We All Know Someone Pt.2

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All of us deal with that personally each day. If you have your Bibles turn to John chapter 14, and I'm going to start at verse 16.

I put up on the screen. So you things that we are. Going to go through today in the reading of this texting. The first is that Jesus promises the Holy Spirit to his disciples so that they will not have to fear of doing life alone. Now that's something we all should be thankful for. We have the promise the very promise of God and His Holy Spirit to buys and rest with us and that we can rest in him so that we don't have to have the fear of doing this live alone. The second thing which is more of an application is we must rely on the Holy Spirit and then and body his presents for others as they endure grief. So the holy spirit is not just given to us for us.

But he's with us so that we may share him with others, especially in these times of grief. And as we already said, you know, this world is going through a lot of grief 20/20. Here. We are in August now is that run? Today's the 2nd of August my goodness. So here we are in August and It's been a year. There's been a lot of fun stability. There's been a lot of things that have changed. There's been a lot of newness that has come along. There's been a lot of things that we've had to adapt to. A lot of things that we don't like it that been to a lot of changes as far as you know your work schedule your home schedule everything everybody is in Astor. The suicide rate is at the highest the employer the unemployment rate had got there at one time the divorce rate at the highest. That's what happens when you leave to spouses at home alone all day together. I'm being facetious this morning. But the thing is is there's something there. Why is suicide rate highest? Why is divorce rate the highest? The thing is is many people have a mentality of a bomb. We're in this if you if it's broke throw it out and get a new one. That's why divorce is is always is at its highest because if it just ain't working nobody is willing to work anymore whether it's for unemployment where the risk of relationship or whatever it is. I want to give you a heads up this morning because I see the youth, you know, I have their attention this morning. When you get into a relationship when you get to that age, I think today just like 42 or something like that whenever you're able to get into a relationship.

I want you to know that that person that you get in a relationship with is never going to be perfect. Never going to be perfect. And there are going to be some things about that person that you're going to have to live with the rest of your life and you won't have to realize that they're not going to change that that is just something that is that is in their wiring and And so if you if you have that in mind, then your expectations won't be as high as they are now because see our expectations are that we want that perfect person that God has got for me. But what God does he establishes a marriage and then through that he makes deeper fix a husband and wife in the making. But in that Perfection, there's going to be a lot of struggle. There's going to be a lot of Heartache. There's going to be a lot of trust issues. There's going to be a lot of there going to be different things because you have in your mind what you expect of that person and they'll fail you. But truth of the matter is they had in their mind what they expected of you and you failed them too. And so in those relationships, we just have to learn that in the hard times. We have to grow closer together. If I could give you one joule the wisdom, it would be communication communication communication sit down and communicate because men and women are totally different our thought processes the way everything about us is totally different. She's not just one of the guys And she's not going to understand you talking to her as one of the guys he's not just one of the girls and he is not going to understand you talking to him as one of the girls. When a woman I've said this many times when a woman says no, she's okay. That's a lie. I don't know how to be women in heaven. I just got to take a break right here.

But really we don't take her at work value. If she says don't worry about my birthday this year, you don't have to get me a present. Listen, you better get her a present at least a card. Cuz if you don't you don't love her guys are the same way. We're hard to deal with we can park mental eyes. And I know I'm just taking all this little bit of time to talk about relationships, but I do think it is important guys compartmentalize we can take all the problems of the day and put them in different boxes in Armada. And never have to really worry about it when we get ready to open that box and deal with it. We'll deal with it, but we will deal with it right now women are incapable of doing that. Everything has to be dealt with right now. You know everything runs together. Sorry, wild three things happen today in guys and put them in different boxes. All the three things are in the same box in a woman's mind and they're all just adding up. That's why I guess we're able to roll over and go to sleep after a big argument right before you went to bed and the woman sitting there going if I had a knife.

But I want to save you from heartache youth.

Relationships are worth the work. There's going to be some hard years. But in those years learn from those things learn from your own mistakes. The thing is this. quit looking for perfect spouse and begin praying that God makes you a perfect spouse. You see that's the way we're supposed to live our life. As Christians we should never expect someone to be anyway. But we should always expect ourselves to be the best that we can be if you expect this person to be a certain way. They're going to tell you they're going to show you different there when you can expect that but you can expect to be the best person that you could be and so that's what the gospel is a personal gospel and if it's for us to to be able to come to the Lord and in and allow him to make us into the perfect person and we can be and so I hope that that has helped some of you this morning. If not, I'll cancel you when you're going through those times that I warned you about.

And I started looking really old lord. It's going to be bad. No, but it will be work. So if you got your Bibles turn to John chapter 14, I'm going to read verses 16 through 21 first. I've got it up on the screen.

For those look view in 3 live stream and it says and I will pray the father and he shall give you another comforter that he may abide with you forever. Even the spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive because it see if him not neither know of him, but you know him for eating. Well it's with you and shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you.

Get a little while and the world see it's me no more, but you see me because I live you shall live also.

At that day, you shall know that I am in my father and you and me and I in you. Verse 21 he that has my Commandments and keep it them. He is that He it is that loves me and he that loveth me shall be loved by of my father and I will love him and I will manifest myself to him. You see this is Jesus talking here. He's talking to his disciples. But I want you to know that that's for every born again Christian. That's forever. Born-again believer. He said I will not leave you comfortless even though I'm here with you right now, and there's going to come a day that when I am going to leave this world, but I will send you a helper. I will send you the Holy Spirit and he will comfort you through whatever it is that life brings your way. I'm going to skip over and go to verse 25 same chapter 3 verse 25 through 31 and 25 says these things have I spoken unto you being yet present with you. But the comforter which is the Holy Ghost whom the father will send in my name. He said he shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever. I have said unto you. Peace I leave with you my peace. I give unto you not as the world giveth give out unto you let not your heart be troubled. Neither Let It Be Afraid.

You have heard how I said I'm to you I go away and come again until you if you loved me. You would Rejoice because I said I go unto the father for my father is greater than I and now I have told you before it came to pass that when it hears come to pass you might believe Hereafter. I will not talk much with you for the prince of this world cometh and have nothing. in me but that the world may know that I love the father and that's the father gave me commandment even so I do arise let us go, hence. Let us pray this morning Heavenly Father Lord. We thank you for your words. We thank you for your encouragement Louis. Thank you for your spirit Lord. We thank you that in the midst of these times that you leave us not comfortable or let that you comfort us through the power of your Holy Spirit Lord. We thank you Lord for that Abiding and father. We thank you Lord that we have that call to be able to share your spirit with others Lord in the time of grieving in the hardships of Life. Whatever it is that they're going through Lord that we have that to share with them because you abide in US Lord. We're so thankful. We're so thankful that your son purchase does each and every one of us home that crawls. We're thankful Lord that you don't change that. You're the same today yesterday and forever and we're thankful that you're the shoe that is leading us and guiding us for your word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Let us continue to seek you for wisdom. And to give you all the glory in Jesus precious name. Amen. And amen. So Jesus talking to the disciples here. Any stealing them? You know, even though that he is going away. That the holy spirit is going to come not some of them may not even with everything maybe thinking what in the world are you talking about?

That's why I said there's there's going to come a day when it's really going to happen and you'll believe me. It's so this is the kind of God that we serve. We serve the kind of God. That doesn't leave us nor does he forsake us?

What do I hear? I put I put up here on the on the screen. It says in the year 2020 all worlds in saturated by grief some that is long-standing and some that is new. There's a truth in this everything that is going on in the world today. Some of it is new to the coronavirus this covid-19. This is a very new thing racism. This is something that is longstanding. It's always been a thing. It's always been a thing and we have to put an end to all of that and as Christians there is there should be any in there should James says that we should have favoritism on another person. It doesn't matter their their skin color of the Creed or whatever it is. But as Christians were never to be racist in any kind of way one thing we do have to understand we have to we have to be able to understand this is that

That the the black race went through a lot in America in the earlier years. Could you imagine even yourself to put yourself in the place that it says I'm talking about a passed away generation now. But a generation that had to sit in the back of restaurants had to sit at the back of buses. They were treated as such you see I'm talking about a generation who went through all of that so that their own generation could carry on that their own generation was not Annihilator, but they went through all that hardships and all the things that they had to do and then people stood up and did a peaceful protest just like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther Martin Luther King jr. And so we see these people who have been able to change history through a peaceful protest and so I'm not taking away. From what this from what the the black Americans have had to go through over the years. I'm not taking that away and I'm not taking away from the the racist police officers whether they be white or black and I'm not taking away from the racist people in the world. No matter what color they are what I'm saying is if there is Hate in Your Heart we have to find peace with Jesus if you're black and you hate a white man, you gotta find peace in Jesus if you're white and you hate a black man, we have to find peace in Jesus same thing for the Indian rice. And for the Hispanic race, you see we cannot be in Jesus and not love everyone else first John tells us that He said no man can say to use of me if you have not my love for others. And so we see this and so that's why I say that in the year 2020 or World seem saturated my grieve some long-standing and some that is new.

the thing about this and I've read many many articles. And I can understand some of the fear in some of the people.

Because there is eight there is a cusp there is a generation that is here right now that was raised under those who struggle and suffer in that time and they're still here as the grandparents to these that are coming up great-grandparents are these that are coming up and so I can understand the fear you take you take the a mother's fear for kids because she doesn't know if her son is going to be the next George Floyd or whatever. It may be at so I can understand that fear. You see because there are certain evils in the world. The thing is is what is evil in controlling is the one that's behind the scenes and that's the enemy The Devil. He's the author of confusion. He's the author of division. He's the author that's controlling each and every one of these people and he's what keeps bringing up all of this mess to get people out of he is what's guiding the media to get everybody stirred up in a certain way and then to push an agenda he is behind every bit of it. And so the Bible says that our our Warfare is not against flesh and blood but it's Spirit spiritual warfare principalities. That's why Jesus just said to me as he said the prince of the world is coming. the prince of the world What are you talkin about this Insight? He's the prince of the world. Jesus is not of this world. We have a kingdom in him that is not of this world as Christians. We're not of this world, but he's coming. Why is it coming to bring division? It takes us back to a scripture in Jeremiah. UPS even put it up there on the screen 31 + 15 or 6 dust saith the Lord. A voice is heard in Ramah limitation and bitter weeping Rachel is weeping for her children and she refuses to be comforted for her children because they are no more. I guess it's big enough for you to read. Let's see if the same thing here is Rachel. Weeping for her children, but refused to be comforted because her children were no more and we see this again in Matthew the exact same passage. It's it's pointedly and Matthew 2:18, and it says after Herod orders the slaughter of all the mail toddlers in Bethlehem. You see if we were turned over to Matthew 2:18.

Oh, I got it up here. I was turning them about if I can read them here is sending Rama. Was there a voice heard limitation and weeping and great morning Rachel weeping for her children and would not be comfortable cuz they're not you. See it's a quote it again what we're talking about from the Old Testament. The thing is is Jesus won't the scripture that were reading this morning Jesus knew that his followers would struggle to find Hope in what appi's to be hopeless situations. Think about the situation that we're facing right now in the world too many people. It seems like a hopeless situation. It seems like there's absolutely no hope and all it is what's going to happen. I mean really there's people out there who are depressed over this very very seriously. They think that it's They think different thing you take someone who doesn't have the Peace of Jesus who doesn't know the Lord and they're struggling very hard right now. Think about how hard we're struggling and we know him and they're struggling very hard because number one they're thinking what this could be the end of the world as could be the stupidest thing to wipe us all out. What is this? This could be all kinds of things are going through your mind. How many of you before you got saved lay your head down at night. Without thinking about where you're going when you die. I don't know about you, but I thought about it every night. I lay my head down. As a man, I am ruining his life. This is terrible because when you laid out or not, you have the time to reflect. That's when everything in your head just starts going around around around around. That's why you just toss and turn for a couple hours before you fall asleep.

But you have people who are really struggling with this people who have lost their jobs people who have been put on furlough people who? I don't know what their next job maybe so you have people who are struggling you have people whose families have been impacted by this. Thankfully it's not as many as it could have been. But truthfully there are some that have been impacted by this and so you think about leaving the beauty salon. I want to talk about this for a second. Jim's the small time business owners like this. You think about them? They they had to shut down everything that they have they run off their own money. They don't have any assistance from like some powerful headquarters or anything like that. They run up their own money and they've had to close their doors and if they got caught like some did cutting hair at their own house. They lost their license and got a big fine. They just locked up to me and I think it was in Chicago or New York. I can't remember for having her GM open every standing out front had guys out in there working out and they lock the door owners of the gym or having it open.

But the ABC store that closed down one.

Because the devil knows look cuz the devil knows that there is a many people out there that would rather turn to that. As far as trying to get away from this world then turn to the Lord and ask him to help them go through this. They would rather instead of just going to Lourdes a really just get a bottle liquor and turn it all up and shoot it all down and get drunk as can be and stay drunk as long as they can. I feel bad for that person feeling rough this morning. But you see what I'm saying? The small businesses have been hurt. They provided for their families through that business. There's a depression and I understand that the government has helped a lot of people. But what but but help doesn't. The help is good and fine. But it doesn't solve the issue.

You see everything that this covid-19 has brought about I don't know if we've actually felt the Aftershock of it yet.

I'm hoping it's not going to be as bad as expected. I'm hoping that everything will just go smooth but things are coming to an end. Like Ronnie was just saying even our extension home the mortgage. There's things are coming to an end now. so now at the end of all of this were people are really struggling the hardest it's time to go back in to fulfill and paying the bills and So I don't know what's going to happen. But this is what I'm not. We just read in the scripture. The wind going to be comfortless. No matter what happens in our life. No matter what happens. If they today we can have find comfort in the holy spirit. Amen. Let me keep all my message cuz I have plan on keeping you along this morning.

The Jesus knew that his followers would struggle to find Hope and what appeared to be a hopeless situation. And so what did he do? He promised to send the Holy Spirit which is the counselor and counselor is a translation to Greek is called I pair clitos, which actually means a person summoned to one's a Paraclete Jose person summoned to one thing. So the holy spirit is here for our age is here to guide us to lead us to be our comforter in a time of it may also refer to an advisor or legal advocate of mediator or intercessor. Jesus promise of the Holy Spirit was intended to create the assurance that God would be with his cheer up children along the way we can see that in the Great Commission when he says, you know to go into all the world preaching the gospel. He goes on to say and I will be with you. I will be with you always even unto the end.

I think I've already read that. Jesus Promised the Holy Spirit would come to them and all believers to act as their guide Defender and counselor. We should be thankful for that.

I got ahead of my notes Here. His peace is meant to be understanding as the giving of himself. It is the gift of pigs you see here's a big misconception in the world. Even in the church world. I want you guys to hear me out this morning. You see a lot of people pray for peace. We do that we pray for peace. We pray for things but the truth of the matter is is Jesus himself or is these things? It's not something separate from who he is. It's him. If you're wanting peace in your life, it comes in the form of Christ. If you're wanting if you're wanting comfort in your life comes in the form of Christ the Holy Spirit he comes in the form of Christ. You see it's not that you're asking him to give you something outside of who he is. You're actually asking him to give himself to you and we have to receive him as that and so it's not that Jesus can give you peace. Like I would have this handkerchief to Laura. Jesus gives you peace like I would hang myself tomorrow and be joined with her that Or stir up something in your heart. Number one because Jesus himself is willing to give himself to each and every one of us. He's willing to comfort Us by giving us himself.

That's how precious of a God we serve. So Jesus promise of being with us through the holy spirit is key to facing adversity or difficulty. As you can see part of the call to each of us is to remain actively engaged with the spirit. This is true. Each and every day. We should remain actively engaged when we're walking. He should be leading and guiding our thoughts should be the Bible. The Bible says this our thoughts should be submitted to him. Our feelings should be submitted to him. He should be our filter. That's what it's a meaning as being actively engaged with the spirit. He should be our filter. Everything should be run through him before it comes out. If that were the case, we have a whole totally different world going on right now because he would never he would never say anything to break anyone down. You would always be encouragement. Encouragement is much-needed right now. I want to sidestep just a bit for cuz I want to talk about this but I have noticed and encouragement is what is needed right now. I want to give you an example. So I know I'm 42. But face Facebook is gotten to a place to where and I know we're live streaming on Facebook right now. I understand, you know where utilizing it for that but Facebook in the comment threads and all that is really gotten to a place to where you just if you get up and you look on Facebook is going to change your mood for the rest of the day. It's going to really affect your lifestyle. It's very judgmental is very condemning. People are just careless and what they they say and what they do. They don't care what kind of injuries they inflicted. Facebook is a tough place. well I came to the place where I was just tired of looking at it. I'll be honest. I don't get up there much less. I'm trying to post something for the church pager. but I've started looking into some other social media and and I have found that. Although it is going to be bad in every social media that there is actually some that is good out there for these use they have an effective means of Outreach by using social media. In just one Snapchat they can say encouragement and send it out to a multitude of people in one Snapchat. They can say you know what? I know you may have woke up this morning feeling like poop But I want you to know that I love you and Jesus loves you. So when you go through the rest of this day, if nobody else loves you, I want you to remember that, you know, things like that and that's what people need to get their feet going in the morning. And so that is a tool that they could use for evangelism and Outreach Instagram the same way. It's just pictures other Instagrams little different. It's still Facebook. It's still owned by the same person, but then there's Tik Tok Myla said oh Lord here goes. Tick Tock is an app where you make on videos?

And you could you could do the same thing. You can either go 15 seconds for 60 seconds, but you can share encouraging word and you can share that with a multitude of people. It's also on that where you can go live on it and you can sit and talk but people are only typing in comments and their love. I want to tell you I went live for the first time on Tik Tok last week. And I was impressed number one. That is my first time going live. There was over a hundred fifty three people in the in the of yours. Which is a lot and they were very engaging the comments were going by almost faster than I can read. They were very engaging and I was telling my testimony. I just spent probably 45 minutes to an hour giving my testimony to the people could know who I who I was and from that I have gotten over 30 messages of people reaching out because they need help. A majority of them are my son's age. I haven't even showed my wife because some of it would be a lot for somebody to take in. But I had a young kid who reached out to me and he was in the hospital and he had three cuts across the chest pictures of this. You can already see the scars where he had been cutting before but in this particular time that middle when he laid it open and he was in the hospital because see he was trying to inflict injury on his own self. Hoping that it would take away what he was feeling. Do you realize how many children how many Hues are even in this cutting stage now in this time? There are so many out there who are doing this. I was floorboard at how many people really had reached out and asked. What can I do? What how can I need help people reach out to me who are struggling in their relationships and their marriages and things like that. And I it it's like I've opened up a Floodgate because now people are there calling me or messaging me here and so do I but the thing is is I feel like that's the very reason my heart continues to be each and every day. I feel like that's the reason my feet Hit the Floor every morning is because of the ministry of helping those people out and my entire family has that calling they have that gifting as far as the help people out. So I'm so thankful for that. And I know that I just got off a little bit and started talking about these other social media platforms. But really what I wanted to say is, this is Outreach. These are places because I'm going to tell you one thing about this Tik Tok and I know trucks trying to ban it right now because it is a Chinese on app. I'm thinking Microsoft trying to buy don't know that's going to be much better Bill Gates Chinese and one in the same.

Everything you see up there is encouragement and funny. It is the most positive I've ever really looked at. Now. There may be things that there is not funny or encouraging. It doesn't come across before you page. It is kind of doesn't algorithm of what you like comes across. Oh But what I was trying to say through all of this is as Christians, that's what I that's what I are concerned should be daily, encouraging one another bearing one another's burdens being that one that lives that brother sister up and not tearing them down. We're going to world full of people were tearing them down because on the other side of that they're bullies on these apps, they're bullies out there and their people, you know, listen when I went live there were even saying you need to pick moderators in case people come in bullying because I'm a big guy, you know, they may come in and say man, where's your neck at or something crazy? But I told him I said look, even if I signed moderators don't you kick these people out. These are the ones a woman here because they need to hear too because I want to watch them and I want them to hear where it where they wear their last one in them up, you know, it's going to drop them off at prison and they're going to spend a long time there and they're going to realize later on in life that he should have never been that way. But I once was that way too so I was a little leave them in here. I love them too. So let me get back to my message, but we should be encouraging each other. And that's why we have the power of the Holy Spirit to do that number one to comfort us. But number two to comfort those who are grieving around us here. God can use a church as an instrument of the Holy Spirit to bring Comfort, but it starts with not giving easy answers or trying to make herself comfortable. Let me add someone else's grief you see if you give easy answers. Make yourself comfortable what we call and Ministry is taking the Cross off of you. If you do those types of things what people will do what they'll tend to rely on you if someone comes and ask you a question about something and you actually give them the answer they'll just keep coming to ask a question. But if they come and ask you and you lead them through scripture where to find the answer and you teach them how to find that's what they'll start doing after a. Of time it goes back to the old saying that our grandparents used to say what to say to take a man fishing or and you can feed him for a day teach a man to fish and you can feed him for a lifetime or something like that. It was showing that if you talked this man had to go out and catch his own fish. Then you have someone that you had established for the lifetime the same thing as if we teach those around us how to go and find the answer in the word of God. Then we have someone disciple and a discipler established for a lifetime. The Holy Spirit has come to us as the comforter his counseling presents are a source of Hope When we struggle with feeling alone in this world. This is big for there's time this place there are many people even those who are born again Christians who are in church who are feeling alone at this time. They've been in quarantine, whatever. Maybe the quarantine is about like Solitude solitary.

In prison, if you're bad, they lock you up in solitary as a six-by-six sale 6 ft long by 6 ft wide. Ronnie wouldn't be able to sleep laying down.

And they keep you in there. No one to talk to nothing to do and I want to tell you that if you have more than 30 days in their your subject to go crazy. I've seen men who have been in a solitary cell for 6 months and they're feeding wraps. They're talkin the rats and they have made friends out of the rats. I've actually seen men who have come in to clean their self and stop on the right and the man in solitary stabbed them to death. Because he killed what I thought was a family member.

That's how crazy their minds are gone all because they've been separated and singled out the Bible says itself. No man should be an island to himself. grandma always said Idle Hands is the Devil's Playground. And so when you get a place like so we get where you get like quarantine you you stop school and you stop these things and the kids are forced to stay at home. You can only understand what it is that they're possibly going through when they're used to getting out with their friends and used to doing this because I know that Mike, is that a home? They think they're slaves. Cuz I am working them to death.

And I guess I probably need to let you know let up a little bit. But what I'm saying is there's much rather be at school. At least I could get a bathroom break. Not with me. They got to keep working.

The juices going through this look, I understand that. There are those out there who homeschool and I hope that we can homeschool our girls next to you. That's something we're praying about but when the kids are used to going to these schools and they're having to stay home and they're having the all this time that are spending a long. Can you imagine how hard it must be on them? It's hard on us.

Next slide says we rely on other believers to walk alongside of us as we navigate loneliness and loss. This is where we fit in as Christians. When people that are live go through something like this we should walk alongside and I know a lot of people always ask, you know, what does that mean? But it means that we should always constantly be there be that that helping hand whatever it is that you need. Sometimes just someone to listen to him, but we should always be along side of them, but we should also teach and minister to them that even when we're not there if they're born again believer the holy spirit is present. You we cannot depend upon man at all times at 3 in the morning. You're laying in the bottom your closet crying. There's no one else around you but the holy spirit is there that's who you can lean on that so you can rely on even if I if you call me you better hope that it's the holy spirit in me that you're relying on and not me cuz I will feel you.

And we're called to bring God's a gentle presence of comfort into the uncomfortable and painful experience of our brothers and sisters grief. Sometimes that's just listening. It's not always trying to help her fix things, but sometimes it's just listening. You know, if you have someone who's lost a spouse and you're sitting there with them, what can you really say? What can you really say to fix that nothing, but you can listen to them and you can let them know that I'm here if there's anything that you want to say. I'm here. If not, we'll just cry together. I have a shoulder. These are very important things because can you imagine even though you don't need someone to come over and tell you how to get through it you need someone's companionship to be there with you. Could you imagine having to go through that all alone? with no one

it would be very tough. next there's no easy answer, but we can still be present in the midst of their grieving and they're crying there weeping spoiled just said

it's also the very Point again that I was trying to get across today and let me go back to this one slide. are these Jesus promises the Holy Spirit to us says to his disciples, but we are his disciples. So that they will not have fear and doing life alone guys. We don't have to have fear if we're all alone. No matter what it is. This is something that the youth need to understand as much as the adult even if you're alone. You don't have to fear because you have the Holy Spirit is with you. And then the application is we must rely on the Holy Spirit and then embody his presents for others has the Ender agree to things that I wanted to get across today. I hope I have done a decent job. I know my back has been killing me. So I keep leaning forward. I hope you guys understand that. What is Born Again Christians, let us continue to minister to those around us? There are those that are going through things right now that we don't even know because for some reason we haven't thought about it or we hadn't called him or whatever. It may be. Look around the church house. See those who may not have been here in a few weeks. And even though it's understandable for them not to be we're not wanting to call them and then beg them to come back to church. We know that that's want to come in time. But we do want to call them and make sure they're okay.

Because if you stay in your house long enough, you'll get into your mind. You'll start going crazy and you'll start thinking things that you know, all kinds of mist. Just like Ronnie said look the devil is on the prowl. If you haven't seen them in your own life, you've had to see it in all those around you the devil's on the prowl and he's coming to destroy.

People's lives their relationships and their marriages he's coming. There's more people fighting. There's more people going through hardships.

Like I said earlier my mind was blown. How many messages I actually got because of people going through something? And another thing I want to mention because I said it it's a good it's a good Avenue for outreach and evangelism like that. But I do want to say this because if the youth or anyone does get the idea to go up there and be encouraging and people really reach out to you. You must know and understand before you even go into a situation like that. You're not Jesus. That all you can do is give words of encouragement and give the word of God. But as far as if that if that relationship makes it or not. That's not on you. A lot of times it's on the couple. Jesus can save every relationship. But a lot of times on the couple, are they willing to put in the work? And sorry you have to understand that I beginning minastrin to one kid. I say is a kid. He was in his twenties him. His wife just been married men together probably 10 months of marriage and she had been raised up in a Christian lifestyle. He was like me in and out the drugs for 13 years and then out of prison for 10 and even though he's so young. I think you may be like 28 or 29 at one time. but the thing is she can understand. Anywhere, he's ever been he's been clean for 5 years, but she doesn't understand addiction. She don't understand drugs. She was raised in church. Just a good thing. So there's a lot of there's a lot of constant arguing in that. And in that arguing it's actually really just because it's a lack of communication. It's a lack of understanding and instead of just going at each other. Just sit down as I look this is how I feel how do you feel I'm preaching to myself this morning. I want to know what is it is causing all of this because some people have a different perception of who you are and what you really are.

It's in the midst of all that while I was trying to minister to him and never talk to her. It was just him. He's the man of the family. He's the one who reached out to me when I was trying to minister to him.

He goes in there and he tries to take my advice and she blows up and leaves takes off leaves with the car. No. He called me he was destroyed actually, wasn't my Heelers graduation party? And I'm and I told him I get up with him later. We'll come to find out she is just because of everything he's said she had to write off because she needed a minute to process. So she came back they worked everything out and they're going to continue to try and work everything out. But in the midst of that the reason I said this is because I said don't feel like you're God because as soon as it all blew up like that I felt immediately like I had misled someone, you know, like man here I am because I was telling him that Jesus has to be first and what happened was his when he was telling her that that's what he wanted and that has to change he wanted in her life, even though she was raised in church. She didn't know if she was ready for that.

And so it was overwhelming to her and she went to her parents house who would still serve actively in the church whatever and she done wouldn't know what anyone should never do but it's okay she done anyway, and she talked to her parents about her marital problems. That's a No-No for anybody in here never talk to your parents about your marital problems. They're the last people in the world because they already have a child involved. And so they're going to have a one-way thinking or one-way misguided thoughts about a person. Anyway, I'm rambling now, but and Laura says, yes. But I just wanted to say that because when you do reach out no matter how your evangelizing to someone please understand it's not always going to go as well. As you planned. Some people have to hit the rock bottom before they can never understand who Jesus is and if they want to turn your life over to him. I saw say that any encouragement this morning. The one that does happen don't give up allow. Jesus to be God. Pray for this person pray for the people that you're reaching out. Constantly pray for them and continue to minister them at every cost. As I say that I just want to encourage to you. As as well as us, but do you think cuz there is a transition in your life that you're going through? You just graduated high school you're going into college to new breed of people. If you look at the statistics and I don't want to say this in a discouraging way, but if you look at the statistics people's lives change as they go to college. More Christians fall into the world when they answer in the college than any other place. and it's because the college is full of people who never had the same upbringing or it's full of people who have the never wanted it and so they hit the ground running and rebellion, and they'll drag you in and I'll drag you down and if they do remember that God will never leave you nor forsake you get up pick yourself up repent and get on back with your life, but beware Beware of the company that you keep around you and be where you can be the changing example Why because you have all of Heaven inside of you the Holy Spirit? Everything you need a buys with you. That ought to be encouraging in this home self. You don't need to know all the scriptures of where it's at located in the Bible. All you need to know. Is that the Holy Spirit advising you and he is working in with and threw you a men. Would you stand with me this morning?

I'm going to get me as soon as you come up here and I was wondering if the girls you could jump up here and do that, Alleluia.

Again, that be okay.

In Phoenix. I said the girls to have it. But thank you for being obedient and listening.

Hey man, singing this morning. I just want to ask. Is there anything that anyone needs again, I'm going to abstain from having an altar call because of the social distancing but God can touch you no matter where you're at in your seat on the livestream. No matter where you are. God can Minister Akil and touch you but if there is a date this morning, I'm just going to pray and allow God to meet them. Heavenly Father Lord, we come to you this morning or do you need the needs of each and every person on the sound of our voices or no matter if they're in this congregation is sanctuary Lord over the camera via Lobster falling over asking that you touch them right now or whatever the issue here is for that you bring healing work cuz we know that she was a great position all we know that you are the great Council or the store every relationship that is being destroyed father God. We're asking right now Lord for every person War. Whatever it may be more asking Lord as they're going through these suicidal thoughts and cutting harming ourselves or we ask for that you by the enemy in that situation Lord Lord. If you send someone to minister to them Minister through your love that they may stop because someone loves you more because somebody loves them and it's a man who came over 2,000 years ago and played his life down for that. One person. No matter if they'd have been the only person to live on this planet or he would have gave his life for that one. Let someone come in her life to let them know how much they are loved and cared for more than he may give you all adoration and glory Lord that they may begin to worship you for all that you have done Lord and for all that you deserve father use each and everyone of us lore to encourage at least one person this week. In the midst of these trials Lord in the midst of this warfare that's going on in the world for the Lord use your people. The encouragement to those in our life we lived all these things in Jesus precious name heal the sick Lord by your Mighty hand.

Hallelujah, hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah.

praise your name praise your name Well, thank you each and everyone of you for joining us here those who are on the livestream and thank you for joining us and I pray that each and every one of you have a wonderful blessed day and we'll see you all next Sunday. like

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