The Kingdom Is There



Psalm 29:3-9:


Intro story: being told I was a role model for someone’s son...
First, you never know what kind of influence you might have...
Second, the influence we have grows out of our character - extremely important and caught more than taught...
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Imagine taking in that view while hearing Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:1-10:

The Beatitudes give us God’s value system.

God stands with a certain kind of people in a unique way. Psalm 146:5-9 gives us a great example when it says:
God’s value system actually turns out to be a revolution of values. People blessed by God are people who...
are poor in spirit (a dependent beggar)
mourn (“loud wailing”)
are humble (“meek,” which is restrained and grounded)
hunger and thirst for righteousness (basic ongoing need for God)
merciful (“compassionate”)
pure in heart (“cleansed” hearts / “focused” minds)
make peace (reproduce reconciliation w/ God)
are persecuted
But do we see it?
Then, when we do, we must realize two things:
First, these are not made as commands but descriptions...
Next, these statements are less about action and more about attitude… (root before fruit)

Jesus invites us to find and learn from the kind of character that possesses the kingdom.

We need a desire to get close to people who reflect the kingdom character...
Obviously, Jesus himself perfectly embodies these characteristics!

We are influenced by God’s reign when we spend time with Jesus!

But, there is also another question that deserves our attention: who around us do we need to take as role models in this way?
If we look at the story, isn’t this the way God has always acted? Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 1:26-27:

We are influenced by God’s reign when we spend time with the “blessed” people around us.

Using Beatitudes as a lens may lead to unexpected choices. But is that a bad thing?
Yoda and Luke Skywalker
Mr. Miyagi and Daniel LaRusso
Why is this so important? Call back to intro story, character, and unknowing influence...
Our calling is live into the kingdom that Jesus announced and worked to establish. To do that, we’ll need to find all the help we can get! We’ll need to stay close to Jesus as well as “blessed” people who can pour God’s presence and kingdom character into us! “Blessed are they” because the kingdom is there
will we see them as blessed and will we allow them to bless us?


Psalm 29:10-11:
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