Your Will vs God's Will

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GOD'S WILL: Why People Need To Live According To God's Will
UVCC Preaching Series for August 2020
Aug 9, 2020
Last week we talked about God’s will as a superstructure. We know now that God’s overall will holds together the details of life and Creation.
Today, we'll talk about the emotional struggle of overcoming your will as a person in favor of God’s will over you life.
Read Matthew 26:36–46
“let this cup be taken away from me; nevertheless, NOT AS I WILL, BUT AS YOU WILL ”; “if this cannot pass unless I drink it, YOUR WILL BE DONE.”;
Connect Into The Father’s Heart. Matthew 26:39,42,44 – Jesus addressed God as Father. Why? The life and teachings of Jesus showed much about his closeness with God the Father. Jesus’ intimate relationship with God the Father is what made Jesus stick with God and did His will. It is imperative that doing God’s will requires increasing intimacy with God. That when the going gets tough, you will still do God’s will no matter what.
Immerse Yourself into God’s Will. Matthew 26:39,42,44 – Jesus prayed the same prayer three times. Why? The repeated prayer of Jesus is a sheer show of his determination. He did not deny his feelings, but he likewise did not abandon God’s will for His life. Before the dreadful time of his betrayal, his arrest, and his crucifixion, Jesus prayed the repeated prayer to further and put into action his determined obedience to do God’s will.
Let Them Aboard Anyway. Matthew 26:36-38,40-41,43, 45-46 – Jesus came back three times, His disciples were asleep three times. Why? Sometimes, even people close to you cannot empathize with your desires and struggles in regards to obeying God’s will. They may be there, but their affection are fast asleep. If this happens, let them aboard anyway. Sooner or later, they will understand it and acknowledge God’s will over your life. They are your love ones anyway.
Conclusion: You may not easily remove the emotional attachment to your will versus God’s will over your life. You may still express your human side in the struggles to overcome your will and fully submit to God’s will. However, the times you’ve spent connecting to God the Father and immersing in the wonders of God’s will have prepared you in your tough times. In all these let your family, friends, and relatives see you grow in obedience to God and His will. Obedience to God’s will is always primary over your own will.
Luke 2:49–50 – boy Jesus
John 4:34 – Jesus to His disciples
John 6:38–39 –
John 7:17
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