Wedding Feast Big Elephant in the Room

In our 1st reading the prophet Isaiah around 700 BC, is talking about a great heavenly dinner party with juicy rich foods and choice wines for all peoples. But leading up to this heavenly celebration, he says on this mountain, God will destroy death forever and, and wipe away the tears from every face. Christians believe this prophesy is about the Jesus Christ promised Missaghi, who accomplished it on mount Calvary by his death and resurrection, and has given his Body and Blood for nourishment until we entrance into that heavenly feast.
In our Gospel the Chief Priests and elders have asked Jesus by what authority are you doing these things, that is cleansing the temple from the money chargers, healing the blind and the lame. He answered them in the parable we just heard. Of a patient King who twice prepares and invites privileged guests for his son’s wedding, who did not come. The king was greatly, disrespected, and his servants killed. The king exacts justice on the killers, and humbly holds the wedding with all types of guests invited from out in the streets both good and bad. Allegorically the King is God the Father, the Son, Jesus, and the wedding the inauguration of God’s reign.
But in this parable Jesus leaves a big elephant in the room, that is the one guest the King calls Friend, asking him why don’t you have a wedding garment? He was reduced to silence, bound and throw out in to the outer darkness. Not Good! You can’t help feeling bad for the guy, not knowing why he had no wedding garment, could not even come up with an excuse! We know the king was humble and patient he could have ordered a garment be brought for him, but he didn’t. Why not, we don’t know exactly. The Chief Priests and elders had the Law, Psalms and the Prophets, seen Jesus’s miracles, heard the people cry out Hosanna in the highest, they should have figured out Jesus was the promised Messiah and believed in him but they didn’t. Why not? we don’t know exactly. But we can think of reasonable speculations why not?
Deep within the human soul are hidden attitudes that only God can see and judge, love of power, pleasure and money, unbelief or religious indifference towards Jesus Christ, God’s Word, and Church Teaching. These attitudes numb the senses, and makes one self-satisfied. Leads to faulty human reasoning, and confusion, relativism, like saying aborting an innocent baby is the same evil as executing a convicted criminal sentenced to death 5 times over. They are not the same death sentence. Or saying I love Jesus as much as I love this man or woman I am living with or married to in an illicit heterosexual or homosexual relationship. They are not the same love; Jesus does not accept that type of equality in the gospels.
When we are baptized, we wear a white garment symbolize we are clothed in Christ, a wedding garment. The priest or deacon baptizing prays, that you bring it, the white garment, unstained into eternal life. To bring it unstained, not lose it on the way. We all dearly depend on God’s love, mercy and grace, through the Lord Jesus Christ, to make it to that Heavenly Feast with Juicy foods and choice wines, waiting for us with the Lord. God help, not one of us, become that big elephant in the room without our wedding garment on that day.
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