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This series will encourage us to live in concert with our purpose as a body of believers called to Christ's mission.



CISeries: As a body of believers, we have been called to Christ’s mission. Let us live in concert with his mission. If we do not, we are sabotaging the very purpose of our existence as a worshiping body.
CIT: Subject: How should the believers respond to the Resurrection? Compliment: They should make disciples of the all the nations.
CIS: Our Mandate is to make disciples of everybody!
SO: Explain - Since Jesus has all authority, we must be going to all, baptizing all, and teaching all the council of God to all of the earth. This means that we will have minister to some we don’t understand or even like with God’s truth
I was away at SOS the last month and half and had a great time learning many lessons that will hopefully be useful to me throughout my career.
The first section was on leadership. Like all course on leadership we learned about the significance on knowing your purpose, values, and mission.
We also learned that to lead others effectively, we will need to lead ourselves.
Generally speaking, these statements are true with regard to our Christian faith.
We need to understand who we are, what we belong to, what our values, purpose, and mission are.
But if I were to be honest, I am not sure I knew what my purpose was as a Christian beyond just being saved at first.
The Scripture clues us into what our mission is a believers.
Together believer form the body of Christ and we have been commissioned with a great mission.
This means that we have a specific purpose to play. And my friends, its more than just being saved until we die so that we can got to heaven.
So over the next few weeks we will be in a short series that I am entitling Our Mission.
Together I want to rediscover what the Scripture calls us to be working toward with our Christian faith.
Last week we covered what the attitude of a church on mission is
A fulfilled Christian life comes when we live with an orientation to others, just as our Christ humbly came to serve us.
We will cover its foundation, and what happens if we fail over the next few weeks.
But today we will cover our actual mandate.
Will come along with us as we journey through the word to determine our mission and pray with me?

Our Mandate (Mt. 28:16-20)

Gospel of Matthew -
Matthew the Tax Collector 9:9
a Jew who was writing in a formative time in the Christian faith when Jews and Christians were struggling to determine their relationship with each other and the cultural/religious elements of the faith that were essential/non-essential for Christian worship.
Gospel - the story of Jesus Christ, each written with a distinct contribution to our knowledge of Jesus and his works
Ultimately to share the Gospel (same)
The closing remarks of Jesus to his disciples after his Resurrection on what they were to do now that he was ascending.
Content (Read)
They followed Jesus’ direction to go to a mountain in Galilee and they found Jesus.
Several significant proclamation occured on the mounts (The Law, The Sermon) and here is a fitting in.
Even after all that had happened up to that point (miracles, Resurrection) they still had doubts
He responds to their doubts and commissions them to their task
Because work on the cross, God had granted all authority to Christ! (v. 18)
How much authority?
What does this mean? (There is no sphere, person, or thing that God is not in control over).
(v. 19 ) We are to make disciples by
Going - disciple making requires a forwarding heading, not a stationary trajectory.
Baptizing - disciple-making requires initiation into the people of God.
We are to be initiated in to the properly understood Christian (Nicene) faith .
(v. 20) Teaching - disciple making requires teaching the commandments of Christ for application in the believers life.
Implication - We (our people)are unfinished disciples if we are not obeying.
God promised to be with his disciples until the end of the age (v. 20b).
So who is the mandate applicable to?: Them, Me, the Body?
You are called to make disciples.
There is no place that is off-limits for Jesus to call you to
Where is Jesus authority limited? - It’s not!
Evaluate yourself - Are you making disciples?
Evaluate this Chapel - Are we making disciples?
Have you and I settled for an idea that say, “Oh, there just not coming”
With the attitude Jesus requires and the mandate that he has given, is this any an appropriate response to what this Scripture is calling of us?
Your Mandate as a Christian is to make disciples our of everyone!
You have been called to Christ’s mission. Live in concert with his mission. If you do not, you are sabotaging the very purpose of your existence as a member of the body of Christ.
Are you moving toward the unbeliever? Let’s get moving
Are you baptizing: Let’s get dunkin
Are you teaching: Let’s start learning and sharing
Do you accept the Lord’s mission? - We accomplish the mission corporately as a body of believers. (It’s not all individual)
When we accept the Lord’s mission we will
Recognize the authority of God to transform every person, place, and thing we interact with. Nothing will be off-limits for Christ
be compelled to make disciples of (go, baptize, and teach) even where we do understand or even like when God lead us to
Never stop until we see Jesus Christ ruling on a Throne in New Jerusalem.
We have work to do
(Worship Team Return)
As a body of believers, we have been called to Christ’s mission. Let us live in concert with his mission. If we do not, we are sabotaging the very purpose of our existence as a worshiping body.
In respond today’s message, I am asking if you will accept God’s mission for us. Mt. 4:18-20 says this:
18 While walking by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon (who is called Peter) and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea, for they were fishermen. 19 And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” 20 Immediately they left their nets and followed him.
Jesus called his first disciples and the left what they were doing and followed him.
Today, I am calling for a similar response.
As the music begins to play and you are able, stand from seats and join me here at the altar as a demonstration of your willingness to accept Christ’s call. We must have an orientation to others, and we must move toward Chrit, who calls us to the lost. For those of you who choose to respond with me, I a pray that will we will be encouraged by the brothers and sisters around. We don’t do this mission individually, but corporately. We are also empowered to do this mission by the power of the Spirit. I pray that those of us who respond today, will be baptized afresh in the Spirit. to Go.
Invitation of Salvation (if needed)
For those who are willing, join me standing at the altar accepting God’s mission for us.
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