When God Restores

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2 Samuel 19

When God Restores   Sun, Feb 25th 2007


God, our God,  is a God of Restoration!

·        Web. something, that has been brought back to an earlier and usually better condition

·        Taking a mess, what is broken, destroyed, junk – and making it useful, beautiful

Danger is that we lose sight of in a throw away society

·        Few things made to last – throw away, get new

·        Few things repaired – cheaper to get new

·        In such a culture, can lose sight of restoration

Here in this room – all junk apart from God

·        God has restored so many

·        God is restoring so many

o       Lives, Marriages, Jobs, Ministry, etc

This morning, see wonderful time of restoration in David

·        Been through an incredibly rough season – rejected, running, life, ministry up for grabs

 We will watch God restore & see five keys of restoration

I.     1st – Must be God’s Restoration

1.   Know this – it is really God restoring

a.   David wasn’t sure God would restore 15:25-26

b.   David is convinced it is God’s restoration 19:22b

c.   So does all the nation – see, accept God’s choice

i)       God so worked – that it is clear to all

2.   To be a real restoration…it must be God restoring

a.   There is a restoration – that is not God’s, dealing with symptoms and not the cause

b.   Exe 13:1-11 –like whitewashing weak wall

3.    We must be right with God – repentance – Act 3:19:

a.   If today…not right with God – call you to it now

II.  2nd –Accept God’s Restoration

1.   God was restoring – David almost missed it

a.   Caught up in sorrow for son, for loss

b.   Saw last week– but guilt, sorrow – overwhelms

c.   Joab rebukes – if don’t handle right – lose it all

d.   God was restoring…David almost missed it

2.   There is a need to accept God’s restoration

a.   Some have called it forgiving self….ok, but better receiving it from the Lord (His work, our acceptance)

b.   Some hold to a higher standard than God-pride

c.   The basic response of Christian life- faith, belief

3.   Means – we have to accept & move on

a.   Agonizing over what he cannot change - sorrow

b.   Problem to live there too long – destroys today

c.   Need to forget the past & press ahead – Phil 3:13:

d.   David had before…needs again (real)

III.   3rd – Waiting for God’s Timing

1.   God has forgiven…David knows it

a.   But notice what he does – he waits

b.   Could have rushed back in – forced to throne

c.   Such actions….would have been destructive

2.   David waits – till wanted, invited back

a.   Speaks of it in Psalms he writes – Ps 62:1-5:

b.   Israel Invites him back, realizes he is king

c.   Still waits – Judah is not yet sure

d.   Appeals to them, reasons –

e.   Till with one heart, want him back 

3.   Times of restoration are sensitive times

a.   Like a bull in a China shop

b.   Danger of forcing, destroying causing damage

c.   Seen it in marriages, lives, ministries…

d.   Picture in Eze – priests – work w/o sweat

e.   Don’t want it to be “our doing”

IV.   4th Key – Forgive Others

1.   Forgiveness is required in restoration

a.   This is not an optional part of this work

b.   Mat 6:12-15 – forgive as forgiven…or not forgiven

c.   Mat 18:21-35 – forgiven much – forgive others

i)       Not lose salvation – hinder restoration

d.   Luke 17:3-10 – must forgive – normal Christian life

2.   Forgave those who opposed

a.   Judah is delaying, slow accepting David – why?

b.   They were leaders in rebellion – in Hebron

i)       Worried David will deal harshly, vengeance

c.    David sends word – expects their acceptance

i)       Positive way of speaking, not being hard

d.   David accepts, promotes Amasa

i)       Unwise militarily – accepting as general

A.    But – providentially – will never happen

ii)     Point – shows willing to forgive, restore – bless

A.    Providing amnesty, pardon for offenders - hope

e.    So God calls us to be – forgiving to resistant

3.   Forgave those who offended

a.    This is more, this is personal – personal attacks

b.   Shimei asks forgiveness.  Abishai offers otherwise

i)       David forgives….wow

c.    But notice why–because forgiven. Not based on Shimei

4.   Dealt in grace with confusing situations

a.    Mephibosheth and Ziba….

i)       Mephibosheth rescued by David’s kindness

ii)     As David leaving–Ziba comes, says M. betrayed

iii)   Now…both coming to David.  M. different story

b.   David’s decision…kind of odd – what happening

i)       Could be just a rash decision, poor

A.    Many see it this way…possible

ii)     Also possible – confusing

A.    I cannot understand Ziba’s thinking, action

iii)   Possible – kind of a rivalry – David settles

A.    Picture like handling kids fighting over candy

B.    Divides it and separates

C.    Know this – gracious settlement for both

c.    Life…problems are not always clean cut – be gracious

5.   Simple lesson – forgiveness is required

a.   Think of Job’s need to pray for friends 

V. 5th Key – Bless those who Blessed

1.   In one sense – this one is the easiest

a.   But still…sometimes forgotten

2.   David blesses those who blessed him in trials

a.   Have a sense that without this step – miss much

b.   Danger following difficult season – pull inward

c.   But God calls us to be a blessing to others, to bless those who have blessed us



Wonder…if God is seeking to restore some here today

Begins with forgiveness – repentance

·        Acts 3:18-19 :

·        Jesus came and died for – sin, to bring

·        Repent, be converted – sins blotted out

·        Then you can have restoration

·        Call you to be converted

Maybe say – I am converted…but not refreshed…why

·        There are seasons….purposes God has

·        See in the life of Job – Jam 4:11:

·        Yet again, know – can hinder, quench restoration

·        Are you receiving, accepting God’s restoration

·        Are you waiting – or forcing in own power?

·        Are you forgiving others?

·        Are you letting God to make your life a blessing?

God loves a good restoration project

God is wonderfully tender in this work Matt 12:20:

God never quits on it…Phil 1:6 :

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