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Rahab becomes an essential person in the work that God is doing as Israel is just starting their conquest of Canaan.



Who does God use? These images of uber-spiritual individuals who lead these lifestyles.
Even when we think of actual people, we must remember their struggles.
Charles Spurgeon, struggled with depression, gout, and died at 57.
Adoniram Judson buried two wives on the mission field, imprisoned as a spy, died at 61 on a boat.
Robert Murray M’Cheyne died of Typhus fever at 29.
Oswald Chambers died in Cairo following emergency surgery for appendicitis at 49.
David Brainerd suffered from depression and tuberculosis and died at 29.
God uses imperfect people.
God’s typical is atypical. He loves to use the outsider to accomplish His plan.

God Calls Outsiders

vv. 1-7
Rahab - “wide/broad” Egyptian influence (Southern Canaan).
Prostitute - Think of an old west saloon - lodging and “other things”
Where visitors to the city would stay (crossroads for merchants)
Rahab is the definition of someone who is marginalized.
Female, Egyptian, Prostitute
Yet, God had a plan for her. Spies to learn about the city as they sought to lodge there.
Maybe you feel like an outsider.
God has a plan for your life - regardless.

God Calls Us To Trust Him

vv. 8-14
She refers to God as The LORD, His covenantal name.
His actions in Egypt 40 years prior.
Victories across the Jordan River.
Knowledge of God’s past actions strengthens future faith.
Total trust in v. 13. She feels certain that she will be captured as a slave.
She is seeking for her to not receive death.
Do you trust God completely?
Eternity. Family. Finances. Future (relationships / job).
Rahab’s understanding of God was based largely on what the Israelites had done.
People’s perceptions of God are highly influenced by your actions.
Give them a clear picture of the Gospel.
Don’t mix Jesus with anything.

God Calls Us To Action

vv. 15-24
Archeological evidence for the walls of Jericho.
Scarlet thread as a symbol of her salvation.
A mark to show her faith.
Youth group - “witness wear,” cross necklaces, WWJD bracelets fails.
The best symbol of your faith is a changed life.
Rahab hung a cord and gathered her family.
People are watching to see if your words and deeds line up.
There is enough confusion already.


Genealogy interests. Recently discovery.
Great-great-great- grandmother, Caroline Cloud, a freed slave, and her indigenous husband.
Clouds Picture.
A little reminder of where you came from.
Rahab went from all of this, being marginalized, to what we see in Matt. 1:5.
Matthew 1:5 ESV
and Salmon the father of Boaz by Rahab, and Boaz the father of Obed by Ruth, and Obed the father of Jesse,
Mom of Boaz, who married Ruth, had a son named Obed, a son named Jesse, a son named David, who would be king.
Great-great grandmother to David.
God used an outsider to bring about King David, and even more, King Jesus.
Think of what God can do with you.
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