A Pushy Mother

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A mother will push you to reveal your true character and ability, so you will be a help to someone else.

Who do you invited when you’re planning a wedding? Family, friends, friends of friends and coworkers. Some of them, hood, some of them professional, some of them just ordinary people, who you care about. Some of them broke, some of middle class, and some of them well off. Some of them black, some of them white and some of them in between. We invite them all to celebrate, but we make the list broad because you never know what any of them may do for you. Truth is, one of them may be able to save the day, if something was to go wrong.
That is the case in our text today. The mother of Jesus, along with Jesus and his disciples were invited to a wedding that took a turn for the worst. If it had not been for a push by the mother of Jesus and act of obedience on His part, this whole wedding could have been a disaster. Maybe this sermon will encourage you to always include Jesus on your invitation list. Maybe it will help you to listen your mother when she pushes you to do what she knows your capable of doing.
A mother will push you to reveal your true character and ability, so you will be a help to someone else.

The Unreasonable Push V. 1-5

Jesus mother makes a Jesus the resolution to a problem that was not theirs.
The invitation to the wedding.
The problem with the wine.
The statement of the mother.
The response by Jesus.

The Outcome of Obedience V. 6-11

Jesus although reluctantly obeyed his mother’s wishes.
His instructions
Fill the jars with water.
Now draw some out and take it
He did not elaborate, He kept as simple and quiet as possible.
The reaction to the wine
The servants knew but, the master of the feast did not know where it came from.
Being obedient honor both his mother and his own wishes. Everything was done on a need to know basis. Those who needed to know knew.
The bridegroom got credit for something he didn’t do himself.
Who was helped here? The bridegroom and the disciples. The bridegroom with the wine (socially). The disciples with their belief (spiritually).
Your obedience can take you a long honorable to you parents and God. And can be a great benefit to those around you.

The Unbroken Bond V. 12

Jesus left Cana with his mother, brothers and his disciples, traveling and lodging together for the next few days.
No issues with his brothers
No issues with his disciples
No issues with his mother.
No one fell out but the stayed together/
After being unreasonably pushed
After reluctantly obedience
The bond was unbroken
Can you handle a pushy mother today.
Can you still obey even if you don’t agree?
Can you still fellowship and have an unbroken bond?
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