect and start our place off in the right place men's acknowledging exactly what we need. It is a holy word. 2nd Chronicles Chronicles, right?

2nd Chronicles chapter 36 First you're going to be like, okay, we have a Missionary Church planter, whatever you can follow us in my mind. I'm still a youth pastor in certain ways that song but you're going to look at this. What is this happen do with killing the bull?

Bible says zedekiah was one and twenty years old when he began to reign in reign 11 years in Jerusalem and humble not himself before Jeremiah the prophet speaking from the mouth of the Lord, but he's still sniffing his nap and hardened his heart from turning under the Lord God of Israel Over the chief of the priests and the people very much after all the Abominations of the house of the Lord in Jerusalem.

Rising of the times and send it because he had compassion on his people and on his dwelling-place off the messenger and despite his words and misused His prophets until the Wrath of the Lord of Rose against his people still there was no remedy versus discussed God's judgment upon the nation of Israel specifically here in the nation of Judah and the walls of Jerusalem. And as a result of their continual said this morning preaching among Harden people, I believe you can see for just from the title where we're going here. If you can talk about the city of Boulder to talk about the community of Broomfield and the entire Denver metro area. Just become increasingly more liberal increasingly more anti-christian. And so we are labor question that often times our minds has why? Why would God send us there? It's already considered for this morning and I'm just asking for your help no more time to communicate the truth with Clarity. I pray that you be at Health encouragement in a blessing to this to your church doing the very best to reach you have to pass it on. So I pray that you help us to understand the word help us to apply it where it is needed in Jesus name. I pray. Amen. God bless his word. You may be seated.

You probably know somebody with a short fuse play me some husbands that are taking their wives and say you're thinking of these people that maybe have short fuses. You can probably think of a co-worker then we say something at just the right time in the right place. It's just going to it's going to rain, you know, you might know somebody who functions the temp somebody's anger offense.

Siblings are normally good. But until she was right. Typically when a person with a short fuse goes off know what I mean. They're it's not a pretty sight. I just this past week. There is a college basketball game between the Kansas J. I just caught the very end of this game and steal the ball from around the time out goes down to try to start over in a short fuse people and it was a pretty ugly suck. Disturbed short suffering it's truly an amazing thing to consider just how patient is because it is holy and righteous kill one of us in our sin and merciful to us because of our sin we are altogether worthy of a turnip eternity in hell but praise be to God that he sent his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross ER substitute take our punishment for the we can have eternal life Cast the song that he's been loving he's been patient. He's been gracious with some of us to give me the gospel to it over and over and over again now just can't commit suicide with people who obstinately reject him a better example of God's Own suffering toward rejecting people in judgement on the people of Israel. They had a history reading our text about how inspired are hard-hearted resistance to repent at the mouth of the prophets repeatedly sent over and over and over again bearing a message of repentance communicating them. I want you to turn back to me. I want you to turn away from the idols that should be serving and do the opportunity. Only for them to reject it again 300 years over 300 years. Continue until the very day that he sent the Chaldeans and the conquer the land. 300 years of long-suffering days this question. Why why would God be so gracious? And so patient to such a hard and people this is really a question that transcend into the 21st century today. There are countries that are cities are people all over the world with dogs offer of Salvation and deliverance missionary, but they're going to China to reach specifically the North Korean people there in North Korea is a place that has for a long time rejected rejected salvation. Countries that have recently passed non conversion laws like Nepal and Russia where it's illegal to proselytize there. We're right here in our own country there specific cities in specific people groups hear obstinately rejected.

My mom name is the people involved. There has been solid churches there, but those churches have had to move because they couldn't get off the ground. Some Churches had to move location to different city because the county fought so hard against them and basically they're trying to remodel their building bring the building up to code and if worse than to leave the area. It's a place that professes to be accepting of all Lifestyles, but when it comes to religion for decades and wanted nothing to do with God nothing to do with Christianity. Mini Hue Jesus as a character to be hated despised and trampled on when we know the reality is that he loves them so much he gave his life.

I can seem like right here in your own Community that's getting more and more difficult with every passing year to witness the people to give them the gospel. You can probably pick up some loved ones that you have some relatives and friends and co-workers that more than anything you want them to receive the Gospel every time of rejection. They just seem to get harder and harder and harder.

But in spite of the hardness of heart and the stubborn rejection of God's off of Salvation, you know, if he continues to send missionaries into places like China to send missionaries in the Middle East.

Why is that? Why is God so long-suffering with such hard with people and why does God repeatedly send his message to go to approximately rejected our family leave a fruitful Ministry in the city of Longmont laboring among teenagers. Why would people leave jobs word has the answer for us today? The people of Israel had developed a habit of rejecting God's off of repentance. For centuries the nation of Israel, the whole weather was thinking about the southern tribes of Judah and Israel Jacob Subs over to the lamp Jim was that include a judgement against the fruit of the land and included judgment that they would it also included it out of the promise playing it so they were clearly defined harsh consequences and survival. Indian of the combined 43 teams over the nation of Israel and Judah 29 of them had a rainbow was characterized by evil and idolatry. Wally and turn from the Lord and from his word we find though throughout the Old Testament scriptures that God was gracious and Elijah and Jeremiah and Isaiah

And all they did was rejected. king after King Time After Time generation after generation in the last reigning king of Judah this time zedekiah was no different than any other generation any rain 11 years in Jerusalem in the sight of the Lord his God and humble not himself before Jeremiah the prophet speaking from the mouth of the Lord.

the nation of Israel

it was coming.

trust in the Lord and He will serve Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon and not repel against him and not turn the Egypt for help, but he would simply accept the punishment

In fact that I even had sworn an oath by the name of his God and Jack inverse of R-13 it says and he also rebelled against God hardened his heart from turning in the war. Israel. Not as much to order it says there that then he hardened his heart from turning onto the Lord cop golfer here. so notice so that it wasn't just that a kayak in verse 14 if there's more over all the chief of the priest in the people very much and polluted the house of the Lord with chica hallowed in Jerusalem. And so it wasn't just a Dollar Tree on the Heathen and of course the people and restoration and really determine have it in their lives are readily strengthened every step that is taken and printed with firmer grip every time and action is repeated the easier it becomes and the more deeply rooted in the soul. Hey, so what you find is his disability. Do I have it for the nation of Israel? The only grew harder and harder and harder the closer. They taught in the Judgment Day. Jean after King generation after generation refuse to Humble themselves before God and they repeatedly and stubbornly refused.

This isn't something that ended with his real right now. You can probably think of something on your mind. Give me the gospel message of repentance over and over again, whether we are talking about a family member or a co-worker a long time friend trying to labor to be faithful to give him the gospel and harder and harder to where you can eat.

We can think the same way about certain parts of our country. Places like Boulder places like DC places like the West Coast with Oregon and Washington and California. These places are just becoming increasingly more places like Utah where Mormonism is such a strong hold their New York City and Long Island, New York.

We see that they've just continuously rejected. Rejected his words if we even take the dog.

Why is it so hard? To start searching the question that reminds will simply because we were already hardened. Why you never to do that? I mean I had some comments in here. I'm glad you're gone. So I don't want to go I've had some passwords on that while I'm glad that you're going to have to go to a place like older and so you'll get conversation. Isn't that how we should think what is God do with this real? The D the D write them off as he cast them to the side and hip.

Lord out of their fathers rising up betimes and sending you know what that means that were used up.

No, okay. I went to last time a parent went to their kids and said I told you to clean your room. No, but you might say that I'm told you over and over and over and over and over and over and over a tent to clean your room, right? That's what this word b Jackson in spite of their obstinate Spirit creatures the prophet student.

He sent to them over and over again understand this truth as bent as they were on rejecting dogs offer. It was equally as went on a spending money still the same way to do. We consider these places that have clamped. We don't we don't want the truth gospel. Why in the world would you be so kind?

Because he had compassion on his people and on his Wellington Place. The word compassion communicate the idea that God had pity on them because he knew what was coming to the Chaldeans were already on their way to Jerusalem to just yard yard desolation. And so he continued to send messages while how long could this possibly go off? How long can sit a hole in a righteous? God be so gracious be so merciful sinful people for this extended. Of a Time. Cease to be compassionate towards set set 16. Here's what they did. They mock The Messengers of God. And despise his words and misused His prophets until the Wrath of the Lord rose against his people till there was no remedy.

In spite of the fact that God was long-suffering and gracious toward than they continue to reject him and they abused His prophets change that murdered his Rock was filled and there was no remedy remedy need there was there was no relationship and it's holy judgment Must Fall.

So the Chaldeans come take them away Break Down The Walls of Jerusalem is burned People Israel with brutality and left their land.

I didn't ask to be this way. Not expensive them repeatedly. Over and over again offering repentance offering restoration offering healing he offered them what they needed me gladly would have despised his message. They mistreated his messenger. They were a stubborn obstinate and hard-hearted people.

God graciously afforded them opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to repent why why would God be so gracious towards that's hardened people. Why did God continue to see the people of Israel? I'll tell you why I sent his Messengers to extend until his judgment begins. Show me when asked this question, why would we continue to plant churches among hard when people in the labor here in the community missionary? Why would we go to places that are such hard not tell you to the very same reason is the day of judgement coming out of here the tribulation. Unparalleled unparalleled disaster to wear in 70 years of 2/3 of the Earth's population over four billion people perish during that time. But the on the tribulation. Why did Charles steak and all those who are still lost are facing the Eternal Destiny of hell? Where did desperate situation today because the truth is our world is still lost there still without God hardened the gospel. If they don't repent they will perish but I am thankful that God said that he is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance his Penny. It still goes out to the loss matter how many times they rejected no matter how many times they have refused because he knows there is still sending forth laborers today and your brothers and your sisters still wants you to communicate the message of the Gospel. He still wants you to give the gospel to your friends in your co-workers. You still want you as Broomfield Community.

Are headed for help. They have a dog who loves them and so much so that he sent his only son Don is freely offering today repentance and restoration for men. That's why you sending us to do it.

He's told us to go and plant the church among the hardened people of Boulder. Why in the world would God do yes compassion on me. As Christians Listen to this as Christians we have been called to the gods instruments of compassion to harden people. Every one of you have been called to be an instrument of God's compassion. Whether it is your family or who's going to stranger on the street God wants to extend his compassion to that person wants to use YouTube. He wants to use you as his instrument what this means is that we cannot win those who are lost if we Harbor hatred for the rejection.

We cannot win the homosexual or the transgender if we Harbor hatred for me. Rihanna's you read throughout scripture. Did you read about the church is wrong and you read about the church in Antioch and you read about the church in Corinth that sodomites and transgender people were getting safe there and their lives were changed and they were being restored to the image of God. He created them.

And God still want to do the same thing today and I'm not saying we have to approve of other religions approve of alternative lifestyle Centers. Do sometimes we're going to set aside our political leniency in order to love people and extend God's compassion toward them. Even if it's just for one more time. I'm thankful God thinking passionate sport need my family. I was just as lost as anybody else. I grew up in a pastor's home. But at the age of 7, my mom called me and said you're sure not acting like a Christian and I said, I'm not a Christian and I don't care I'm telling you I was lost. But I praise God that growing up in a pass this town. I didn't just hear the gospel once and God wrote me off over and over again Sunday morning Sunday night in my heart and I trusted Jesus to be my savior. But what if God wrote me off have two ones? What if God wrote you off?

We'd all be hopeless we'd all be helpless, but praise God for his compassion. I'm thankful that He sent Jesus to men who rejected him and went to the cross the sufferer to pin a penalty for our sin. God has been and is continuing this day to be compassionate for Hardison. Remind me to be somebody in here this morning that you've heard the gospel that you're not embracing you not accepted. God given you the offer of repentance, but you haven't received it and maybe even you've rejected and maybe you've even despise this and yet here. Is begin extending his offer saying you can come to me today and you can trust Christ as your savior and he will say he will offer that repentance. salvation The question is this will you continue to the spice of compassion? I love you in French. God was long-suffering. What is real? And he sent his instruments of compassion to give them opportunity after opportunity to repent and God simply doing the same thing today. You sending our family to be his instruments of compassion the heart of people in full. We ask for your prayers. pray for them pray that God will soften your heart pray that they would come to see the truth to the reality is this is that for Generation after generation after generation, the people of Boulder have rejected God's offering to the point. Now where generation is, that knows nothing about nothing nothing about Jesus. They know nothing about the cross. They know nothing about his generosity nothing about his Healing Ministry, but if you ask them why

Right now while we're raising support here in Colorado and working in Boulder. I've had a job there from last year and a half and it's afforded opportunity to talk to people. That's what I'm planning to be true. People talk about how they hate Christianity. I hate the church why they've been brought up. Need somebody to go. spite of your beliefs

he wants to stay. This church is in this community today because God wants to use this term as his instruments of compassion to the City of Broomfield and the City of Westminster in Thornton and Northglenn in Arvada. All these cities that surround you God wants to use you individually. God wants to use this church to show his compassion. So I would challenge you Church. Let's not drop our responsibility to Faithfully communicate the gospel of God's compassion.

Let's be like those profits. What does simply go work on a sentence and leave the results of the camp? Be a witness everywhere you go get involved in your Church's Outreach Endeavor continue to give the mission. So your church can be involved in sending people to harden places. Our God is a god of great compassion. Celebrity diligent to show his compassion to all men while because God is compassionate said returns until the day that the tribulation. Begin the purses Rockford out of here. Our goal is to be in the city of Boulder telling people about God's compassion until the day that I will be excited to see what God.

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