Romans 14:1-15:7

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I just want to say it has been so good last week and this week to to gather for me. Like I know that we can get it has been very good to get back together for worship. What I found is that many of us have been missing. I'm gathering for the relational connection Gathering to even as we discovered this morning Gary bump elbows If Not Shake Hands, right? We've been gathered for fellowship and it's like that first drink of cool water after that long time right after that Fellowship.

I'm going to the church and winter Gathering. What are they doing?

every single letter written

Is this really that's a trap for the most encouraging letter in the New Testament?

Bright Circle sure Fellowship is refreshing but it can also be challenged.

Rent-A-Center because you're a sinner and when you get a bunch of Sinners together, guess what I usually comes out. Challenging at the same time. I want to see this morning from The Book of Romans. What is the answer to How do we respond to that fat challenging and also refresh?

the foundation for our fellowship Is Christ's love? Model for us and given by us one. Another is meant to be loved undergirding and all-encompassing reality of our love for one another in Romans 13. Vs8 no one except to love each other for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not murder. You shall not steal are summed up in this world. You shall love your neighbor as yourself love does no wrong. Love is fulfilling the

Love one another Paul says overarching.

Love for one another because of the culture that live in its kind of love. This is not a feeling. This is not butterflies in my stomach when I walk through the door since you're smiling faces. That happens. Sometimes it's nerves.

Instead of love like the kind of love that said I will willingly sacrifice myself for that person or that person with that person. That's the kind of sacrifice myself for the sake of our brother.

Is why Christian Fellowship is so refreshing because that's not what we see. walk into Walmart

one another if you guys remember we're back at the beginning of all this mess. toilet paper

Love for one another was not in evidence in the toilet paper aisle.

It said it was I've got to make sure that I'm saying. Got to make sure that I'm provide to come into a group of people who are following a self-sacrificing savior. And you say you want another sacrifice.

I thought the shower when you called someone that fans not challenging to love one another that. It's so much easier to push for our own opinions push for our own desire to put ourselves ahead of others so much easier to follow.

And so that's why it is hard last challenge morning. We're going to be looking at Fellowship, but I wanted to keep in mind that love. The under group it comes from Christ given to us and we can get it.

Lord thank you for this chance to open your word to get a thank you for this chance to gather. Thank you for the technology.

We got a Bubba off as we look at your word help us to see if it's not just something that's out there. Not just something is disconnected from us good for it. Like a vitamins got this is meant to be our real expensive integrated into every single example of yourself. Would you guide us in that way?

Are hard to remember that Fellowship is based on that self-sacrificing kind of hard to keep that in mind. One another I've been reading for the last 2 and 1/2 years one book and no it's not the Bible reading that to.

But I borrowed a book from Danbury, and I put it on my shelf after I read like the first two chapters when I hold it down.

But it's got a lot of numbers in it.

Story of the Transcontinental Railroad by Steven Adams. Have you seen how flat the center part of our country is like that he had it. What was set up as is the goal was to get transferred between because they were doing everything they could to get a little bit farther than they were starting to get close to one another with the trash, but the teams were going to be coming by. Northern Utah putting tracks doing so far.

So much man hours so many men are so much money. It was kind of worried about the other guy don't work together work against each other and that to me is so emblematic of our country. That's one of the reasons why it is so hard for us to come into the church and let love for one another self-sacrificing.

It is built on self-interest no matter what. We don't just see this in our history. I see this is my personal life college right out of high school and I'll be frank with you guys. I would not pleasant person to be around the Moon.

First semester of Bible College, you know more than other Christians ever walked the face of the Earth. Charles Spurgeon the next Justin Bieber

that seems to be what you think the longer you go to Bible College or if it go to the Seminary you start a relationship how much you don't know? the table turn on first semester Bible College

Unfortunately, I didn't necessarily venture over those first four years alcohol alcohol commitment to the school to my Lord.

What's the number to call? I want no just some family background. We have alcoholism running on both sides of my family. So I was not motivated by Winston at this point. I was motivated very much more by well, I'm just going to have to re-buy that piece of paper you. So I heard a rag about my freedom to drink a beer with dinner. I have a family member against one of them in front of me.

We are.

I would like to go to Romans 14 right like the stronger and fake.

And we went back and forth and back and forth this family member.

And I have argued in, Arkansas.

And at the end of the conversation she finds it look. I'm not going to convince you. You're not going to convince me.

The whole time we've been talking all of your arguments is circled around one word.

My rights my freedom my choice. And you not once mention teeth. You not once mentioned your fella say whether or not it's okay to drink alcohol, that's from

and that effectively ended the conversation because I realized

I was so committed to my freedom so committed to this.

Living where's my way or the highway? I'm right you're wrong. And I know what the word of God.

Here's the Quan. Matters is not necessarily the conclusion. What matters is?

Leading us to interact with one another.

How tall is one issue but there's a lot to look at Romans. There is one of those issues is really trying to buy mini. of New Testament theology

to redeem us while we were still sinners. Priceline Sofia the First 11 chapters of the book of Romans Paul is laying out Gospel this radical sacrificial act by God towards rebellious people. Then you can earn.


it's only through Jesus that you can be reconciled.

Do I say that?

How we live? Romans 12:1 is 1 minute.

We need to go to get ourselves out for the sake of this, gave himself up. a poem for costumes for Halloween

at the beginning of the album

Message Paul taking the gospel break and say okay now work this out.

Casa del Rey earlier

How do we live together?

I'm going to read starting in the first one don't tune out. Play the word in front of you. If you're watching on Facebook with open that I open the word in front of you and we're going to read this and as we know I want you to be tracking with me don't tune is that this is the word of God. Romans 14 verse 1 Welcome him but not over opinion one person to person.

Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of 11? It is before his wallet in his own mind. The one who is sent to give thanks to God.

Are in Christ died. Why do you pass judgment on your brother or why do you despise your brother or we will all stand before the judgement seat of God has written as I give an account of himself to God. The Rattler decide by what you do not destroy the one for whom Christ died. So do not let what you regardless.

Weber duster price is acceptable to God and approved by men. So then let us pursue what makes your feet and for Mutual building do not to the sake of food destroy. The work of God, everything is wrong with the causes your brother to stumble say that you have between yourself. And God blessed is the one who have no reason to pass judgment on himself. But whoever has it for whatever we have an obligation to bear with the trailer and not sell Adams written the reproaches of those who approach you fell on me. For whatever was written in harmony with one another in a cord with Christ Jesus.

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you for


I don't know that this is what the Practical out working of this text is especially for us how to interact in Fellowship of the spirit of competition.

when we disagree

Are there any good Christian? akwa ibom cell phone roadside How do we do this thing? We ought to take note of Denny's mineral noises when there's a sensitive issue.

brother sister The first thing we do is we get it out. We get it out in the open here is addressing a church, right the church in Rome. The church in Rome was in a really unique situation at this point in its history call anytime. You would take the gospel somewhere as the gospel spread. This is kind of the pattern. It would be the first ones to accept or reject the message. Why Jesus speak?

That is incorrect about it earlier than later.

I said the church was early on very tuition. But as they were living as Christ life as they were making disciples there was clearly said they were doing that Gentiles begin.

The promised one who brings Redemption not just for the Jews.

Can we come in? So they tell me he's gentle. moral background

a ground assignment history the Roman Emperor decreed that all Jews have Who is this? I believe that you're still following.

Until the early leadership of the church is now driven it. the church in Rome

You know all of the theological moral background.

What you do to my church today?

Right because of their cultural heritage.

They're in the city of Rome.

Knowing what is it rest in the temple or whether or not?

And so a lot of the Jews came back.

And now you have the situation that nobody's talking. But everybody's got an opinion. And you have the group over here that click that says don't eat the meat if you don't know what they're looking over.

You believe they would dishonor christ-like that sacrificed to idols and it's most likely because that's what happened. There are not joining us in this Freedom we have the bar anymore

but there's not a lot of unless it's just all companies

That's okay. It's okay for good Christians to do.

He says it look don't welcome the week your brother just so you can argue with it. He said he's got some condemning him stronger brother little brother is not condemned the strong sister. The strong sister is not condemned the weak brother. enough to make fun of conversation

Right, that's not supposed to happen Okay, follow what we do. If this is not a gospel issue at this is not something that would take a stand. This is the guy and said you're living like a hypocrite. I have no trouble calling Mason 18-speed. But it's okay.

How to work that out call if it's just okay for this could not be okay for this room to observe the Jewish festivals in the holy days, but they don't have to do that anymore.

How do we live together?

Wake me up at church history of our personal conditioner.

Oh my goodness.

expected expected important issue serious issues if you expect the good Christian will disagree with mine today.

In honor cord to God each one of these sisters.

I think this is the right course. You should expect that kind of disagreement rested. Well your truth is your truth and my truth is Let's just Live and Let Live.

Is there a bridge height? We're not saying this is just the truth of the matter.

He says in his match remember remember?

This is contrary to the way that a lot of us things. It seems like some of us have got it in her mind and I am guilty of any here that we're going to give it to her how that person.

first acceptance rate

Yeah, you're not going to give an account to one who doesn't.

You're not going to give an account for the one he chooses to abstain from alcohol if you're going to get an account for you chose to drink alcohol. You're not going to get an account for this one to go to this way this way.

This is what we're dealing.

Should Christian or not enough meat is there one right answer and say this is right or this is wrong. However, it's

It so it's okay to disagree on this issue we live.

Why do you despise your brother for we will all stand before the judgement seat of before we get up on a high horse and go on a crusade against our brothers and sisters.

weed remover

So get things in the open at home in Versailles to get more than your freedom. Resolve to love your fellow Saints more than your freedoms 14 vs 13 to 7. Therefore let us not pass judgement on one another any longer but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hinder.

But it isn't clean for anyone who thinks it's your brother is green. You are no longer Walking In Love by what you

for the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating drinking and peace and joy in.

Do we love our more than we love our free? That is the question that I have had to wrestle with. That is the question that each of us has been called in this time for good Christians are disagreeing on coronavirus the lockdown Witch Doctor Witch Doctor not so good Christians find themselves disagreement. you just have to say do I love my fellow Saints more than Do I love those who are being impacted by Coronavirus? What ones are sick and on the verge of dying if I loved well?

Do I love those around the world who are going to face significant? Economic. Do I love those 130 million people? Did the USS will face starvation because of the economic impact of the lock them. Do I love them?

Unfortunately, there's not an easy answer. There's no easy answer this discontinue quarantine forever. There's not a Christian position on the

Navigating for their position in the middle of the other side. It is very possible in a sinful and broken world.

It is very possible to face issues that require more nuanced in a 3-minute video that we post on Facebook. It is possible that there are complex issues.

anteater anteater Eminem is not best served fresh to Advocate one position as the Christian Perspective here is this hierarchy impacts from this real I didn't give great with those who come from.

Because we love our fellow Saints movie. If this if this section here was to be updated not that we should update the word. By the way, I think there's no repercussions for adding to or taking away from the word stop. Clear on that. If I can paraphrase it for our date today.

Therefore let us not pass judgement on let us not say that this person wants to kill everybody on Facebook person hates people over to the lockdown.

A stumbling block the Never by our words or actions are social media our conversation. Call into question the reality of arc V. with the faith of the brothers I know whatever is waited in the Lord Jesus. Nothing is unclean.

But it is a queen I know.

This is my perspective on what should be the path going forward because I'm not an expert in economics and epidemics. I'm going to hold that position free. And not condemn somebody comes to a different conclusion. For my brother is green by my position on this matter.

I caused my sister to stumble.

Because of the way I advocate for my juice. I am no longer walk. Airport I resolve to love.

More than I love my freedom. to rant and rail against my perception of you. I love my pillow stinks more than so much so that I don't owe no one anything except. And so fulfill the law that was sacrificed myself like Christ sacrificed himself.

That is

you get that, right? Stupid to live that way. And it is so difficult to write what is fighting weak and welcoming it with your brother. Explaining my perspective. What's the weather like in Auburn?

I'm probably going to have to happen sitting down. socially distant

to have a discussion

did the ultimate guiding principle here though or not.

Can we resolve the love our fellow Saints more than our freedoms and then me focus on what is important verses 18 and 19 price is acceptable to God and approved by Minnesota to what makes for peace and for Mutual of building. What makes for peace and mutual a building? And this is church where I can best you. my personal failure

I was convicted this week by the word which seems to happen every week.

That in my response. to the coronavirus in the situation

focused on the vision

one of your passengers, please. Forgive me for focusing on the flashpoint instead of pointing at all. Add Mutual Bank location. That's what we're to be focused and we're supposed to focus on those things that are unified in economics and epidemics.

There's a much bigger and more glorious real. sinners Jesus said it. And set us free for the television.

if we focus on

Eventually, we will send. Eventually we will say something wrong.

the honor our Lord Play Sweet focus on what is most important.

salvation by grace through faith the lordship of Jesus Christ Let me just keep pressing towards that eventually will find a way.

a lot less important that distance between us

Mutual Bank locations

Do not take a food destroy the work of God about a black-and-white as he can. Just do not destroy for the sake of food politics alcohol.

the work of God

everything is clean, but it is wrong for anyone to make another one.


but whoever has doubts is condemned if he eats. Never is it now in the open app?

Elsa. After we've resolved deliver after we are so focused on what's important.

That we are convicted to the right path.

We walk that path.


without feeling the need lasso others in Drag

We can walk that path knowing. This is what God has called me to.

I'm going to be thankful for what God has convicted me of.

We pursue that lifestyle.

This is this is difficult to walk through God is calling us to

Personal consistency if you're convicted live that way understanding others to the final point that he makes here is where we have to jump.

Is in chapter 15:7 for Christ did not please himself or whatever was written in former days is written for our instructor. Set surrenderance into the encouragement scriptures. We might have hope. And then Paul closes.

Lady Gaga endurance and encouragement to live in such harmony with one another record with Christ. It's a welcome one. Another as Christ has welcomed.

Ultimately what we need to do.

We need to go back to Christ say what did Jesus do for us?

He loved us when we were dead wrong if there's a chance that my brother is not dead wrong.

Christ could love me at my worst with a couple of my brother. mediocre if Christ would love me and all of my mess and all of my professors with joy the same board.

I'm going to walk away.

What kind of disagree on this? Let's see the good neighbor and the glory.

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