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The Urgency of Understang  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  1:02:13
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Hey man, praise the Lord this morning. It is Sunday morning. And we thank God for the day. We thank God for waking us up. If I hear she regrets that he is waking us this morning. And we thank God for the day. You're going to get into the water God this morning. And we're going to get into the Book of Genesis we're going to do at the end of our service will prepare our hearts and our minds to become identified with the body of Christ as he heals us which stores are some benefits to us. I pray that you do that whatever you have. It isn't none of those things matter something to represent your bread and something to represent your wine or your juice all representative of the blood in the body of Jesus Christ Gabby your friends family. Whoever you have is close to you. We're going to partake in that at the end of our Today we thank God for you being here with text somebody to call to my say check it out and jump in we'll go look at some important things today. We've seen some astounding incredible stuff come out of the Book of Genesis as we said the Book of Genesis in the book of Origins things begin the Book of Genesis and we want to understand how things got to be where they are and where they're going and all that is in the book. So we're going to praise the Lord for that and look to him as the author and the finisher of our faith to chime in and let's get deep in the word this day and let the Lord minister to our hearts into our minds. So we pray the Lord bless us. Cuz God's word is powerful its Eternal is Everlasting and so we want to look and we want to take it in just like the power drink with power fruits. The word of God is power going to take it in and it's going to be a blessing to yourself. Let's pray and let's get into this word probably. Thank you Lord in the name of gee Lord bless this day. That's our hearts Lord. God speak to us Lord. She just from your word Lord God because you are the teacher there is no other. Use US minister to us answer questions that we haven't asked give us toddler God. We never thought and bring us closer to the throne and closer to your grace. We pray in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. The Book of Genesis the urgency of understanding navigating change navigating change. This is an important message important time. If you look in the Bible and looked particularly the beginning in Genesis and what the Lord has said what he's doing and anyway, did Vin and what he's doing now Solomon said, there's nothing new Under the Sun and we're finding that that's so true because what God has already done. He should be doing over and over and and he uses some the same templates throughout time. And this is important for us to get this because we can really look into the future based on what the Lord has done in the past because he says I am the Lord that God I change not and so I encourage us to kind of dig deep into this topic today where the 9th chapter of Genesis you can grab your bible certainly but certainly watching look at what we're looking at is encourage you to kind of really ask questions it even on your screen now even text them in put them on our on our email. How are you can get them to us or just make comments. That's early as we're going to the date of your blessing to us and we can look back on it and it kind of helps us look for tomorrow next time as we get into the word and navigating change. We left off with with Noah coming out of the boat and come into a new world and everything had changed and him having to get used to a number different things in the whole world has now gone away. Over a year 364 days on the water coming out of the boat things have changed dramatically and so as we kind of look at the crowd the product of that time and the challenges of those times it's reminiscent of what we're dealing with today. Things are changing things have changed and we're going out to recognize some changing things and we're going to look at the system of the world as it is and how the Lord challenge them at that time. And how is challenging us today? What is old is gone now is the day of the Lord now in the new day and so we're seeking the Lord where we go from here. How do we navigate? Where do we go? When we do Jesus says, I am the way The truth and the life he is the way how do we do this? Who do we trust? Where do we go? I am the way every disciple the Lord says follow me follow me. So we intend to do is follow the lord through these difficult dangerous times. Everybody's got an opinion. We don't need more opinions. We need to know what else does say at the Lord. We need to know what the Lord is saying and God has spoken clearly this word and clearly by his spirit and that's what we're looking at today. We talked about this reality in the opening of this time. I said this for weeks now, what is the What is a spiritual forecast as it was last week is still this week change change change is a spiritual forecast. So stop looking backwards and start looking forward. Stop bemoaning. What was and down face yourself forward. That's how we can avoid depression. Stop looking backwards and start looking forward and start adapting to what's going on. If this is going to be so important for us because many of us as humans hate change, but it is something that constantly happens in this human life. The Lord says in Malachi. I am the Lord thy God I change not God does not change but because he does not change everything around him changes everything around the Lord of you will become a Believer and you're stuck in the same place. You're not following the Lord. It's that it's the force that draws Us in closer and closer to him. He does not change. But if you know the Lord you are changing if you're stuck in the same thinking that you had 10 20 years ago. Something's not really right because God should be changing your mind to the mind of Christ cell and that's it. That's a challenge because as we discussed in our Bible study in the book of Deuteronomy looked at the fact that this body of ours is the wilderness. The children Israel going through the Wilderness. We are in these bodies and the time the things they face in the witness or what we're facing in these bodies and our day of Deliverance the day the Lord calls us home or the day. The Lord of raptors in church is when we come to the edge of that promised land and go into the glory. But right now you and I are in this Wilderness and we have to adapt to what's going on. And this is where we are and this is spiritual forecast get ready for Change and every conceivable fashion because it's coming It's coming every look at that. There's some things that we would certainly picture and note. Government starts in the 9th chapter Genesis. There is no nothing written to us to understand. There's any kind of organized method of punishment penalty or government from the book early in the creation of Adam all the way to North there was nothing written nothing to give us an indication of any kind of lawgiver and law given, there's nothing and so that's one of the reasons why I got enough of that. There is no hope no change but coming out of the Ark the Lord caused a great change. And the first thing that God does the first thing the Lord does Institute some type of restraint and some type of government with this one statement notice in Genesis. 9:6 If any man takes a human life that person's life through also be taken by human hands. The first thing the Lord says is he protects life. The number one thing that God is concerned about coming out of the yard. Remember send traveled in the ark understand that send travel in the ark it didn't die off in the water to travel in the ark because eight Souls were there and in each one of those people had an element of sin because Christ had not come. So the Lord said the number one thing that I'm going to protect cuz I'm going to protect human life. Absolutely without a doubt this statement that is here and we'll do it later on in the book of his talks about all human life. This is incredible because at the very beginning the first thing the Lord says I'm protecting life Genesis 9 6 and 7. If anyone takes a human life that person's life will also be taken by human hands for God made man in his own image You Is Wrong the killer man because He's made in the image of God. But I want us to understand it's all so wrong to take human life. The Lord is the first thing the Lord does coming out of the gate. Is he protects human life? He talks about the new the new born baby. He talks about the embryo right there the spark of life that cannot be reproduced first things first. The first thing the Lord says I'm protecting life later on in the book of Deuteronomy later on this book of the law. Keep repeatedly talks about protecting life. If someone were to hurt or harm of a pregnant woman, she loses a child that's life. That's life. Now people can argue with they want to but the word of God speaks clear. I don't know what your position is for God's position is Right Guard position is final and got started that position really right here in the new world and a new change.

who's going to do this who's going to if a man takes another man's life who's going to Arbitrate that who's going to work that out who's going. Is there going to be a force? Is there going to be a a system if they're going to be Governors and we're not even giving all that information to book of Genesis right away, but you can certainly be sure that the Elders of those cities the people that would become and it starts off with those three sons and that and no himself or going to legislate that truth. The first government is to protect life. We need to understand that and the day that we live in today because God still says that he protects life and this is a problem. We have to come through because government was created by God. It wasn't created by the devil. This is why we look at this. We talked to some about this on Wednesday or the whole it actually in our by our report. But notice in Romans is what Bible says in God creates government because of sin we can never get that the god creates government because there is sin in the world. This is why we Believers and those who are doing right thankful that there is government and that there are laws to protect us from those who would do otherwise But notice in this verse he says in Romans 13:1 and to everyone must submit to governing authorities for all of thority comes notice all authority comes from God and those who who are in positions of authority have been notice. They have been placed there by God, lets notice what it says and what it doesn't say those who are placed in Authority have been placed there by God. It did not say those were placed in the authority are Godly. It does not say that but God placed people in places of authority and that front that sounds great. But you gotta understand there been a lot of leaders in this world that have been placed in the place of authority that were evil a lot of them wrong misguided. And yet the Bible is clear the Lord placed them there. The scripture is clear also in Romans chapter 9 the God speaking about a conversation that he had with pharaohs as I put you there that I might show my power through you. I want us to clearly understand something about what God does and the history of what God does and how God always doesn't even with the current leadership of any area of government we have today God put them there for the same reason he put Pharaoh in the place. He was that I might show my power through them. That's exactly why we need to understand that are they Godly? Not necessarily but God says I'm going to show my power through then as evil as Pharaoh was as wrong side of the misguided and as harsh as he was God's not put you there. He says what he says that's what the word says clearly. And God said I'm going to show my power through then that's why when you get terrible leaders, it's God saying I'm going to do something. That's a Biblical perspective. We can be angry we can have asked if we can go through all the things that the world goes through but we've got to come back to what is the Lord say. And then look for what the Lord is doing. What doctors are Hardy started for a reason he doesn't steal your heart to make trouble. He stirs your heart to get right he stirs your heart so you can pray he still has your heart that you can do what he's called you to do we get lost in the world some time to start doing the world. Does God did not stir your heart. For you to moan and groan and complain let the world but to get on your face before. Almighty God that change my come that's where change starts it doesn't start in the street and I'm not saying don't protest I don't walk around and don't say things but you got to pray you got to get on your face before God. I will say this. If you're carrying signs and and posting things on your website and posting things on your social media, but you have not been on your face before God. You're a walking and total disobedience. Cuz we were not called approaches. We were called the prey. We weren't called to walk the streets first. We were called the prey. But I will also say if you're sitting back saying look at those people protesting they're all wrong. If you're not praying you're just as evil as wrong as they in that same context because man ought to always pray the scripture says We got to get our face before God. Because government is God's idea. It's not man's idea and got notice. This is why this is important to see this and those who rebelled against the authority is rebelling against God. He says which has instituted and they will be punished. That's a Biblical preset. But it's also Pinnacle precept that the leaders have to do. What's right that the government has to do. What's right is right in the Book of Genesis right there where he's beginning to organize this world. We live in today. And then the scripture says, this is Solomon rice. That's a very keenly aware of even our day notice to When The Godly are in Authority the people Rejoice, but when the people win the wicked people are empowered they grown. Both of these things are true. The god establish Authority yet at the same time. When The Godly are in Authority in God is not talk about to say this talk about righteousness. I'm going to Wholesome. It's something more. Morally when The Godly are the people rejoice. but when the wicked are in power The grand what we're witnessing around the world not just in one local area. We're witnessing the outcome now noticed what has happened in the last 3 months. Are you just got to take a prospective one of the things that the Bible offers us is perspective. In the last three months, we had a global outbreak of a disease that was incurable at the time people were dying people getting sick infected. We weren't sure exactly how it's transmitted still aren't terribly sure about some of those things and it was Global. It wasn't Regional. It was everywhere and every culture culture color every Creed every person has voice except acceptable to that thing that virus. And then in the last several weeks we've also had another a global reality. For the death of this man. This is just man criminally seen on television. And we've all through the years right or wrong of watched in movies and so on people get shot and people get killed and people and we've kind of grown dull to it because we've seen it so much. We sat and watched mini verse on our phones on our on our TVs and likewise we set and watch a man literally died at the hands of another man on television wrongfully. Illegally and someone had a grown dogs have that as if it was a movie and our people making fun of it and making light of it that someone died and some Christian song believer Sunday claimed price just made light of it. Well, he lives and he that that is not the heart of God. That is not the heart of God what happens as a result of that another Global Exchange? So we're hitting with disease and we're hitting with death all in response to the global fashion marching. Picketing no credit when the world markets and catch this when the world marches they do Loot and burn and tear down the world. You can be sure you can see all the history. If you said your history you find it is not a new phenomenon. It's not new for this country's not new for this world. You do your own steady. You do your own research you find out in every conceivable country there have been backlash. It's been burning there's been looting. There's been a whole lot cuz the world that's all they got. They don't have a lord. They don't have a Jesus. They don't have a righteous indignation have a guy that can change but they don't have anything and I'll tell you right now if I didn't know the Lord if I didn't have the power of Heaven on my side living and breathing inside of me. I would if you would tell the truth you would as well. That's all people have it doesn't make it right, but you got to understand they don't have anything else. That just tells us as a Church of Jesus Christ. We've got to get the message to people that you don't have to loot and burn and tear down things because God can handle the heart of a man. He holds it in his hands like the waters and he can move it like he chooses. He says that in Proverbs 25 but we don't believe that as Believers we are ready to make fun of make light of We're just waiting to join them. We got to be careful. Because if you don't know the origins you're liable to respond is that this is a new thing. This is not new. Write down in your notes. This is not new. Write down in the margin your Bible. This is not new. When you look at the news you can always say this is not new. And the answers to this thing that we're going through that is new to us cuz we're only 60 70 80 90 years. Maybe that's all we all we are we're dealing with thousands of years of history and we're just judge and everything by the few years. We had how ridiculous that can be. That's what we looking to the Eternal Word of God is hello. What are you saying? And what have you said? That's why when the people groan they picket they Riot when the people groan they're uneasy with the leadership and what's happening and what you see in the street is a biblical sense biblical the contest that it's happening and it's right there the scripture Right there in the scripture. Our nation was birth on protest. Our nation was birth on protest. Everybody can recite it from your school days from the Boston Tea Party and we were we were protesting the British government with the statement no taxation without representation and we protested the beginning of this nation started with a protest protest is a way of life in American society. It literally is around the world. protest And until recently it had been something that was allowed and legal to protest. Simple Lee protest stand against the church that many of us attend started with a protest.

During the beginning of the Reformation we call ourselves Protestants, but the word is really protesters. We protested or from the Catholic church was protested what Martin Luther started in 1531 was a protest against the rulers and false religion, and he protested what became Protestant and you all Protestants all of us. are protesters So when you begin to Mark, those are protests you mocking yourself many of us as Christians, and I'm really talking to us as Believers this message and the word of God is not for non-believers. It's for those of us that believe. Protest is something that God has allowed because when the leaders are wrong the people groan. They do absolutely. They do. What I want to understand something about the word of God. Romans 8:27 Paul Reiser Church woman says we we do not know how to pray as we ought to pray. But the Holy Spirit interprets, even the grounds the things that we can't even speak. There's been some pain is going on in our nation and among families among people are paying that is so deep that and it's not a new pain and I certainly if you look at the statistics the pain but these are suffering not just one coach or one color or one Creed. It's throughout all of history. We came in 2017 dealing with me to and thousands upon thousands upon thousands of young girls and women and people same they would have been abused. pain Those are grounds. coming to a time now where it's not a new thing we can look statistically how many black men in black folks in general have been killed unnecessarily unneededly and unarmed and the people groan so you can say what you want to but you got to look at the Bible and say that the people that groaning. It's not just black folks. I think there's one thing that we do wrong and church we get it at least color things and that God has never called us to be a color of something for we were all made in God's image. Our nation was birth on reality James Madison who struggle with his own ideas about black people and people of color then who said they were 3/5 human. Who had a hundred slaves of his own? Thomas Jefferson had 600 slaves of his own and writes the Constitution we hold these truths all people have their in a league all that constitutional talk. He was excluding a whole race of people. Including the Native America our nation was born warped. And it's going to stay warped until Jesus fixes it. and he will What is understanding this that lead us into understanding God starts government and protects life. He says I understand this. I understand what this is going. The Lord says righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. That's why we need to understand. This is a sim problem. We're having is not a logistical problems on a legislation problem. Let's start in storage and it's a sin problem. That's what the church should be on its knees and not first and foremost out and picket lines. not first and foremost

cuz we got to send problem. And we look it up. I was clearly the only answer for sin is the Lord Jesus Christ in the blood of him.

We got to stop looking at ourselves from the flesh. U of M 3 or Note Taker write down this scripture 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 16 write that down in your notes 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 16 and you read that every translation you can find and see what it says. And it tells you something I'm going to deal with that next week in particular. That's all you got to do a little advance notice of what we talkin about 2nd Corinthians. chapter 5 verse 16 We talked about the fact that we used to know Christ in the flesh, but no longer. We used to know him as a Jewish man. We should know whether that's a carpenter. We Sonoma socioeconomically as this or that we used to know a message, but now we no longer know him in the flesh.

Now, he's God.

And when we talked about our race and our colors in our stuff in at this Center that to to prop it up or defend it. We're still in the flesh. Still in the flash. We the church don't belong there walk in the spirit. He says Paul and you will not fulfill the lust of the Flesh and the lust of the flesh as I'm black. I'm white. I'm this. I'm that. The Lord says you are not in the flesh walk in the spirit. Did this is why we got to come back to what God says in his word.

What are Waters good this water is the word? But you see this isn't this is why this is so important for us to understand from the perspective of God. What is the Lord saying not just what the pundits are saying? What people are saying what Facebook is saying? What does the Lord say? What is the word say? It was given for the cuz we got that's just the tip of the iceberg of what we're dealing with In this passage. Tip of the iceberg is so much there that's reflective of our time. Now, you know that from the time we've been from the the story of Genesis really back from chapter 8 chapter 6 all the way through we've been using the context of the as it is a days of Noah. So shall it be in the days are coming to send a man? But there's an addendum an address that as matter fact, we can look at the day and then in the in the Bible you see this and Luke 20:17 2629 in the same statement that we've been reading. He says this and looking in your body if you want to but if you can see that look at that it says and as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the settlement. They ain't they drank they married their wives they were given in marriage until the day that Noah of the Ark and the flood came and destroyed them all. So we've been using that as a as a template the same, okay. We know what's going on because we saw and stare study Noah. And then before he finishes the idea, he said M likewise. Verse 28 likewise as it was also in the days of lot. Now this goes back before this. This is why you look into the future. Noah starts off their Humanity lock comes a couple thousand maybe five or six hundred years later or more. He's a likewise as it was in the days of lot. They ain't they drank they bought they sold they planted they built his but on the day that lock win out of Sodom. Rain rain fire and brimstone from heaven and Destroy them all. He says there's two examples. We need to look at. If we go look at the clock in the wall, that's two hands. There's an hour hand in the minute hand. I mean every you don't have a you may not have a second, but you got the hour in a minute. and when you look at this clock watch the hour clock. Watch Noah is the hour clock lot. Is it me the clock minute hand weather? On this this is why it's important likewise. So when we begin to understand what happened to know or as we begin to see okay, now what is lot story and we'll come to it as we stay to the Book of Genesis.

We're going to tap into it. Some of you are already aware of some of those things. We're going to look at it deeply in the next couple weeks in months. the new respects

and give you the point of digging out. What does that mean? Let's get back to where we were. But I wanted you to see that likewise. So when the Bible says this we go back to where we were and where we ended up Genesis 92122 and then Noah drink of the wine and was drunk we covered that last week. And became uncovered in his tent.

And ham his three sons Shem ham and japheth. Ham the the father of Cain and notice how it's written. hammers identified by his son came He says ham the father of Canaan saw the nakedness of his father and told it to his brothers and you may be able to see this may not be able to see this on the screen, but you may want to write it down as a reference point. This expression saw the nakedness of as you do a study throughout your scriptures and write this down as well because I might be helpful in Leviticus 18:6 through 23. What you're going to find in a Tana Vegas 6 to 23186 to 23. It's going to find this idiom this euphemism. of sexual relations It reads in various parts. You should not uncover the nakedness of thy mother uncover the nakedness of my father uncovering nakedness of your father's wife uncover the nakedness of my sister. You should not uncover -70 goes on Down the Line. In his expression of sexual relations, it's not merely seeing the naked body of a father brother sister mother cousin sister. What is not merely seeing? But it's an indication of sexual contact.

It's a PostScript. prescription against uncover the nakedness meaning having sex with This is missing the game changer is the story change because many of us as we grew up in the church and Sunday school and someone we were told ya she saw the next his father. Okay, and then we were I'm not was told when I was a kid that the most he did was all he got his brains and lap up Daddy's naked. Hahaha. That's not what happened. That's not what I was telling us. I did Lisa Origins. These are the beginnings of certain things. He didn't just see the negatives of his naked father. And the reason why he's naked in his tent has everything to do with the fact that he's drunk.

There was some type of sexual connotation some type of sexual Talk touch feel this is incredible to understand something. Let's go back to his last week to understand what we're drinking. Maybe this will say I have talked a lot of people through the years about drinking. Oh and and they all you're just a downer and all you just legalistic it all uuuuu I'm not to get you drinking whatever you want to drink you drink at you and your saved, you know, the Lord the Lord is telling you to do. I lost my Lord. Legalistic, we want to say one can tell me. Yes, tell me. No, I'm not telling you. Yes, I'm telling that. I'm not the Lord, but I do know what his word says. Noah is drunk in his tent. For the first time we Rebel with the fact that he's drunk perhaps not knowing that the wind would firm it because now we're into a new day a new time and there now we need refrigeration. And now we need to protect stuff from Decay. And now I find out that the milk curdles now now I find out that cheese and we're fine. Disease where find that things are beginning to grow bacteria and germs are beginning to mass Humanity, which is one of the ways that people would die because Adam was told the day you eat that fruit. You're going to die and things begin the change on the Earth. And here after the flood things have changed and now wine turns in time to alcohol and alcohol by its destructive Nature Calls used to be an irritated and lose control of your faculties. And in many cases lose your memory of what happened to you. We know that you know that that's not a mystery. Noah's naked in the state. We're not sure how we got naked report about nakedness. But Noah is involved in some sexual connotation with his son and Noah is drunk like like he's on a on a date rape out of it. Can't remember pay is kind of hazy. So, you know exactly what I'm talking about because you've been a victim of such things. So, you know exactly what talk about because you were drunk and you don't remember exactly what happened. You wake up from that thing and you said stuff you did thing that I'm not sure what what that was, but this is the reason why. The Bible says that wine is a mocker strong. Drink is Raging and whoever is deceived. Thereby is not wise if I was clear. Absolutely without a doubt clear, but let's break down some of the terms that is using when Solomon writes this he wants us to clearly understand something. That's why it's good to understand the language and the meaning of the language that he's talking about because it tells us more when you watch a beer commercial. I want a commercial or whatever the commercial you got to consider these things if you're going to indulge you do so understanding. What does he say? This word marker and this word raging. When you do to your interpretation and you and you look through the language the word mocker as its it like a way by comedian or like you've had a little if you had a little a mimic besides you little dummy you put your hand and he would talk. He's mocking. He's repeating. He's interpreting and Ambassador when you look it up in the language the word describes As an interpreter. Little boys don't whine is going to interpret for you. Now. You're out of it your ass lost your out. And the wind is now speaking you ever heard that term. Oh, that's just the booze talking. It's literal. He is being bassador. The one becomes the Ambassador. What is the ambassador to do from another country? He expresses all the feelings of the of the host country to the foreign country. That's what I'm bassadors do. the wind takes on your persona and speaks for you and interprets you that's why you say things that you've been holding back and you just let it fly cuz you're drunk and I'm going to tell it and the other day, you know you

And we can think and laugh we're watching old shows the other day watching those shows The Andy Griffith Show some of your old enough remember that and they had was a gust Otis to come in drunk AIDS be so drunk and inebriated he put them in his self or not. He can come up in the morning and we laughed at it and Foster Brooks worth of comedian way back in the 70s hit his whole life was based on being being drunk somewhere in the late 70s early 80s that became out of vulgar or we can't do it no more. It's not funny because we saw the people dying. Mothers Against Drunk drivers became a thing since the society began to realize the severity of drinking and that you couldn't control it and that it wasn't funny then public drunkenness became illegal it or not, but we can drink cuz you know You can. But it's not wise. this other word raging notice what these things together what they're saying raging when you interpret that word that means Roar. more noise So otherwise when you when you understand when he says the wine is a mocker strong drink is Raging. He says it's going to make you talk loud. Islamic you say things that you don't want to be sad and some things that may not even be true. But you're going to do it loud and abrasive. Does that sound like drunkenness? And then he says you are not wise. What is I don't drink to get drunk great fantastic. But when are you drunk? I don't know that well, the society says this to the police, but you have to ask the Lord and only you know that I don't know what either. That's why I'm not trying to tell you what to do, but you need to know what the Lord is telling you about drinking. That's my answer. You need to find out what the Lord is saying to you about drinking. Because again Noah is now in his 10th. He is uncovered a certainly in a position of vulnerable position and his son. Find linear noticed again right there in the passage as we understand it even further. It says in verse 24 from The Hangover. He knew what his younger son notice had done unto him done. Not just surmise something was done to me. Something was done.

Knocked out what the date rape drug woke up that next day of the next hour and you knew something was done to you. You see the scripture tells us right there. This is something he woke up from the stupor of the drunkenness and said something has been done to me.

I noticed that he goes further he says and he said cursed be Canaan. Again, ham is it son Canaan is a son of ham. Let's understand some things about how this works. The son Pam has sexually done something the first indication of a homosexual Act. After the flood it's really the first indication I'm a homosexual Act of some sort. in the Bible. After this point Is the first indication that first finger given to it? It's it's incest. It's just you in the sense that it's a father and a son. It's a first date rape or you might sell you might say inebriation and drunkenness that leads to a vulnerability that positions no out to be something caught in something. Why should you not drink because it could make you vomit or something. You don't want to be vulnerable to maybe don't want to hear that but look at your own statistics. You see that very true. But something's going on here because no away from his sleep and he says cursed is your son. If this is it always bother my mind and every every commentary that I ever read this they didn't know what to do with that. That means a stretch and try to stretch it and all kind of ways because it doesn't make sense that this man has down done something to me of a sexual nature nature offended my physical body and I curse his son. What are the little boy do we would say one of the little boy that what it is Sun do He said was nothing. It goes against the laws of God the ways of God to curse the son because of the father. the soul that sinneth it shall die, please Ezekiel 18 2850

then as I studied it to the years and just it just flabbergasted me.

Give me sex notice. And then a lot of bad doctors come from and bad thoughts. He says in verse 25, and he said that cursed be Canaan a servant of servants. Shall he be to his brother in?

In the Christian identity movement, which is white supremacy hidden in the cloak of Christianity. It in the Ku Klux Klan and other Coco quote Christian institutions and in the back of the minds of many erroneously think that this was a curse of black people. into slavery Yet this is not the case. If you do your history in your study, you see the chain and did not produce black folks as it were but it Produce near Eastern's. People from the region of larger region of where the world began in essence. Literally Iraq Iran. in parts of the near Eastern facilities in people's but not the color mattered, but that's where we correct the story because he had a lot of stuff has been formed from Bad Doctrine and the lack of scholarly study to find out what is the bible really saying versus what we want to think. It is important because he says he curses the Sun instead of this instead of the father and the son is cursed and at first glance for years and years. I looked at that and say well he's cursing like he did something wrong, but I begin to understand. and in the end of thought of this

from the moment that I looked at this and saw this I just it just moved me to tears him even as I think about it now.

No, it's not pronouncing a curse on him. He's recognized in the curse. It's already there.

If your father did this to me.

He's done this to you.

And you son are cursed because of it.

That is a today issue. That is a right now issue.

Servant is not talking about slavery.

again that the Twisted under definition

It's talking about service and servitude. It's talking about working for its talk about having such a low self-esteem. It's talking about being so downtrodden that you have no self worth. But you scrounge around town because you can't really find love nor. Do you really understand what it is? Because your father your uncle your older brother or whoever. Has so decimated your idea of life that you have no worth.

that Canaan

that's Canaan. That's the curse you can say what you want to but you look at the scripture clear.

When I understood that it broke my heart. Cuz that's it wasn't days of lot. So shall it be in the days be coming of the son of man has it wasn't days of Noah. So shall it be in the days of the coming us? And what has happened in the last 30 40 years?

We saw it first in the Bible. if we were looking

I look just and you can do this anywhere the numbers and never there are there they're clear.

A report of child abuse is a mollusk is made every 10 seconds. 90% of child abuse notice 90% of child sexual abuse victims knows their perpetrator in some way. 90% know them

68% 68% are abused by family members 68%

about 30% notice this about 30% are abused and neglected children is his will later abuse their own children to curse. Hurt people hurt people now. I'm not pronouncing some type of prophecy on you if you were abused, but we need to be aware of the scriptures really telling us indigenous. The answer that came and did not have and the reason why Noah looked at his grandson and said you were cursed and there's no Jesus for you you're cursed and there's no blood watching for you. You're no forgiveness for you. There's no way for you to forget. There's no restoration. You have nothing.

The good news of Jesus Christ is that if you have been abused, and if you have been the abuser Christ can make you clean can wash and cleanse you and forgive you and restore you. The Christ can restore to you what has been stolen from you. For all those that were taken and we have high numbers billion dollar industry and sex trafficking as it was in the days of lot. So shall it be in the days of the week have huge industries that deal with these kind of deviance these kinds of things. And now the world is telling us get used to it again. Just do it.

And they're saying that because that's all that they know. Disston itself does not make Kanan that terrible person. He is a victim.

And he's a victim without hope because there's no Christ. There's no blood there's no forgiveness. There's no restoration. There's no healing you just got to go on. You know that same thinking is is capitalized people today. They were abused. And no one has reached them with that truth. And this is going to go on some go on to abuse others. In one context or the other this is why this is important continuing the multi-generational cycle of violence continue in it. Cursed is Canaan.

And understand the significance of this.

When you talk about Deuteronomy you talk about Joshua the land of Canaan is where God was calling. Abraham to the land of Canaan that Canaanites the Baal worshippers who worship by all b a a l and ask her if later on we'll get to buy a lure worship of an involve sexual promiscuity and prostitution come from Canaan. And painting that curse. about in sexual thing has travel down. It's right there in the passage as it was in the days of the son of man and two Noah came these three sons japheth ham and shame. These three sons would now populate the rest of the world.

and Sham is what a body of other end of lineage of Christ would come. These three sons will spend a lot of time with next week talking about how this happened what it meant. All the racial breakdown. We were the Earth is now in a different context. Now if the Continental Divide and people are beginning to move all across the area at the time we're going to study next week in chapter 10, we're going to look at particularly how things happen and we're came in this now young man who has been cursed by his grandfather because of his father is undoubtedly involved with in his own life now propagates a whole new. false religion

Is with us, it's here Shem ham and japheth. So what are we learning today? What do we see today?

Sexual confusion fail governments are sign of the times. We're living in times where 10 year olds and younger. Are being asked what what gender do you want to be? 5 year old saying I think I'm really a girl. gender issues

what the show the other day where the young lady describe being having two mothers in born in sin?

And we Christians and we've got to be christ-like about it. That is like the woman caught in adultery. Jesus did not run her down swear her off. Is it going send no more? I didn't come to accuse you either. We can't be finger-pointing and and snapping our heads and twisting our next and we've got to be like Christ cuz we are just as much and send or in some kind of thing and we've been washed we've been cleansed and we better respond to people in the same manner cuz people are hurting. Sexual confusion sex trafficking and a whole Litany of things are going on.

federal government sign of the times Where in the pandemic wearing today to large degree because failed government's not just here in America. But in China in the other plug Works in China where this thing began failed government allowed to become what is it? Weird? We we get in the habit of choosing sides over. I'm Republican and Democrat. I'm a trump supporter. I'm not it's not about that. It's about being a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. It's about obeying the word of God says about hearing the spirit, but he that has an ear let him hear what the spirit says to ensure the spirits not talkin to the world. He's talking to you. But are you listening to what the spirit of God is saying? That's the point. Spell governments have always been here. We're feeling it now and we're groaning and we're asking who's going to govern us who's going to rule over us who's going to take control of us man and conduit and japheth can do it. Who's going to do this? The Bible says Jesus will return and the government will be upon his shoulders. Jesus is coming back. And he's going to wipe away the tears from our eyes you can be certain of that all preacher. That sounds like Old Time Gospel hits the big the truth. It is a truth.

That's what the Bible clearly says sexual confusion. You have to pray for your children because it used to be we're trying while we don't want sex ed taught in schools and and my son came home and said what a mommy what do I have a little girls have now with that? They don't come asking questions. They starred in the movie. Somebody told him at school. They got all kind of things. They having two fathers and two mothers in Daddy's got three girlfriends and I got siblings all over this one. Let me talk. I saw him on the show. It was American Idol. She said I have all of my half-siblings here if she had a donor and she had 26 have siblings because of her father had been a sperm donor in sheet at 26 have siblings. I want sex if that's great that he but she's got 26 half-siblings. Is that what is that what God intended? I don't know. I don't think so. But that's where we are. That's where we are. I mean, these are things that we have to face but how we face. This is how we navigate through these changes. Follow Me Jesus says follow me. Line up behind him when he steps you step when he stops you stop when he moves ride. You move right instead of say why I really think we need to do this Lord stop arguing with the Lord and start following the Lord. We got a desk. That's what church is. The days ahead. I said last week the days ahead are sobering times. It's a time to be sober and I'm not talking about abstaining from some drink or something like that. Although certainly you can imply that but the truth is it's time to think clearly. It's time to think clearly it's time to think biblically. It's time to let God Reign and us to follow him. It's time to think soberly not in a haze of opinions and a haze of feelings and emotions in a haze. but then clearly think soberly Peter says be sober be vigilant for your adversary. The devil is seeking whom he may devour and who better to devour someone who is so out of it spiritually and so drunk on their own ideas and so drunk with others opinions and so drunk with hatred and so drunk with race and so drunk of Injustice and so drunk with it and so done with that that they become prey. To say the days ahead are sobering times. pray for your sobriety in the Lord pray for that sobriety

This is where we're at. This is what the Bible says the freedom. You're a lot of paintings out there. a lot a lot of canaan's out there whose father who's all goes brother.

Who's teacher?

the confused now 15 16 17 down to 10 level 12 reading paper.

The father is 18 years old. It's out there. That's not an isolated incident. It's out there. It's okay. It's going on. That's the world of lot. And what happens in the book of lot is going to happen to this earth that God says I won't flood the Earth, but I will burn it up and that's coming and we study Revelation you see it and I'm not trying to be Doom and Gloom tell me the truth. I'm just telling the truth. Don't don't don't get mad at the postman cuz you brought you the bill that's wasting your time. Don't get mad. How dare you bring that that's how that you do to me. I can't stand you. I didn't I didn't run the water. I didn't run them. I just brought the bill to you.

But the Lord is going to demand payment for the wages of sin is death.

Gift of Life the gift of God is eternal life. accept the gift And walking the gift. That's the promise of hope. That's the promise of our day. That's how you navigate. Could a lot of Roads not a rabbit trails? Keep me Lord near The Cross keep me on the right path. The way of The Sinner is Broad, but narrow is the way that leads to everlasting life. Lord. Paul says walk circumspectly for the days are evil one fit in front of the other.

That's where we are.

That's a heart cry. That's our desire old God. Let us hear you Lord now. Let us hear you pray in our hearts and our minds to receive you. Let's closing our communion. in a prayer Right now where you are. So it will God help me navigate to these days that we navigate to this our Lord. I see this I am Kane and I have been hurt by others and have a propensity in me to hurt others because of it as soon as the Lord Heal Me Wash Me cleanse me. I know some canaan's or victimized Lord help me heal them. The urgency of understanding is great. We don't need more judgment. We need understanding.

The time is crucial for the church to pray and not just protest not just wave signs. It's time to get on our face before an almighty God who can change things. I pray.

That we rise to the occasion of our day.

I pray. For my children and children's children in the lineage that I have on my own.

God be God. And let me worship you.

I pray you pray that prayer as well. Caden can you hear me? God loves you.

Tammy can you hear me?

God sees your pain.

You Are Not Alone

He saw and heard your pain.

And he wants to heal your heart.

He wants to heal your heart and all he wants you to do is say Lord healed hard. human heart

take the cup you have.

take this cup pillow thing off and get your Can you read this the blood of Jesus Christ Jesus who said to his disciples?

Take and Eat This is my body broken for you.

This is the blood of the New Covenant a chance when they were no chance hope when there was no hope. Jesus name Take and drink.

Robert pray for everyone of us Lord God in this crucial hour bless us. bless us, Lord, Jesus We pray this Lord. Jesus your holy name. Can you say man where you are? a man a man a man

He's good. He's good. Good good to the last drop.

Oh, thank the Lord. Thank the Lord. I wish I had a full band. It just keep on worship. Just keep on just sitting here for the next 20 minutes just praising and worshiping the Lord.

Now where the time where we got to move on and I want you to take this message. I want you to share with people. There are a lot of paintings out there. I need to hear this word there a lot of people out there that are without hope that would that would totally despair. And it's time for us to give this thing to them and share that with them and repeat this around this nation because it's a word that comes from the Lord and they need it. Hey, man. This is that time this is that our this is that moment absolutely. Can you say man to me? Write us tell us let us know what's on your mind what you're thinking have a holy habit. Sure, it was somebody send this. Send a link whatever you got to do. But it's there we think.