Vision Hope for Israel

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Night Vision 1- The Horseman among Myrtle Trees

Intro: In this text we turn back time to the second year of Darius, the king of Persia, and to the 24th day of the 11th month. (About mid-February to mid-March). Zechariah sees a vision of a man among myrtle bushes.

I.God wants you to know of the Vision and its meaning. Vs 7-12

A.The vision was the first of eight to come in one night.
B. It came exactly 5 months prior to the time the work on the temple resumed, Haggai 1:14-15. (God wanted them to know that He was well pleased with their efforts to rebuild the temple.)
C. The vision were both of angels and Horses
1. One angel was the main spokesman to Zechariah, V. 8a.
2. Behind him were other angels on horses, V. 8b.
D. Zechariah inquired of the meaning of the vision, V. 9.
1. These angels had been on a scouting mission for God, V. 10.
2. The angels were disturbed that the Gentiles were faring better than the Jews, V. 11-12

II. God’s desire is to improve the Jews Conditions Vs 13-17

A. God makes a promise to the Jews
God was jealous for Jerusalem and Zion, V. 14.
2. He was sore displeased with the Gentiles, V. 15.
3. He was now returned to Jerusalem with mercies, V. 16;;.
4. He would yet prosper and comfort Jerusalem and Zion, V. 17.

III. God’s desire for us to know of Good News today

A. I have a message of good news for the unsaved.
1. God loves you and desires to save you. (Isn’t that good news?)
2. He sent Jesus to the cross to die for you that you might be saved. (Isn’t that good news?)
3. God offers you an opportunity now to repent and trust Jesus. (Isn’t that good news?)
B. I have good news for backslide children of God.
1. Judah had sinned and gotten out of fellowship with God.
2. When they repented and turned to God then God received them, forgave them and restored them to fellowship with Him.
C. I have good news for children of God who are enduring great hardship and suffering .
1. Not all Christian hardships and suffering are chastisements from God.
2. Some are testings and trials.
3, The time of testing and trials will end and the time of rewards and blessings will come. (Isn’t that good news?)
D. I have good news about the return of Jesus Christ.
1. As the Lord had returned to Jerusalem with mercies for Israel, even so He will return to this earth with great blessings.
2. He will return and the saints of God will be raptured.
E. I have good news about what will happen to Satan.
1. Satan will be imprisoned for the millennium. (He will be locked up where he will be unable to bother God’s people.)
2. Then after the millennium he will be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone. (There he will never be able to bother God’s people any more.)
Conclusion: God is trying to show us that the struggles and trials that Israel went through isn't that much different than what we face today. But trusting in God’s promise and having faith in that is truly where we begin.
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