Foundations #3: The Corruption of God's Creation

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An exploration of the fall of God's special creations of man and woman in the beginning and it's implications.


I. Introduction

Foundations #1 - The God of Creation
Foundations #2 - The God Who Made Us
Foundations #3 - The Corruption of God’s Creation

II. Advice from a serpent! (Gen 3:1-5)

A. The Serpent asked the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden?”
B. The Woman responds that they are not to eat nor touch the tree in the midst of the garden.
C. The Serpent responds, “You shall not surely die.”
God knows your eyes will be opened
You will be like God knowing good and evil

III. Costly decisions (Gen 3:6)

A. Woman
Saw that the tree was good for good and delightful to see
Believed that it could make one wise
She took of the fruit and ate
She gave some to her husband
B. Man
Adam was with his wife when she ate of the tree
Adam ate of the tree

IV. The Immediate Result of Adam and Eve listening to the serpent (Gen 3:7)

A. Their eyes were opened!
B. They realized they were naked
C. They sowed fig leaves to cover themselves.

V. The Lord God seeks and speaks to His disobedient creation (Gen 3:8-13)

A. The Lord God is heard walking in the garden (v. 8)
B. The Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?” (v. 9)
C. The Lord God asks, “Who told you that you were naked?” (v. 11a)
D. The Lord God asks, “Have you eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?” (v. 11b)
E. The Lord God asks the woman, “ What is this that you have done?”

VI. The LORD God judges His creations (Gen 3:14-19)

A. The serpent
Cursed above all livestock and beasts of the field (v. 14)
Made to go on it’s belly (v. 14)
Eat dust all the days of your life (v. 14)
Enmity between you and the woman and between her offspring and yours (v. 15a)
A seed is promised who would crush the head of the serpent (v. 15b)
B. The woman (v. 16)
Multiplied pain in childbearing
Her desire is towards her husband
He shall rule over you
C. Adam (vs. 17-19)
Curse is the ground
in pain you will eat of the ground
it will yield thorns and thistles
You will eat plants of the field
You will eat bread by the sweat of your face
You will return to the dust of the ground

VII. Aftermath (Gen 3:20-24)

A. Adam names his wife (v. 20)
B. The Lord God made garments for Adam and Eve (v. 21)
C. The Lord God sent mankind out from the garden barring his way to the tree of life (vs. 22-24)

VIII. Foundation Importance

Man’s disobedience caused the fall of the entire human race.
Relationship with God fell.
Spiritual death (Ephesians 2:1–3)
Captivity to sin; human nature became depraved and prone to sin (Romans 6:16–23)
Physical death (Gen 2:16-17; 3:19; 5:5)
Adam’s relationship with his wife fell. (v. 12)
Adam and Eve suddenly realized they were naked (v. 7)
Adam partially blamed his wife (v. 12)
Mankind’s relationship to the rest of creation fell.
all of Adam’s posterity fell as a result of his fall. (Romans 5:12–19; 1 Corinthians 15:22)
The effects of the curse on God’s creation is still active and will be active until God’s Kingdom rule on earth is fully restored.
the effects are universal and currently present (Romans 8:19–22)
only the promised offspring of the woman (v. 15b) can release us from this corruption and the tyranny of the devil who deceived Eve. (John 12:30–32; 16:11; Hebrews 2:14–15)
Christ’s rule will remove the curse (Revelation 22:1–3)
Adam’s disobedience and fall did not revoke male leadership in the family. (v.20)
Toil in work is a consequence of the judgment of man’s sin (vs. 17-19)
The Gospel is squarely based on the events of Genesis 3!
God graciously sought for the sinners
God brought the sinners to admit their sin
God atoned for their sins (v. 21)
God gave them hope only through a redeemer who would free them from the tyranny of the devil. (v. 15b)
Adam believed God (v. 16, 20)
God thrust mankind from the garden so that he would not remain a sinner forever (vs. 22-24)
The promised redeemer of v. 15 has already come to save us!
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