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Part 1


  1. When I say “I Am” what do you thing about?
    1. Do you think of AOL chat?
    2. “Instant Messaging”
    3. How about God?
  2. In Matt. 16.13-16, Jesus asks his disciples, “Who do men say that I am?”
    1. They Answered:
    2. John the Baptist, Elias, Jeremiah or on of the prophets.
  3. Then he asked, “But who do you say that I am?”
    1. Peter said, “You are The Christ The son of The Living God.”
  4. Peter was right he is the Son of God.
  5. Lets take a look at the claims of Christ to see who he says that he is.


“I AM”

Scripture Reading:  Exodus 3.13-15 God tells Moses that I AM WHO I AM has sent you.

-By saying that God was using the name “Yahweh” which is translated      Lord”

                        -This is where Jesus gets the basis for his seven “I AM’s” to follow.

=When Christ used the name “I AM” he knew he was claiming to   be God and the Jews around him would know that.

=In fact that was the problem that the Jewish leaders had.

            ~Jesus was claiming to be God.

=They remembered Moses and knew that that was the name, which            God gave him and told him to use to authenticate his      words.

So with that let’s take a look at these seven “I AM’s” of Christ recorded for us in the Gospel of John…

I         John 6.35   “I am the Bread of life.”

A      This means that he is the sustainer of life.

B       Bread a part of life

1        In our Western culture bread is optional.

a         We cut it out when we are on Low Crab. Diets

b        Some even cut it out completely

i          At restaurants they will often ask if you would like the bread that comes with the meal because they know that a lot of it gets wasted.

2        In their culture, bread was an essential food, they lived off of bread

a         It was often all that they ate for a meal:  bread and water.

b        The Israelites, while they wandered around in the desert, were given “Manna” by the Lord. 

i          That is what they ate three meals a day.

ii        It was there life sustainer.

iii      Without it they would have starved.

C       Christ was not talking about that bread but the eternal life that we can each have through him.

D      This is why our daily quite time is so important.

1        Does anyone use the Daily Bread?

2        Where do you think that they got that name?

E       The Bible/Christ is our Bread of life

F        God’s Word is what we need.

1        Just like the Israelites needed that Manna we Need Christ and his Word.

2        Another important thing to think about bread is that:                          Bread by itself is Dead!

a         Worms infested the Manna the next day.

b        Our bread if left out will grow hair!!!

c         Christ is the living bread: 

i          He never gets stale, moldy, or spoils.

ii        He is always fresh food to our Soul.

G      He is the staple of our lives.

II      John 8.12  “I am the light of the world.”

A      Remember when the Israelites wandered around in the desert. 

1        What lead them by Day?  _______   (Cloud)

2        What lead them by Night? _______   (Pillar of Fire)

a         Some interesting facts about the cloud and the Fire.

i          The cloud would go ahead and behind them.

a)      They were in a desert:  during the day it is hot.

i)        They had shade.

ii        The Pillar of Fire would also lead them.

a)      In the desert at night it can get pretty cold.

i)        Fire provided heat for their comfort.

ii)      But also light for them to see as God leads them through the dark!

b        This symbolized the Shekinah glory, which guided them.

B       Again this would cause a problem for the Jews because here he is claiming to be God again.

1        Used the Term “I AM” but also

a         “Light Of the World”

i          He was comparing himself to the Sun.  Vs. 2 says that it was Dawn.

a)      Maybe he was using an object lesson that morning.

b)      As the Sun was rising he was teaching about himself giving light to the world

ii        The Sun was a symbol of Jehovah.

a)      Psalm 84.11  “For the Lord God is a Sun and shield; The Lord gives grace and glory; No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”

iii      It is time for LIGHT to shine in this dark world.

a)      Who are the only ones who cannot see the Light? Blind people

b)      Who needs to see the light the most?  Blind people

c)      Who carries the light?  Christians Do!

d)     This light is shinning in the world whether it is bright or dim.

i)        Which is yours?

e)      Through us His light (Should) shine.

C       Light is also a symbol of God and his holiness

1        Moses’ face shown with the glory of God when he would come down from the Mountain.  So much so that he had to wear a veil.  He was in the presence of God.

a         His face reflected this truth.

2        Angels appear and are clothed in white and shinning brightly.


III   John 10.7  “I am the gate.”(Door)

A      There are actually three Gates (doors) to distinguish here.

1        The gate (door) into the sheepfold. Vs. 1

a         In Vs. 1 He talks about thieves and robbers entering by another way.

b        The sheepfold here is not talking about heaven.  In this context he is talking to the Nation of Israel and trying to explain this to them.

c         They were in the fold of God. 

i          He chose them to be his people and him their shepherd.

2        The gate (door) of the sheep Vs. 7

a         This is the gate that they entered to get out of their present state (Judaism)

b        Christ was opening the way for multitudes to leave their Religious ways and find NEW LIFE.

3        The gate (door) of salvation Vs. 9

a         They enter this gate and have eternal life through the Son.

B       Jesus is the only way to eternal life.

1        They would understand this illustration because.

a         When they made a sheep fold.  It would only have one gate.  ONE Entrance.

2        Jesus made it clear that through him was the only way to the Father.

a         There is only one gate (door) to the Father.

C       A door divides, secures, opens and gives access.

D      Just as the shepherds had only one entrance where he stood guard as protector and provider.

E       We must go through that gate or door to be with God’s “sheep” children

IV   John 10.11-18  “I am the good shepherd.”

A      Calling himself the shepherd implies that we are his Sheep.

1        He protects us with his life.

2        He died for our sins.

3        Under the Law the sheep would die for the sins of the shepherd

4        But now under Grace the shepherd died for his sheep.

5        Christ didn’t dessert us he laid down his life for us.

a         He is the true shepherd

b        Others may claim to be but in time of trial they will flee leaving us all alone.

c         He loves and cares for us.

B       Psalm 23 As our shepherd he leads us along safe paths, providing and protecting us.

C       How does a shepherd get his flock of sheep to go where he wants them to go?

1        He leads them.

2        Other cattle are driven

a         With whips and shouts

3        But not sheep they know their shepherd and they follow him. 

4        Christ lived his life in such a way that we are to model our own lives after his. 

D      We can trust his leading.

1        He knows best for us.  He is our shepherd.


1)      We will have to stop here with the first four “I AM’s” of Christ.

2)      But thus far we can see that Christ has defiantly claimed to be God in the flesh.

3)      He used the term “I AM” and each I Am was understood by the people as a statement from him claiming to be God.

4)      They are getting the picture that he is the Christ.

5)      How about you this morning?


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