God’s Will Is A Superstructure

#1 God’s Will Is A Superstructure
GOD'S WILL: Why People Need To Live According To God's Will
UVCC Preaching Series for August 2020
Aug 2, 2020
The theme of the will of God
God’s will is broad and at the same time specific.
God’s will is the overall plan he has for humanity and creation (Rom 8:18-24)
People need to align their lives to God's will (Psalm 143:10)
People who obey God should do God’s will in full awareness of its value and power (Job 42:2)
God will accomplish his will no matter what (passive vs active, Ps 135:6)
The will of God is a superstructure for God to intervene through Jesus’ life and teachings (Jn 4:34; Matt 26:39, Jn 6:38-40)
John 6:37–40
God’s Will Is A Superstructure
Jesus inaugurated God’s Will (v.38, “for I have come down from heaven ...”)
Jesus’s acknowledged God’s Will (v.39, 40a, “and this is God’s will...”, "For this is God’s will”)
Jesus is forming an assembly of people who will live according to God's will (v.37,39,40, "whoever comes to me...”, “that I should lose none ...”, “that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him ...”)
There is an open invitation to enter into God’s will. This pandemic shows that we are not in control – God still is. Look to the Son and believe in him, and be forever connected to God, His will and his everlasting Kingdom.
Mark 5:1–20
A Story About Discovering God’s Will
People’s different perspectives towards God’s will
key to success
healthy relationships
Reasons Why People Detest God’s Will
It will make them religious
It will take away their happines
praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication Eph 6:18.
Hosea 4:6
John 7:17
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