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Give God Your Worry and He'll Give You His Peace Matthew 6:25-34

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Okay, can everybody hear me? Praise God praise God we started with preliminary. We're not recording yet. So after we start recording, I'm going to let you know for you to mute and to turn your video off cuz I don't want you you to be seen on the screen, okay? all right, but any prayer requests or praise anyting we need to

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I just like to pray and she's having difficulty and her son and they're working hard on it, but it is kind of a difficult class even her adviser and said that her science teacher is prime test prepare them they'll be prepared for high school after they take the science class do it it's really kind of intense so it's new for her and plus she's online so I just

Also, I'd like prayer. Addison her school shut down today.

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Thank God be with you and we thinking Bob blessing they may amen. Amen Heavenly Father. We thank you so much for you for the privilege of you joining with us. And we asked right now that you would bless us according to our needs and according to the situations that we find ourselves in. We feel helpless we don't feel hopeless. But we are concerned about our loved ones and the rest of the world and we just we know that you are going to return and that you have said things will get bad before you return but we ask that you give us strength and and let us know that you're still with us Lord. We know it but we need to feel you every now and then so we come to you right now thanking you for blessing us in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Hey, man, all right.

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Once Upon a Time

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Amen. Amen. Amen. Praise God. I hope you enjoy that and we're about ready to get started.

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but you can open your Bibles to Matthew chapter 25. I mean Matthew chapter 6 verse 25 As we prepare, I don't know if this thing though. Not doing anything.

Not me not letting me get onto Facebook. Well, we'll just go on with what with what we have and will try to get it recorded and place it online. But tonight we want to talk about something that should concern us as we go into this holiday in the midst of this pandemic and what we're talkin about tonight. If we want to focus in on the gift exchange a lot of us we tend to want to exchange gifts during this season. And it's nothing wrong with that people have been doing it for ages, but we are considering looking at this Christmas much different than any other time. And as we look at this we want to find out number one. How can we exchange what we have and receive what God has given. Jesus Jesus addresses I worry in Matthew chapter 6 verse 25 and it's one of the most important service that he ever preached. It's part of The Sermon on the Mount. And it must it must have been an important topic when it came came from him. He wouldn't have brought it up. If there wasn't a need to not worry and I can guarantee you worry has been around ever since the creation actually After the Fall Guy when Adam and Eve sinned where it started.

so what we want to give

information about is there is a difference between worry and caution. We should be. aware of dangerous situations If you see something happening and you and you know that it's not going to turn out. Well, you need to be aware of that. There's also a difference between worry and wisdom. Being being conservative and your decision-making doesn't mean you're not worrying. It's everybody that faces the situation. But we're also not talking about certain kinds of anxiety that have to do with trauma that we have been through or perhaps a struggle with depression. We're talking about a kind of worried that we should avoid. What kind of worried should we avoid? in our first

Okay, can everybody's okay?


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okay As you can see explanation is is how to give God I worry and he will in turn give us his peace. So that's what we're focusing on tonight. But as we move on WE fine.

Okay, come on.

What if worry is allowing our mind to dwell on potentially negative outcomes Bianna actual control? And in other words what we're saying is it's a block or an obstacle that is focused on the negative things that we face and I'll eyes and normally in most instances those things that block us a worry us are beyond our control. so so what does the word of God tell us

Matthew chapter 20 Matthew chapter 6 verse 25 through 34 says this is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life whether you have enough food and drink or enough clothes to wear isn't life more than food and your body more than clothing look at the birds they don't plant or harvest or store food in born for your heavenly father feeds them and aren't you far more valuable to him than they are Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?

And why worry about your clothing look at the Lilies of the Field and how they grow. They don't work or make their clothing yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are and if God cares, so wonderfully for a walk wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow. He will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith?

So don't worry about these things saying what will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear these things dominate the fall of unbelievers? But your heavenly father already knows all your needs. free the kingdom of God above all else and live righteously And he will give you everything you need. So don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today.

how to give God your worry and experience his peace I first answer is Let. Jesus be king. Let me repeat that in your worries Let. Jesus be king.

Okay, hold on.

Let Jesus be king so we ask ourselves this question what deserves the most prominent or priority in my spot Madden not in just everyday existing but what what do we have to prioritize about what we think? And when you put his kingdom first and make God's kingdom purposes your primary concern you and I don't have to worry about a lot of other things in our lives. Jesus tells us he gives us the answer for worried. Number one Let Jesus be king because only he can take care of life. That's out of control for us. So what what is it that we want to learn from tonight?

Number to live a day at a time. You got that number one Let. Jesus be king. Let him be your lord and savior and ruler of your life. The second point tonight is live a day at a time. Too many times we give over to This concerns of the end of the week and we haven't even gone past the first day of the week. I know I'm guilty of it and Anna I'm pretty sure it's sometimes in your life. You've been guilty of it. But what is it that Jesus is trying to give give us answers to God gives us enough power and strength for how long for today He doesn't guarantee you for tomorrow can because you may be in heaven tonight. So why did he let you store a power that may not ever be used for the good of his kingdom?

He doesn't equip us to prevent all future situations. We're going to go through in other words. He doesn't store up enough in us so that we don't have to go back and ask God for help and direction. He gives us strength to deal with what comes when today.

number three lean on the faithfulness of God

Okay, number one. Let Jesus be king number 2 don't live more than a day is impossible. You can't live Friday today Friday hasn't even come. But live one day at a time. And number three lean on the faithfulness of God.

What up? What are we talking about? Talk to God about your situation on today.

And let him remind you of his promises. Which of course means you we have to study to know his promises? He is not going to repeat a promise if he has already said it. Just like in creation. He never repeated something again in creation. Everything was separate and to its particular thing. So what we have to do in order to get God's answer into our life is to lean on his faithfulness based on his promises.

Read with me on this verse.

Philippians chapter 4 verse 6. This is what it says in the new New Living Translation. It says don't worry about anyting do we understand that?

It says don't worry about anyting and this is coming from Paul who had a whole lot of problems in his life. If you read in his letter than you read in the book of Acts about how his missionary Journeys it would make you wary. How was he going to get through some situation that even led to him being almost killed? But he's riding to us when we're not faced with that kind of danger and telling us what you're going through is not worth worrying about. It might be concerning but it's not worth worrying about and he says instead of wary spending all of your time thinking about what may happen. He says instead pray about everything. Know what does everything mean? everything's mean all

that means the good the bad the up the down to let the right whatever is situation is whatever. The concern is. Paul tells us pray about it. How often do you first run to prayer in the situation? I know in my life. I haven't always ran to God first. You know what I did. I tried to figure it out myself come up with my own plans my own strategy to get me out of my situation and you know what the end result is nothing cuz I couldn't get out of it. And I wound up calling on God in in which I should have done it at the beginning. we waste so much time trying to get things done our way that we wind up coming to God at the last instance but he says don't worry about anything instead pray about everything tell God what you need

and thank him for all he has done then this come from a man who lived his life after he met Jesus on the Damascus Road who lives his life in pain and suffering everyday He wasn't sitting around on his backside eating grapes and drinking wine or whatever. They were drinking at that time. He wasn't on it. What what people use is laying on his laurels? He was he was facing difficulties as every hand. And yet he tells us. Don't worry. And I know it's it's sometimes it's hard to imagine a life without worry. Some people said that if you have enough money, you ain't got to worry about nothing. That's not true because you can have all the money in the world and wind up getting sick and the money can't help you. So what is it that God wants to see in our lives? tell God about it and take it to him in prayer then thank him for what he has already done Paul is telling us we need to have gratitude to the one who has taken care of us when we couldn't take care of ourselves you know what gratitude does it refocuses I mine on the goodness and the gifts of God rather than the problems around us my pasta Houston stay focused not on the problem but on the problem solver The problem was always be there, but the problem solver can get you through.

verse 7 tells us then what did he say? Don't worry in everything pray about it. Then it brush 7. He says then you will experience God's. Peace. Which exceeds anything we can understand? This peace will guard your hearts and Minds as you live in Christ than that. That is a lot that God is giving us especially in this season that we are have no peace in most instances. And what Paul is saying to us you can do well on your problems or you can do well on God's promises. Whatever it is that God wants to do in your life and the situations that you are in the answer is right in front of you right now. prayers to God first when you face the consequences or the concerns that you are looking at go to God right then. Add Paul says if you f*** it's not a magical formula. But if you go to God and focus on him first verse 7 is I promised. And I don't know about you, but I'm claiming his promise, but let's look at it right quick as we come to a close. He says then you will experience God's peace. Do you wind up having peace in the concerns and worries in your life? I can guarantee that. I don't when things upset me. I don't have any pizza. I don't have God's please and because of that I have learned to run to God first. That is taking me sixty-five 7 years to realize that if I had just gone to him first. I would have had his piece already. But this is not peace as it relates to us separation from God. This is peace of God, but that allows us to have a communist underneath the skin. When jit when you let Jesus be king. Live a day at a time. What the verse says that his peas? What does it tell us it exceeds anything that we can ever understand? Have you ever had the peace of God to the point where you just don't realize why is God doing this so much of that? I am I am enjoying life. Even if it's falling down. In a situation with this pandemic their lot of peace that don't have God's peace lot of people who don't have his knees. So what is it that that this?

Please give us a guardrail for our hearts and our minds. That's where the Communists underneath the skin come from. It's not something that God showers down on you and something that he does inside of it you. It says it exceeds anything we can understand. And then it says why we can't understand because it guards our heart and mind as we live in Christ Jesus. So if you want God's peace or the peace of God, you have to let his word guard your heart and you know what that means that's like that's like being being in prison and and you're locked up in in a cell. And then then and then you don't have the freedom to get out. But if any chance that was a situation where the door was open guess what was there a guard? He is there to prevent whatever was inside from getting out.

But also the other thing about agar is he is there to prevent something outside from getting in. But that's what God's peace does with us. It guards us from what comes out and Godless from what comes in? And he does the same thing with all mine. That's why we are the spend time not trying to enjoy entertainment which brings a lot of things into us. But the focus and I Minds on the word of God's promises as it comes out.

Edit and the and the one thing about this now. Is the guard will not happen if you're not living in Christ Jesus. That's where it starts living in Christ Jesus you and I will experience God's peace that we won't even understand because he will guard your hearts and Minds from keeping that which is outside getting in and keeping that with your skin from getting out. But you got to live in Christ This is not talking about salvation. This is talk about living, right?

And there are so many people today and all of us are guilty that we don't want to live in Christ because it doesn't always seem to pay off.

And I can guarantee you the payday that you are looking for ain't coming and a check. But if you're waiting on the check, why not get is piece that comes along with it. The only requirement is you have to live right in Christ Jesus that means doing things you don't want to do. Just because they need to be done. That means to forget some things that may draw you back to where we used to be. Batman mean that God wants to to allow us to experience Heaven before we get there. Too many people they live without God's peace and they don't live in Christ. And the only time they experience Heaven is when they get there. But that's not what Jesus offer says he offers us a taste of Heaven before we get there and it comes to experiencing his peace. So what exceeds anything in your life that you can't understand? Problems. Yeah, we wonder why me. sickness Financial ruin Sometimes we cannot put the pieces together to make sense of it. But God can give us peace in the midst of puzzles that we can't put together that we can go through with him. Living in him to put the pieces back together. If your life is a puzzle right now and you don't know what what piece goes where? And you are outside of his Feats you won't be able to experience it. Why not let his word guard your heart and mind so that the pieces will fall into place. as we close

Ashley close when we dwell on our problems. We can we can the alternative is we can dwell on God's promises.

Don't be a Sad Sack knowing that that is an answer for your situation.

We just have to take the initiative to believe God in the Old Testament. That was a king whose name name was naming. And he had got that leprosy and you you may not know what leprosy is, but it's like sores all over you. And they have found that it's not contagious but it looks contagious. Have you ever seen somebody that had a severe case of psoriasis where they're shedding their there? You know. The dandruff is all over their body and they are shedding it. I remember in the airport one time a guy a healthy looking guy. He look like a basketball player. What is skin was shedding so much it made it made me make me uncomfortable that it may I might get it. And most often it doesn't is not contagious? But but name and had gotten this disease. And he was he was complaining what can get me out of this. a little servant girl who came from Israel

Bet if you go to the River Jordan. Nnn dip yourself in the River Jordan they say it will remove the leprosy.

And and you know, what name is response was? He said we got plenty of rivers are power. Why do I have to go to a dust field place to get this removed? Why isn't the water around us? Fit for a cure for me. That's why we are in his situation in our lives. We think that around us the answer is if if we can do it I said But you know what he say that little girl says. If we had asked you to do if he had asked you to do a hard thing wouldn't you do it? Why am I just do it this simple thing? Reed's Auto Body adhesive It's no it's no skin off my back. I don't I'm not trying to make a joke, but I will go and try this. And he got got a caravan together and went to Jerusalem got to the Jordan River. And the and the prophet and the priest told him naming you have to dip seven times.

7 time and name and got in the river and he dipped himself. 7 * is significant because God is looking for completeness and I tear. And most often we only dip once.

We only pray once. But Naaman dip seven times and when he came up on the 7th, and guess what? The leprosy was gone. What about your life? What is it that has leprosy leprosy in your life? What is it that's causing you to be contagious around other people. That they don't want to be around you. This is the gift exchange. God will take your gift of worry and he will give you the gift of his speech. How many of you want to stand sign up for it today? What it starts with what Paul says in verse 6. Tell God what you need. And thank him for what he has already done.

And what he will do. Is he will give you his peace?

Again, which exceeds anything we can understand? And he will put a guard in a heart and mine to keep us. From letting something get in. to disrupt a piece or something to get out. to change eyepiece So what is it that you want a signed up for the gift? What exchange do you want to make tonight? Well, I have I have seven things. I want to give to God and in return. I want God to give me his peace. Things that I don't have a control over. things that that nobody else can fix things that I have had done that had brought ruin to parts of my life.

But I want the exchange that instead of worrying about what I can't fix and let God give me peace to get through it. What about you? What about you? So what we want to pray right now, we've gone five minutes over but let's pray right now Heavenly Father we come to you recognizing that we have problems and struggles and concerns Way Beyond what we can even better even though your work says nothing will be put up put upon us that we can't bear. We still feel the pressure of it. And we worry Lord. We worry if you going to come through. If you're going to provide a way through for us. Because we can't see always your hand working. But what we want to do largest making Exchange. We want to give I worried to you. Because what the old song said Lord take your burdens and that's Troubles of any kind to the Lord. And what leave them there? And so Lord, we ask we're asking that you receive I worry. And that we can receive your peace. That helps us navigate this life with piece underneath the skin. And if you don't answer in in getting us through or removing it we still want your peace. Who is thank you in advance or what you going to teach us through your word? That you are dependable. Bet you are you're you are. So awesome.

You have done more than what we even deserve. and yet you still are giving you tell us come to me. And I will answer you. He told Jared you tell Jeremiah you told Isaiah. You told so many people in the Bible. I will be your God. And you will be my people. The Lord we're asking. That we signed up for the exchange tonight. And we thank you in advance for the promises that you had given us tonight.

And that you will give us again tomorrow if we should get into tomorrow within your precious precious and strong name. We pray. Amen. Alright, let's see here.

Okay. Okay. You have to mute yourself. Okay, let me know.

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