Reflecting the Image of God, 2 Peter 1:3-11

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We were made to reflect the image of God. God is not of a form like humans. So, our reflection of God is in his communicable attributes.
Sin corrupted this likeness of God and put us on a path to death. Jesus death on the cross and our faith in him regenerated us through the power of the Holy Spirit. Making us reborn a new in the image of God.
In our new birth we are to acquire godly qualities through the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.

All Things Pertaining to Life and Godliness

Divine Power He has given - Jesus divine power has provided everything believers need for life and godliness.
Through the knowledge of Jesus - An intimate full knowledge of Christ is the source of spiritual power and growth.

Glory and Virtue

Glory - Shared glory with Jesus
Virtue - excellence or power

Sharing Divine Nature

Through precious and very great promises. These are the believer’s inheritance and Jesus’s return. Christians share in His moral victory over sin and His over death in eternal life.
Sharing the divine nature - that is the communicable attributes (what God shares or communicates to us) of God. Also, the righteousness of Jesus imputed upon us through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
Created in the image of God. Corrupted because of sin. Reborn through faith in Jesus. Reborn incorruptible. A new creature in Christ Jesus.

Christians Responsibilities

Spiritual Christians are more effective and productive in understanding the Lord Jesus and in applying biblical principles to daily life.

Seven Qualities of Divine Nature

Faith is the foundation of all other qualities in the Christian Life. However to that foundations we must add godly qualities to mirror God.
Virtue - goodness or power
Knowledge - of Jesus
Self-Control - control of one’s passions
Steadfastness - Endurance or perserverance
Godliness - piety, reverence toward God and others; respect.
Brotherly Kindness - Caring for others.
Love - highest desires for others; Agape - same love God has for sinners.
The results from adding to faith the divine seven qualities; effectiveness and productivity. There is to be growth in grace as these qualities increase in measure in the Christian’s life. Believers who does not progress in these seven areas are ineffective and unproductive in their knowledge of Jesus.

Spiritual Blindness or Myopia

Christian Immaturity -
Does not refer to the unsaved - Unfortunately many Christians know the Lord in salvation but lack the “fruit” of the Spirit and are not advancing spiritually
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Jesus death on the cross did more for us that save us from sin. His death and our faith in his sacrifice made us acceptable to God. We are deemed righteous because we are the body of Jesus. While we wear his righteousness we are still require to grow in the knowledge of Jesus. It is from the knowledge of Jesus that we attain godly qualities that make us effective and fruitful.
As Peter states that if we practice these qualities we will never fall.
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