Jesus and the Resurrection

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We often marvel at the death of Jesus. We are humbled by His willingness to sacrifice Himself for our sin.
But we must remember that, just as we sometimes sing, we “serve a living Savior.” Jesus died, which was necessary, for God’s redemptive plan to save us.
Jesus was also raised from the dead, another necessary component in God’s wonderful plan.
Why was it necessary for Jesus to be raised from the dead? The Bible shows us why that was necessary, as well. Let’s look at those reasons today.

To Be Declared the Son of God

The resurrection of Jesus was the ultimate proof that Jesus was who He claimed to be, the Son of God - Rom 1:3-4
The resurrection demonstrates Christ’s authority as King — “a descendant of David”
God’s promise to David said that the King of Israel would be a “son to Me.” Jesus is that Son — He is the Son of God - 2 Sam 7:14-16
Jesus is the One that God has Anointed to rule over the kingdom of heaven.
By the resurrection of Jesus, He is the descendant on David’s throne - Acts 2:30-31
By the resurrection of Jesus, He is ruling over the nations - Acts 13:33; Ps 2:7-8

For Our Justification

Not only was Jesus raised to fulfill God’s promises to become King of the kingdom, He was resurrection was for our salvation - Rom 4:25
Death and resurrection are held in close connection with each other.
Jesus died for our sins
He was raised for our justification
Justification is the declaration that we are freed from the guilt and condemnation of sin - Rom 8:1
Justification is also the participation and connection that we have with Christ’s death and resurrection
We die to sin and are raised to walk in newness of life in baptism - Rom 6:3-6, 9, 11

To Become Head of the Church

Christ and the church is what Colossians is about - Col 1:18
The church exists because of Christ and the salvation He offers.
The church has victory over all things and is completely satisfied in Him against false teaching - Col 2:10
The church is connected to God because of Christ - Col 1:15, 19; Col 3:3
Christ’s authority in the church as the head of the body is rooted in His resurrection - Col 1:18
Since Jesus is the firstborn from the dead, He is given prominence, preeminence, and authority.
Everything that we do must be by the authority of Jesus Christ - Col 3:17
Because Jesus is the head of the church, we must submit to His power and authority.
We must live godly lives, abstaining from sin
We must worship in the way He desires, not the way we want to worship
We must work (evangelism, benevolence, edification) in ways that bring glory to God, not in ways that are devised by us

For Our Hope of Resurrection

One of the promises associated with the resurrection of Jesus is that we will be raised from the dead - 2 Cor 4:14; Rom 8:11, 23
The Corinthians had some among them that were in denial of God’s promise to raise the dead - 1 Cor 15:12
Paul shows that it is absurd for these people to believe and confess that Jesus was raised from the dead if God will not raise all people from the dead.
Jesus’ body came forth from the grave and so will ours!
The basis of Paul’s argument and the promise of our future bodily resurrection is the resurrection of Jesus - 1 Cor 15:20-23
Christ is the first fruits; He is the first of the harvest - v 20
Adam introduced death into the world - vv 21, 22
Adam is used because he represents all humanity.
Paul’s main focus are those who are “in Christ” (i.e., Christians), it is true that the wicked will be raised from the dead too.
The wicked will be raised bodily - Matt 10:28
The difference between the resurrection of the wicked and the godly will be a matter of quality.
The wicked, a resurrection unto judgment - Jn 5:29
The righteous, a resurrection unto life - Jn 5:29
Christ has introduced resurrected life into the world - vv 21, 22
Christ is first, then those who belong to Christ at His coming - v 23


Jesus was raised from the dead to become the exalted King and our Savior. He justified us and made it available for us to enjoy the forgiveness of sins.
Jesus’ resurrection also provides for us the hope of our own future bodily resurrection.
Jesus’ resurrection becomes the grounds of our knowledge that God will defeat death. The grave will not win. Sin will not win. The devil will lose.
Are you on the winning side?
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