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The Power of Jesus (Luke 6:17-19)


   Give Background. We come to another so-called summary passage in the gospel of Luke. It is an introduction summary. It introduces and describes part of the event in the life of Jesus called the “Sermon on the Plain.” This sermon, found in Luke 6:20-49, is similar to and parallels the “Sermon on the Mount” in Matthew 5-7. Read Luke 6:17-19


1.        The Power of Jesus made Him Famous (17ab)

a.        Look at the people who were present at this event. Apostles. Crowd of Disciples. Multitude of people from various places.

                                                               i.      The Number

                                                              ii.      The Variety

b.        Notice the growing popularity of Jesus. After the Baptism and Temptation of Jesus, Jesus, now 30 yrs old, begins His ministry. The News is spreading fast. Beginning in Luke 4:14, Dr. Luke shows us the expanding ministry and renown of Jesus.

c.        Galilee: Nazareth (Luke 4:16), Capernaum (Luke 4:31), the region surrounding Galilee called Judea, included Jerusalem (Luke 5:44), and now in our present passage persons from Tyre and Sidon (Modern day Lebanon).

ILL: If Jesus came in2007, what would it be like? TV: News and Entertainment News. Internet. Can you imagine it?

App: Jesus is still the most well-know individual of all time. The Bible is still the best selling book of all time. Jesus is famous. We are not called to be famous, but we are called to make Jesus known to others. We must pray for God’s move at Audubon Baptist church. If the power of Jesus is present here, then people will come. This does not mean that the people even know why they come. The people that came to hear and see Jesus came for a variety of reasons. Why are you here today? Maybe you are here today and do not really know Jesus. You have heard of Him, but do you know Him. Do you know why Jesus came?

2.        The Power of Jesus made Him Famous because of two aspects of His ministry: Teaching and Healing (17c-18)

a.        Luke always describes Jesus’ ministry as first a teaching ministry. Jesus taught with such authority and power that people were literally amazed when He taught. Luke identifies that what Jesus says is even more important than the healing of the body and the casting out of demons.

b.        This is not to down play the healing ministry. The question for us to consider is why did Jesus heal? Or, maybe even better, why did Jesus not heal all persons on the earth when He was here. In this passage we are told that He healed them all, but we know He did not heal all the people in the world.

c.        Another reason why Jesus teaching ministry is shown to be more important than the healing is that every healing Jesus did was temporary in that the people eventually died.

d.        Why healing? Three reasons

                i.      A Healed body pointed to a perfect healing that would come in heaven for all who know Christ. The healings pointed to eternity.

              ii.      The Healings confirmed who Jesus was. The Messiah of God.

             iii.      Jesus often met physical needs so people would listen to Him concerning their spiritual needs.

App: The healing ministry ought to remind us of the power of Jesus. He is no less powerful today. He can heal today. We ought to pray for God to heal. But, we also need to remember that physical healing is temporary. Our human frailty – the fact that we are prone to sickness and even death – is a constant reminder that we must face the reality of what happens after we die. A physical healing is a great thing, but eternal life with God is better. When healing does happen, remember that it points to eternity with God where there will be no more sickness, pain, or death.






3.         The Power of Jesus revealed the Greatest Need of Man: A sacrificial substitute to save sinners from their sin (19)

a.        Power went out from Him. They wanted to touch Him. They knew He had power to heal the sick and those who were tormented with demons. Many were thinking of Christ in a magical way. They wanted to feel and experience the power and presence of this miracle worker, but what they could not experience with a physical touch was a spiritual transformation.

ILL: We must minister to people’s physical needs, but we must always remember that physical needs are reminders of our human frailty and the sinfulness of our hearts and our world. Our ministry to physical needs must never stop with the physical. ANSWER CENTER; MISSION TRIP.

App: Many of you are the type of people who will help others. Whether it is helping someone who is broken down or a neighbor needing help with a project or visiting a sick friend. You want to help. Many of you would help by giving money or time to help others, but please don’t stop their. Give people the gospel. Share your testimony. Share Christ. Somehow in the midst of your kindness to others, tell them that you are doing this because God has shown kindness to you. Tell them that you were dead in sins and Christ delivered you, forgave you, loved you and that you live for God because He first love you. Tell them that they can know and experience this same God. Jesus healed, but the healings pointed to a deeper reality for each individual.

b.        Jesus came to reveal a spiritual problem. Jesus very presence on the earth shows just how bad the problem is and how much God loves the sinner. Jesus came to expose the darkness of sin. Jesus came to expose the separation and death that sin causes.

c.        Sin is rebellion against God our creator. We were made for Him. We were created to please God, worship God, and glorify God. Yet, we choose to please ourselves. We want to play by our own rules.

App: Since Jesus came to reveal our need for a savior, would you consider that your sin separates you from your Creator. Do you understand that you can do nothing to save yourself from this debt of sin? Jesus came to be a substitute for sinners. He live a perfect life that we could not live. He died a perfect death that we could die. He paid the price we could not pay. He fought a fight we could not fight. He defeated sin, death, and even the grave. For He rose again from the dead on the third day. And He lives today. He was powerful when He came. He is powerful today. He can heal today. He still teaches today through His Word and through His faithful followers who proclaim God’s Word. But, most importantly He is powerful to save today. He is powerful to open your heart. He is powerful to forgive. 


Conclusion: Invitation:  Salvation; Baptism; Church Membership; The call.


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