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What is the biblical narrative for music?

Genesis 4:21 is the first mention of Music in the Bible.

This is where we get the term Jubilee.

Ancient peoples called musicians Kayne or descendants of Cain.

Genesis 31:27 Is the first mention of music after the Flood.

Here we see that music was used for family celebrations.

Exodus 15:1 Music is used to show thankfulness.

Types of instruments.

Stringed instruments— Psaltry, guitar Harp Dulcimer

Wind Instruments— Sackbut, trumbone Cornet Flute Trumpet Shofar, horn

Percussion— Tabrets, Tambourine Cymbal Timbrel, hand held drum

Music and the Church. I Chronicles 25

The Motivation

I. To proclaim Jesus v.1

The word Prophecy mean: one who speaks pr proclaims the message of a deity.

II. To show thanksgiving. v.3

We shows thanks both by the labor of preparation, through the content, and

III. To give praise. v.3

IV. To provide an opportunity for service. v.6

The Musician

I. Everyone is included. v.8

We might not all be able to lead music but we should all be willing to participate.

II. Some people are more gifted than others. v.8

Everyone has a place but we should each find our place.

III. It is a gift from God. v.5

God gives gifts as He divinely sees fit.
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