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May the words of my mouth and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable to you, our Lord and saviour - Amen· My name is Paul Tinker and I am the assistant curate here at St. Lukes

· I have had the pleasure of visiting with Inga and her daughter Barbara for just over a year

· I say pleasure, not merely as the polite thing to say but because it is true

· In getting to know Inga over this time

· I got to know someone of great strength and grace

· A gentle soul …was what I had the pleasure to meet

· She had a deep faith

· and it was an honour to visit and share communion with her


· our bible passage from 2nd Corinthians tells us an important message that we need to hear

· It is I believe very appropriate for Inga’s last days

· difficult days, where she was a not same the person that was so fondly loved.

· The passage chosen - is only three verses

· because it is a message of Hope

· a message of faith

· a message rooted in the belief that Inga’s last days - were not merely her last days

· But in fact that her inner nature was being renewed day by day

· It is a message of faith - that she IS in the glory with her Lord Jesus

· The passage from Matthew’s Gospel is a familiar one to many, as well

o it is a message of assurance.

· I hope that all here gathered today, to share in this ceremony celebrating the life of Inga, will hear the reassuring message of Jesus Christ …

o words that were first given to a small group of close followers

· it starts out - in fact, to be addressed to God, the father - in the form of prayer - but opens up to be a message for all present to hear

· and it is recorded in scripture for the whole world for the rest of time to hear

o The message of assurance concludes with Jesus saying clearly - “you will find rest for your souls. For my Yoke is easy and my burden is light…”

· Matthew's gospel invites those who are weary and burdened

o And offers rest

§ Inga is now resting - at peace

§ No longer fighting this illness or that - but at peace

§ This morning, as we consider these comforting thoughts that God has provided which have been read this morning

§ and as we each individually reflect on the life of Inga …. - Consider this

§ God as the creator of all things gave us two very simple instructions

§ which he called the greatest of all the commandments

§ Love God with your whole being and Love your neighbour as yourself

§ living a life with love for others is a vital part of what God calls us to do

§ One can clearly see this from what Barbara shared today of the love that Inga had for her family… and friends… and life…

· Hold on to that

· Be assured, comforted

· But most importantly live life with Love…

· Be strong and hold on as long as you can to remain with family and friends as Inga did

· But trusting is Jesus you will find his burden is light and his yoke is easy

· Because it is the burden of Love and the yoke of caring for others...

· there are many ways to be a testimony, a witness to God

· for some it is public proclamation

· for others, like Inga, it is living a life with Love

· Amen

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