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Physical Death [results from the curse of God Gen 3] when man, His creation, turned on Him by disobeying His command. This is called Sin and Sin is the cause of Death and Death is the result of Satans deception-this will be globle through out time and until the consummation of all things come to an end. Note, the bible is very clear the this world will end and we can certainly be living in the end times God has revealed to us through His Son Jesus. Anyhow, the result of Adam & Eves disobedence is Death-Since then, every human born on this earth will in-fact die because of Sin. Although, for some like Enoch seventh from Adam who after 365 years was caught up and He was no more-he did not experience death sort of like what will happen in the future called The Rapture. The Rapture will be an event only for God's choosen Church. those who will be caught up in the air [like Enoch] in the twinkling of an eye [a spilt second or less] this before the 7 year Tribulation period spoke by the prophet Daniel 9:24-27 note, there seems to be several different teachings about what happens at the tribulation and also what happens after a person dies? In-fact, the Bible has many teaching about the prophetic end times, however some teach these strange doctrines that are taught with teachers trying to force or fill in the gaps to come to what they believe is truth-eventhough the Bible didn't say this or that. note, thereis a warning about teaching what the bible just doesnt teach Rev 22:18 Another thing, if I'm going to learn how to study my bible faithfully, I must learn from those who stick to the srciptures for truth even when the bible doesnt make clear this or that. I must study by using srcipture to translate srcipture. Instead of, like those who are willing to conjure up their own imajenation to suit their itching ears. I must either look for what God has to say about something in one verse being explained in another to help me learn truth or be care when looking at others work on the topic I want to learn. Likewise, the book of Revelation has many pictures and symbols that are hard to understand. However, the O.T. also has these types of pictures and symbols likre in Revelation, but with explantions tied to them, which can be vailuable in understands the book of Revelation and other books in the bible. So, what happens right after death? Whats the very next things a Christian sees? Or the Non-Believer sees? This study I will try and narrow down what the bible acturally says about death. I do know from srcipture that there's an Intermediate State. This started right after Jesus's victory over death, starting with the theif on the cross who asked Jesus to remember him in His Kingdom-jesus replys, "you will be with me in Paradise" and that started the Intermiate state where Believes go directly to be where Jesus is. This has been going on for over 2000 years and will continue after the Rapture, durectly followed by the 7 year Tribulation period spoke by the Prophet Daniel 9:24-27 and this is just before the Second Coming of Jesus just at the end of the 7 year Tribulation period. These are but the few events that take place after our death. Resulting, right after we die or Raptured Church happens, our Soul is separated from the body and what we see depends on our free will choices made during our lifetime. Theres a prison awaiting those who refused Jesus as their savior and after that Judgment followed by being thrown in the Lake of Fire. Rev 20:14 did you know the not only are the non-saved thrown in the Lake of eternal fire, but also Hell is thrown into the Lakeof Fire! On the other hand, as I think about what happens to the believe, the Righteouse who recieved Jesus as their Savoir will at first spent some time with Jesus in Heaven, then after the end of the 1000 year region and Satan being released from a tempary prison during the 1000 years he will try and war with the saints once again, then Jesus will over come Satan and be cast into the Lake of Fire along with the demons and all those who refused Jesus's salvation plan- while they were here on earth living and having the free will to choose either Jesus or satan while here. One more thing, did you know that when you are baptized that is concidered the first resurrection or the first death-Baptism is the first resurrection or first Death-that means, the old man [self] has dies to sin and put on the Lord Jesus dying with him on the cross leaving this world and it evil desires. Did you know that?


Is there life after death?

Best way to know, is to actually die, but I’m sure not everyone is rushing to find out. Let’s look at some peoples beliefs and perspective on death?


What We Believe "Hindus use fire as their means of communicating with the gods. We believe the human body is a composition of the five elements [earth, water, fire, air, void]. The body, in which the soul is hiding, is supposed to have been doing fire rituals throughout its lifetime, and cremation is the ultimate sacrifice — the disposition of the physical body.
What We Believe "In the pre-Islamic world, there was a notion of fate, with time (dahr, but also known as zaman or al-ayyam) being the determining agent of a person’s life and death. This is reflected in the Qur’an, where the pre-Islamic Arabs say: 'There is nothing but our life in this world. We live and we die and nothing destroys us but Time' (45:24). Muhammad [changed this perception when he was] commanded [by God] to say: 'It is God who gives you life, causes you to die, then gathers you together for the Day of Resurrection, of which there is no doubt' (45:26)... On the Day of Judgment, the body is judged, and those who have earned their reward are allowed into paradise, while those who have earned a punishment are consigned to hell
What We Believe "In Buddhism, we believe that the body dies and disappears, but the mind goes on — the mind has existed endlessly and continues to go on. And, we believe that there is rebirth. The most positive rebirth is full enlightenment...[which] means removing all negative imprints from the past, all delusions, and just having no suffering ever again. The second positive rebirth is a human rebirth, because in that rebirth we again have the opportunity to purify our past negatives and get to enlightenment. Gods, demigods, animal realism, hell realms, ghost realms — those are not good rebirths at all... A god realm, that sounds good, right? But, if you get reborn in the god realm, everything is perfect, and that makes you not interested in attaining enlightenment. Then, you might pass into another body without having cleansed your imprints, and you might not have a positive rebirth... If you get born into a hell realm, you might be wandering around in two-degree weather on the streets of New York endlessly until you work through the suffering [and can move on to a more positive rebirth]. Eventually, everyone will attain enlightenment, but it will take eons."
What We Believe "In Jewish tradition, there’s a strong belief in the idea that people have a soul, or neshama. The soul lives forever, and the body is on borrowed time, and we give it back to God. [According] to the texts we read in Genesis, with Adam coming from the Earth, we give our bodies back to the Earth and to God — that’s why we bury our dead. As for what happens to the soul, there is a hope that there’s something else, something beyond. In a more traditional view, the soul lives on, goes up to heaven — some even go so far as to say that at some point, in a messianic era, souls will return to the body. A lot of it has to do with memory: You live on in the form of the memories of the people who survive you."
What We Believe "Christians have a diversity of practice. There are Christian traditions that say when someone dies, they're sleeping, and they’ll wake up when Jesus comes again. In mainline traditions, it’s more that death is a transition to another kind of life. It's been an encouraging thought for oppressed people that their oppressors might go to hell. There’s also been a need for people of power to say, 'These people aren’t good, so they’re not going to be in the heaven I’m in.' "[As for grieving], Christianity largely comes from a grief response — it comes from Jesus' death. Grieving gives people a chance to acknowledge what has been lost to them, and then to assign that loss to another dimension of life, so that the community can reconnect with what is living. This is how resurrection happens, and it's the purpose of funerals and memorial services."
FEBRUARY 25, 2015, 6:10 PM
I got to say, there are way more religions with all kinds of beliefs about what they believe happens when a person dies. That being said, I think it fair to begin the study in prayer-O God, I ask for your wisdom and insight on what happens to us when we die? In our Lord and King Jesus Name Amen

Before the Intermediate State and just after Death

Is there a feeling-do we feel?
Whats the very first thing we see at our last breath?
If the Soul gets separated from the body, are we recognizable?
Depending on our faith and beliefs-but only looking at what the Bible says;
Believer floats upward to be with Jesus in Paradise, Heaven
Non-believe either sleeps until Judgment or floats down to a holding cell call hell?

The Intermediate State

The Bible is clear that intermediate state for both the believer and the wicked are very much conscious when our Physical body dies, but our Soul existence remains awake. The problem I have is how to explain, when we die do we go directly to a good place or a bad place? Moreover, or do we go to sleep and are woken up at the final Judgment or the second coming of Jesus? Or are we asleep, in the Greek the word asleep is translated dead, death, the bible calls death asleep, now is that literally asleep or figurative? The Greek <G2749> (keimai); to put to sleep, i.e. (passive or reflexive) to slumber; figurative to decease :- (be a-, fall a-, fall on) sleep, be dead. Strong's Talking Greek & Hebrew Dictionary.
So to be clear, when I hear the bible say, asleep or sleep I can be sure in the right context that it’s being used- talking about when we die.
Death-For the baptized, born again Believer in Jesus Christ, when they die [go to sleep] or possibly be alive during the Rapture-[Caught-Up] 1 Thess 4:16-17 will go directly to be with Jesus. I guest this would be called Heaven [Paradise] Luke 23:43 and where Jesus said,”He has prepared a place for us.” John 14:1-4 These are just some of the Scriptures that say what happens when we die. Before going any further, Lets look at the meaning of Physical Death?
Physical Death, what is it?
Systematic Theology I. Physical Death


Physical death is the separation of the soul from the body. We distinguish it from spiritual death, or the separation of the soul from God; and from the second death, or the banishment from God and final misery of the reünited soul and body of the wicked.

Atheist Perspective on Physical Death- that this separation of Soul from Body just doesn't happen. In-fact, nothing happens to the Soul, because there isn’t a soul to separate from the body for most believing Non-Believers, an atheist believes death is just death-the body going back to the earth where it came from-no heaven, no hell, just dead or gone asleep for ever.
For the Non-believer or as the bible calls it, “Separation from God.” Is 59:2 This separation are for those who in their lifetime had the free will to choose Jesus for what He did on the cross for humanity John 3:16 , which would be their Salvation from the penalty of sin caused back in gensis which sends a person to Hell and which is called the second death Rev 21:8 that is, if a person doesn’t choose Jesus as their Savior
More on the atheist and other perspective on death through Systematic Theology eyes
Systematic Theology I. Physical Death

Although physical death falls upon the unbeliever as the original penalty of sin, to all who are united in Christ it loses its aspect of penalty, and becomes a means of discipline and of entrance into eternal life.

Systematic Theology 1. Upon Rational Grounds

Aristotle, Nic. Ethics, 3:9, calls death “the most to be feared of all things.… for it appears to be the end of everything; and for the deceased there appears to be no longer either any good or any evil.” Æschylus: “Of one once dead there is no resurrection.” Catullus: “When once our brief day has set, we must sleep one everlasting night.” Tacitus: “If there is a place for the spirits of the pious; if, as the wise suppose, great souls do not become extinct with their bodies.” “In that if,” says Uhlhorn, “lies the whole torturing uncertainty of heathenism.” Seneca, Ep. liv.—“Mors est non esse”—“Death is not to be”; Troades, V, 393—“Post mortem nihil est, ipsaque mors nihil”—“There is nothing after death, and death itself is nothing.” Marcus Aurelius: “What springs from earth dissolves to earth again

Systematic Theology 1. Upon Rational Grounds

and the company are not too trying.”

The book of Job shows how impossible it is for man to work out the problem of personal immortality from the point of view of merely natural religion. Shakespeare, in Measure for Measure, represents Claudio as saying to his sister Isabella: “Aye, but to die, and go we know not where

The very nature around us tell about the existence of God
Systematic Theology II. The Intermediate State


The Scriptures affirm the conscious existence of both the righteous and the wicked, after death, and prior to the resurrection

Lets dive into the deep end and flow through the scriptures that prove every human ever born or killed at their pre-birth will indeed go on for eternity after, either at first the Intermediate state before the 1000 year region and the Second coming right to Heaven or Paradise or separated from God’s presence and eventually thrown into the Lake of Fire
That the Righteous do not receive a spiritual body at death is plain 1 Thess 4:13-18 and 1 Cor 15:52 This is the Intermediate State
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