Biblical Memorials

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Biblical Memorials


  1. This being Memorial Day Weekend I thought that I would speak on a few of the many Biblical Memorials. 
  2. First, we should define memorial?  (Allow them to answer)
    1. Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines it as:

                                                              i.      serving to preserve remembrance commemorative

                                                            ii.      of or relating to memory

                                                          iii.      something that keeps remembrance alive: as : monument

                                                          iv.      something (as a speech or ceremony) that commemorates

                                                            v.      keepsake, memento

                                                          vi.      record, memoir

    1. For this evening we are going to focus on the idea of a memorial being:

Something that has been set up to remind one of something

Like a Monument


I         Gen. 9:13–16What is the Memorial here?

  • The Rainbow A      Basically the first memorial that was set up in Scripture. 

B       This was set up as a sign, to remind God that He promised to Never Flood the earth again this dramatically.

1        Isn’t it interesting to think that the rainbow is not in the sky for our benefit, but it is actually there so that when God sees it he remembers his Promise?

2        Yes, when we see it we should also remember that promise from God.

II      Exod. 12:11–14What is the Memorial here?

·         The Passover

A      This memorial feast was set up for Israel in Egypt

B       It represented the shed blood of Christ as the Passover Lamb

C       But it was also to remind them of the powerful way in which God dealt with the Egyptians.

D      Reminding them of “The Plague of the Firstborn” and how they were saved from that plague by the Blood of the Lamb

III   Num. 16:39–40What is the Memorial here?

·         Some brazen censors – hammered to overlay the Altar

A      Moses told Aaron’s son, Eleazar, to gather the censers(snuffdish, firepan, tray) and have them made into brass plates for a covering for the brazen altar.

B       This is all that was left over from “Korah’s Rebellion” after God opened up the earth and swallowed them up. 

C       Every time the worshipers came to the altar, they would see these plates and be reminded that the sin of rebellion is severely judged by God.

IV   Deut. 5:12-15What is the Memorial here?

·         The Sabbath

A      God told His people to observe the Sabbath day by not doing any work.

B       In Exodus 20:8-11 it gives a more clear picture of the Memorial and what it is to remind them of

1        That is creation.  God created everything in six days but on the seventh he rested therefore they should also rest on the seventh day. 

2        Every week on the last day they were reminded that GOD created the earth in six literal days and then rested for one literal day.  Weekly reminder.

V      Josh. 4:7What is the Memorial here?

·         Pile of 12 stones by the Jordan

A      These stones reminded the nation of Israel of the miraculous way they crossed the Jordan River. 

B       They were there so that in generations to come when a family was traveling and they came across this pile of Rocks and one of the kids would ask, “What are they there for?” 

C       It would lead into a perfect opportunity to share God with them and explain how God had provided in so many ways for there forefathers and for them.

VI   Exod. 16:32What is the Memorial here?

·         Manna in the Ark of the Covenant

A       This was a reminder of God’s provision for them while in the desert

B       The people knew what was in the Ark of the Covenant and any time that they would think about it they should remember the manna and then in turn remember the wilderness wandering.

VIIEsther 9:28What is the Memorial here?

·         Purim

A      A Jewish holiday celebrated on the 14th of Adar in commemoration of the deliverance of the Jews from the massacre plotted by Haman

B       So every year in Adar they would remember the deliverance from the wicked man Haman through Esther and Mordecai. 

VIII         Leviticus 23:39-43What is the Memorial here?

·         Feast of Tabernacles

A      This was basically their annual thanksgiving week.

B       It lasted for a whole week and it was meant to remind them to be thankful for their deliverance out of Egypt.

IX   Luke 22:19-20What is the Memorial here?

·         The Lords Supper / Communion

A      This of course what set up to remind us today of the sacrifice that Christ made for our lives today.

B       The bread represents his body broken and bruised for our iniquities

C       The cup (juice) represents his blood shed for our.

·         The blood shed was necessary for the removal of sins without it salvation would not be possible


  1. We have looked at a few of the Memorials of the Bible. 
  2. This weekend (tomorrow mainly) our country has set aside a day of remembrance.
    1. This day is here so that we are reminded of the many men and women who have served their country and some who have even given their life so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have today.
    2. Pastor said this morning “All give some and some gave all!” 
    3. That is what we are to be reminded of this weekend/tomorrow
  3. What I would like for us to do know is to give you an opportunity to share.
    1. If you have a story from your days of service that you would like to share.
    2. Maybe something that you learned from your service.
    3. Maybe why you served your country.

Close in Prayer

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