Abraham & Isaac - The Sacrifice

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Set up an “altar” of wood on a table on the stage area. Have an older man who can play Abraham and a teenager who can play Isaac. Isaac needs to look like he could easily overcome Abraham, if he chose to do so. They need to dress contemporary, but simply.

End the music service with a song that emphasizes “sacrifice”.

I.                    Tell a story about “sacrifice”.

II.                  The Bible is full of men and women and youth who made small and large sacrifices to God because of their love for Him.

A.                  One of those is found in Genesis 22

B.                  It’s the story of Abraham and his only son Isaac.  Read Genesis 22:1-2

III.                Describe the situation:

A.                  Abraham had prayed for and been promised a son who would make Abraham the father of a whole race of people who would be “number-less”.

B.                  He had to wait until he was 100 years old (vs 21:5) and his wife Sarah was 90 until the promise was fulfilled.  By this time (vs 21:34), Abraham was somewhere around 115 or 120 years old and Isaac was in his late teens or early 20's.

C.                  God has just come to Abraham and apparently told him that the son of the Promise, the only son he had, the son he loved more than anyone in the world (Isaac) needed to be killed as an expression of worship, of how much Abraham loved God.  Can you imagine?

Read Vs 22:3-5

A.                  What did Abraham do?

1.                  Debate?

2.                  Get angry?

3.                  Rebel?

4.                  Even ask why?

5.                  None of the above


B.                  “Early the next morning”.  He did not hesitate.  He made all the necessary preparations and they took off for the mountain of Moriah (the future site of Jerusalem).  It was about 50 miles away and it took them 3 days to get there.

C.                  Abraham said an interesting thing to the 2 young men who had come along with them here...(read vs 5) “We will worship and then we will come back to you."

1.                  Abraham left the 2 men at the base of the mountain because he knew they would never allow him to kill his son.

2.                  Yet, Abraham also knew that he and Isaac would be returning to them after the sacrifice because God had promised to make Isaac the first-born of a new nation.

D.                 He took Isaac, the wood, the knife, and the fire and went up the mountain.

(Abraham & Isaac walk in and move to the altar on stage.)

Isaac had questions about why they did not carry a lamb to be sacrificed and was satisfied with Abraham’s simple answer.

Read Vs. 22:9 (Abraham ties up Isaac and lays him on the altar. He raises the knife up to Heaven, pulls it back to stab Isaac - then the “voice of God” calls out “Abraham, Abraham!” and he puts the knife down.)

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