The Plagues - Tag Team Sermon - Part 1

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Mitch and I sat down and preached through the plagues. This was part 1 and went much better than part 2.

Story in Four Acts:
MagiciansEgyptians/Moses and AaronPharaohGod
General Overview of the plagues and an apology for them.
Why was this part of the book of Exodus? Why aren't the people of Israel mentioned in this story?
How do we read this story? Normally, I would argue that we read it as the Israelites, or maybe as Moses and Aaron. Being strong in the face of adversity.
Serve others as god
Call yourself god
Call God god but reject him
EI : Knowledge that God is the Lord and destruction of the position of power that Pharaoh has created for himself.
TI : Before God we stand weak and puny. God, only in His mercy, protects and gives us the ability to be brave/endure.
PI : Do we tend to become more like the Egyptians and magicians when we desire things and what do we base our lives on?
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