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I will if you have your Bibles with you this morning, we're going to be in Galatians chapter 3. Galatians chapter 3 We've been going through this book of Galatians for a few weeks. Now. We're in the search after we've kind of camped out here because you're just so many important teachings of all through the inspiration of the holy spirit is given the church the church is there at galatia right was his original audience, but because it's inspired it's for the church here in Idaho Falls to Thousand Years Later face be to God we can glean so much from his inspired word and the letter written to the Galatians was written to a few churches in the galatian region who had been entertaining false teachers who would come and said, yes, you need Jesus you he is the Messiah but for you to completely throughout be of the way and be in accordance with God, you must keep the Mosaic law, you must maintain circumcision must do all these things. And so Paul hears about these false teachers would come in to begin to corrupt. The pureness of the gospel and he writes this very Stern letter to these churches in says you cannot mix law with Grace logo on inflation chapter 5 to say if you mix the law with God's grace you have fallen from Grace it is that important. Last week we talked about a few non-essential things that the church has disagreed on over the over the century, but they're non-essential but on this particular instance about how we can have relationship and we have eternal life. It is essential doctrine that we must stand firm in. There is no other way to gain eternal life to have a life in heaven other than by believing and trusting in Christ a compass work alone. And any religion or any teacher the begins to mixed your own self-righteousness or makes religion in with what Christ has done on our behalf is a false teacher.

It is not something that we can agree to disagree about as an essential Doctrine.

I'm going to go ahead and read Galatians chapter 3 19 through 26 this morning. And then we'll see what the Lord has for us in these passages of scripture.

beginning numbers 19 the word of the Lord says this why then was the law given it was added for the sake of transgressions until the seed to whom the promise is made with the law was put into effect through Angels by means of a mediator. And now I mediator is not just one for not just for one person alone, but God is one. Is the law there for concert at God's promises? Yes. Absolutely not broke. The law have been granted with the ability to give life in righteousness would certainly be on the basis of the law. But the scripture imprisoned everything understands power so that the promise might be given on the basis of faith in Jesus Christ to those who believe Before this Faith came we were confined them to the law imprisoned until the coming Faith was revealed. The logon was our Guardian until Christ so that we could be justified by faith. But since that that faith has come we are no longer under a guardian for through faith. You are all sons of God in Christ. Jesus praise be to God father we come to you. Let me just ask O Lord that you would. Work within our Holy Spirit would convict us and changes in conformance to the image of Jesus. We pray that this time of preaching Lord will not just be a sermon that we check off the list that they would be a time when you would do a mighty work in our hearts, you know, each and everyone and their struggles and their disillusionment and the things in their life that they're there they constantly battle Lord only, you know those things and we just ask that you would Minister to them individually.

As we open up your word that your spirit would would just do a an amazing working then beginning to my own heart father. We desire to meet with you today. The desire to know more about you this morning, and we desire to walk out of here change more into Jesus. And we know it can only happen Lord if your spirit doesn't work within us and so we ask that you would do so in the name of Jesus Amen. Alright, so we have this passage of scripture. This is Paul's attempts in his argument to demonstrate that it was never God's intention to save a people through the law would give him the law and keeping the law that was never God's intentions are always hitting bass back to the abrahamic promise the promise given to Abraham Lincoln Abraham asleep. So Abraham knew he had nothing to do with it was all of God and we went through that last week how the Fulfillment of the abrahamic promise was to Abraham's seed singular seed who is Christ the Fulfillment of the promise is Christ in Christ. And those of us who are here the gospel message and believe and receive Jesus and turn from any other religiosity or any other ways of trying to gain favor with God and Trust in Christ a compass work in the scriptures declare that we are born again. We are made a new creature and we were into the body of Christ. We are in Christ the ones the father looks at us. He does not see our sin. He sees the righteousness of Christ. Jesus Paid our sin for our sin on the cross. He took that penalty that you and I deserve so that we would then be clothed in his righteousness.

We have nothing to boast then. It is a gift. given to us by God

But the logical next question is then why did God some 430 years later give Moses the law if that was never God's intention. That's a very logical question and soap all attempts in this passage of scripture to provide an argument for those people there in the galatian region and for us as to why God gave the law if it was never his intention to say people by the law. So let's see what the Lord has for us here and get into verse 19. Paul says why then was the right the next question. And he says it was added for the sake of transgressions until the seed. That's Christ to whom the promises made would come. And so he answers the question right away. It was added for the sake of transgressions of our sin.

Have you ever I don't think any of us have the time to sit around and philosophize about certain things. But then ask you a couple questions. How would you know what cold is if it was always hot? Like if it was just a hundred and to me that's hot. So you desert dwellers may think that's like springtime weather, but that's hot to me and to every day. And we could rationalize and talk about thinking about what would it be like to have a cold temperature or what? What is Kovu would never know and experience cold? Because we've never experienced. We would never have experienced it right? We know caught and cold because we in Sebastian and Idaho experience both right? We know what cold is just step outside come August. We know what hot is. How about night or light and darkness? If it was just lie all the time. We wouldn't know what Darkness truly was. We would never experience it and because we have those difference.

Have experienced those different things. We know what it means to be in light or being Darkness. And I think Paul's argument is is giving the kind of pointless to that same type of thinking that God has given us the law because we need to understand how truly sinful we are in the eyes of a holy and just God. And if God's law was not he did not reveal it to us and promised as he promised to preserve it for us. We would not know truly how sinful we are. We could be like the people in judges and we would just walk around deciding what was right in our own eyes. Well, I guess our culture, Does that today? Doesn't it?

What's right for them is right for them what's wrong for them is wrong for them. And don't you dare tell them that there's an absolute moral authority over then the Creator God who is demonstrated and given a perspective of two years if the law is ultimately a reflection of our holy God.

And so even though we have God knows where we were Sinners and there was no way for us to in our own self-righteousness to keep the law and entire lives and Olive ternatea. To be able to have relationship with him. He knew that from the foundations of the world. We know Christ was chosen from the foundations of the world to save a people.

But the law was instituted to show us in to show through the children of Israel. Just how sinful we truly are.

It was added for the sake of transgressions for the sake of our sin. We are a Wandering people. Imagine the people who did not have God's moral law. We would just wander and do whatever we wanted to do.

He gave it an incident at 2 to the children Moses so that they would have guide rails and they would understand who their God was in and they and they were told that they must follow the law and keep the libraries are those the constant of these are previous messages in the in this sermon Galatians about it. He that keeps the whole law yet offend in one point. He is guilty of it all. the Lost burdensome Let me see the children of Israel doing good for a little while, but failing time and time and time again. And no longer worshiping a God and instead building idols.

God gave us the law so we could see just tell for the sake of transgressions to see how sinful we truly are in the eyes of a holy God. Let's move on here. The law was put into effect to angels in this context. Probably Messengers by means of a mediator that would be Moses. Now a mediator is not just for one person alone. So he's passing looked it wasn't just given to Moses for himself. It was given to one mediator for many people for us. For all of humanity God chose Moses to be the mediator in which we were to be given. the Mosaic law So he says that it's not wasn't just for Moses Moses wasn't the the end-all-be-all. He concludes there and verse 20 says but God is one there that slides not working. But God is one.

It ends it starts with God and it ends with God.

He is the creator of this universe. He dictates. What is right and what is wrong? What is Holy what is Unholy what is good? What is evil? It starts and ends with God how important it is for us to understand that. But God is one.

Is it freezing up back there? Huh?

Alright. Thanks. God is one.

In Colossians, it talks about just this gives a Pug as this is beautiful description of Jesus and he says that he created all things both visible and invisible and they created it for his good pleasure. This creation wasn't for us and our good pleasure. Is Grayson was for God's good pleasure. And as we understand that and we see it in God's word is we learn to to turn from our own desires and desire to to be are the god of self and follow and seek after God we find pleasure and what he's created us for it starts and ends with God. first 21 Is the law of their for contrary to God's promises, right? Is it country what you know, that's another question that someone was trying to demonstrate the the fallacious argumentation that Paul is riding here. How can I how can I be a promise but then God gives us the laws for interviews are not contradict what God was trying to do and what his answer absolutely not why because the promise given to Abraham in the law. We're given for different purposes. The promise given to Abraham fulfilled in Christ was it was a purpose that God would save a people. Through Christ and his accomplice in salvific work. So I wasn't given to save people the law was given to show us how truly sinful we are in the eyes of a holy God how we were born separated from him how we were born rebellious against him. When read Ephesians 2 this morning because a great synopsis of who we were before Christ. So absolutely not the law. Therefore does not contradict the promise cuz they were given for different purposes. So what was the purpose worth? The law have been granted with the ability to give life and righteousness will certainly be on the basis of the law false and look if you can gain eternal life and gain favor with God by keeping the light would certainly be through the law.

Door Lord. Jesus would not have to have taken on flesh come into this earth live the law perfectly for us and our account because he's not just a man. He's not just a good teacher. He's also not only man, but Eternal God. Who could keep the Eternal law? He was not separated like we were born separated from God because he is God in the flesh. He live that life for us only to be scorned. And ridiculed and mocked and ultimately whipped and beaten and hung on a tree cursed is the one who hangs on a tree the Old Testament prophets declare.

Our Salvation that is in Christ is a free gift of God, but it did not does not free for God. He sent his one and only son to die for you. To be scorned by the creation that was created for him. The same man that hung Jesus on the cross. We're giving life and nurtured by the guy that they hung on the cross.

So certainly if we could have eternal life by keeping the law got would not have been had they don't have done that. But that's the case. That is what God had to do to save us this morning. Descendants son to die on our behalf to have the wrath of God poured upon the Son of God so that you and I can enjoy blessing instead of curse. Gruffalo have been granted with the ability to give life and righteousness would certainly be on the basis of the law verse 22, but the scripture imprisoned us. So another purpose for the law. You read the law The Ten Commandments What are the master? There's a gentleman escaping if go to where the master. Calm and forgetting his name right now Kirk Cameron's buddies with them. They go around to Long Beach to the beach and stuff like that. And they use the Ten Commandments as a means to demonstrate to people how severely they fall short in the eyes of a holy God. They'll say he's so this is The Ten Commandments. Have you ever have you ever lied? Right. They say it never lied then that's the first lie. But you see them and they have countless videos of just walking up to strangers and saying hey, this is God's all this is a reflection of who God has revealed himself to be and he says you have to keep these and I'll go through them and you'll just do this conviction come upon them time and time again. Is a realize if that is God's standard. I'm in a lot of trouble.

The scripture in prisons us or the law of the Old Testament law without Christ. Bears Us in bondage to sin that is our master.

And we are under sins Powers says so that the prom is why so that the promise might be given so the god instituted the scriptures the law so that we be imprisoned everything understands power and then we would see our need for Jesus our savior. So that the promise might be given on the basis of faith in Jesus Christ to those who believe the law was given so that we would see our sinfulness and see that we are imprisoned and held captive by it. And then just as a Suisse understand light versus dark. We not see you just how truly sinful we are. And I truly righteous Jesus's. Let me see the beautiful gift that he extends to us if we would just trust and believe and his accomplice work alone. Are the basis of faith in Jesus Christ to those who believe?

You will gain eternal life. All because of what Christ has done. We go on the law in prisons us before the space came. We were confined under the law in prison. Can you see us in a in a dungeon like Shackled that that is that was us that we would that is our God is our master. Before the space before the space disability to place our faith in Christ came. We were confined there another imprisoned until the coming Faith was revealed. The law then was our Guardian until Christ so that we could be justified by faith. Nier translation might say tutor instead of guardian. But he's using that analogy of that time. We're well-to-do Greeks and Romans would if they had many events and were busy they go out and hire slaves to come in and Tudor their children. And so even though they were slaves they were brought into the house and they were told to to teach the children and keep the children in line. And these are the rules of the house. Can you can you keep that smart children from disobeying the rules of the house until this slave has given us Authority. But that's all the slave could do was keep those kids in line. Keep them in line with what their parents dictated they want done with their kids. The slaves had no ability to give them life. mom and dad gave him life Our father gives us life to Christ. The law does not have the ability to give us eternal life. But it was given as a guardian. The show and demonstrate to the children of Israel North Among Us who our God is and how old he is. The separation of the children of Israel versus Israel versus the other inhabitants of the land the rules about separation of the of the animals you can eat these you can't eat there. Those are all a demonstration of the requirement the righteous requirement of a holy God and ultimately our inability to keep it. But in that law Christ has fulfilled it for us. So that you and I today can be justified. my face by believing and trusting in Christ Will you come? Will you turn from your own religious ways? from your own self-righteousness

from being the god of self. Will you turn and Trust In Christ Alone this morning? And be justified. By faith and that what Christ has accomplished you will have eternal life. That is the gospel call. It is up to you. To repent and believe it. And trust it. That is the call extended. Will you trust in Christ? I promise you you have not done enough good that way you're bad in the eyes of a holy God. You will be judged according to your works. And he will spend an eternity in hell. And it under God's curse. But today you can turn in trust in Christ. You can allow his righteousness to close you. And instead of that eternity under God's curse. You will spend an eternity and God's blessing.

I beg you to come trust in Christ this morning.

And there's a another thing that we need to kind of tackle here. Has been critically think about this week. We've been talking about the law and we know the Old Testament the law was given to the Jewish people and so we might think is Gentiles outside the Jewish Nation. What about us? We weren't under that long do the scripture speak to that Romans 1:18 through 20.

Romans 1:18 through 20 says for God's Wrath is Weaverville from Heaven against all godlessness and unrighteousness of people. So everyone the Apostle Paul spends the first three chapters of Romans. Just Master for laying out. Yes, the Jews have the law but that does not leave the Gentiles Guiltless And this conclusion in Romans chapter 3 is all have sinned sinned and fall short of the glory of God and he says Hear God's Wrath is revealed from Heaven against all godlessness and unrighteousness of people who have their unrighteousness who buy their own righteousness suppress the truth. They are given with a they're born with a conscience goddess. Aine of what right and wrong is the the universe God has created demands a creator. They are without Excuse excuse. So gone to say

But instead of seeking that truth and who their creators they suppress that true that they're born with that conscience by their own righteousness. And since what came what can be known about God is evident among them because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes who got is he Spirit? But his invisible attributes his Holiness all these things these things he's revealed that is his eternal power and divine nature.

Have been clearly seen since the creation of the world being understood through what he has made. Unpause conclusion as a result people are without excuse. We are all sinners. We all fall short of the glory of God and unless you're clothed in the righteousness of Christ. You will be judged according to your own righteousness.

Romans 3:20 kind of gives us the gift synopsis for us gentile people for no one will be justified in the sight in his sight. Site by The Works of the law because the knowledge of sin comes through the law. How does a gentile know?

They have sinned. But be made aware of the knowledge of the law.

It's stems called it a mirror. I remember it when I was 15 years old my I have to endure this every time I go to see my mother she always seems to bring it up and I was 15 years old by my good friend got his driver's license. And so we could we got our freedom. We lit up in the Mountain Valley Mountain this Valley and he didn't have insurance and I lied to my mom about that insurance and I you know, the rule was that we could never take this curvy road down to the to the canyon down to the city because it was too dangerous and he just started driving so that was off-limits, but there was a girl down there in that City that I wanted to go see so I lied to my mother about that and said we're going to go upriver and we're going to go swimming when I actually went to the city. And on the way home, we got in a really bad car accident. And my hedges, I'm sure some of you have noticed the scars on the side of my face. I had went through the side window and got hauled off to the hospital there and in the city and my mom and dad get a call saying your son's been in an accident. He's down here in the city an hour away so that they're thinking I got life-flighted cuz I was supposed to be up the river swimming and we can't tell you if he's dead or alive until you get here. So they had to spend the night you tell you I have to bear that every time and I hope it's a good lesson for my girls. How one simple eye. Can lead to so many disastrous consequences. But my face was so messed up. And the doctor said pull my my mom make sure you probably shouldn't see his his face right now and my brother told me just this last this Christmas. He said when he went to see me, he turned around the crazy kind of started going the room. He saw how big my head was and he just got a nauseous me. I got to leave it. Like I can't even go in the room bro. It was it was bad. And I'm sitting there and I'm getting better. I don't yell. I need to go to the bathroom and I call you just you got to use the utensils that they give I'm like no, I'm going to work now. You can probably stay in bed. So they laughed and I'm going to go to the bathroom. So I got my IV Stingray didn't want to go to the bathroom cuz I didn't want me to see my image in the mirror. I walked into that bathroom when I saw my face and I was so overwhelmed by just how ugly it was and how hard it was that I passed out.

Some 12 years later, I go to a church. I'm about to buy my neighbor.

The gospel is preached scriptures are opened. And the mirror the law of God. Signed up on me. After the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I saw just how ugly my son was and how truly deserving I wasn't God's judgement to the convicting power of the spear.

my physical appearance

was nothing

it fixed Itself by God in a couple of plastic surgeons.

But nothing could fix the ugliness of my heart. There's nothing I could do. except for turning Trust In Christ Alone that you would give me a new heart that pursues after God. That is what the laws intended to do. For us to see a truly ugly. Our sin is in the eyes of a holy God and if he would just turn and Trust in Christ. To give you a new heart.

and the Beautiful part is As you are in Christ and you clothed in his righteousness, the laws no longer a condemning. And instead of a having a gun to our heads every time we going to mess up and violate the law. The law is a means in which we try to to live in this world to reflect God's holiness and God's goodness if that's who God is and he desires us to be like him through the power of the spirit we can go out and we can we can follow the break I said if you love me keep my Commandments, but it's out of love for what he's done no longer out of fear for what will happen if we don't do it. It changes the game. We reflect God's holiness. He desires has to be a holy people but we do it in the empowerment of the spirit is will get in to the Galatians and walking in the spirit and all that. What all that means. It's no longer out of fear of parents in here my children are maturing and coming of age. and the biggest blessing how about me being a parent is when my children desire to obey because they love me and not have because they're fearful of what's going to happen if they don't. The reflecting the love I've given them they're loving me pack. That's what the gospel does so much. You've given me eternal life. How can I love that back? Call the law of Christ. Love God. Heart soul mind and love others as Christ has loved us.

So the law has an important part in our life, but it's no longer condemning. It's a means in which we can see and understand you are God is and threw them parent of the spirit reflect who each really is in this world who desperately needs to know who God is and how they can have relationship with him.

He goes on in Galatians there.

We are heirs by faith is my title Point here. But since that faith has come we are no longer under a guardian no need for the tutor. Because Christ is coming fulfilled it for us. We are in Christ. Now. It is his righteousness. It is the power of the spirit Tuesday down payment of our internal inheritance into Wells the heart of the believer. No longer need for the guardian of the tutor. Why because we're errors? We are Sons and Daughters of God for through faith. You are all sons of God or Daughters of God in Christ Jesus. Are you in Christ Jesus this morning?

That is your inheritance. And this inheritance will never run out. It's an eternal inheritance given to you through the gracious offering of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You must be in Christ to be a recipient of the promise given to Abraham. You must be in Christ because that promise was fulfilled in him. And if you're in Christ, you too. Are forever in Christ's are God's blessing.


Does a great just Ephesians 1 and when I get down and start getting my eyes to focus on all the trouble and darkness of this world? I would like to go to Ephesians. one and two regions one reminds us of The Inheritance that we are that is ours already. That no matter what happens this week. or next in this world It has no bearing on my inheritance that is to come. I hope you can say the same. Blessed is the god and father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us.

Promise of blessing given to Abraham haar's because we're in Christ who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavens. Why because we're in Christ for he chose us in him before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless in love before him. He predestined us to be adopted as Sons through Jesus Christ for himself according to the good pleasure of his will. to the praise of his glorious Grace That he lavished on us. That's my favorite verse in the Bible. I think he didn't just pour out a little bit of Grace. He lavished on us.

The grace unmerited love and feather extended to us. We done nothing to deserve it. But yet he's lavished that unmerited love upon us. They lavished on us in the beloved one in him. We have Redemption through his blood the Forgiveness of our trespasses according to the riches of his grace that he richly poured out on us with all wisdom and understanding he made known to us. The mystery of his will according to the good his good pleasure that he purposed in Christ. Has a plan for the right time to bring everything together in Christ. Are you in Christ this morning? both things in heaven in the things in Earth on Earth in him and the him

are you in Christ this morning? in him, we have also received an inheritance because we were

predestined according to the plan of the one who works out everything in agreement with the purpose of his will So that we who had already put our hope in Christ might being prayed be ring praise to his glory. Do you see what he's saying? This is our inheritance given to us. It's all God. It's all in Christ. But as we receive that and it begin to understand what Christ is truly done the things of this world that concerned with the Melt Away. And instead we live a live to bring praise to God for what he's done to bring praise to his glory. Where are we are children of God. We are clothed in the righteousness of Christ.

That is who we are Church. Don't let this world.

change or make you think otherwise

who you are in Christ is not your economic condition who you are in Christ.

Has nothing to do with the position you hold at the job you working. You are a child of God because we're Christ is done.

Verse 13 in Ephesians in the Hem. You were also sealed with a promise to Holy Spirit. When you heard the word of Truth The Gospel of your salvation and when you believe so, he says you're sealed with the Holy Spirit. That's the key. I'm not up here saying I believe in Jesus and then pick yourself up by your bootstraps and be a good Christian. you've been given the third person if I try and got into well as you and he desires to empower you. To live this life in this world for him. And as we learn to walk in the spirit.

Let him lead us. Empower us this living

we're able to do it not because of Our Own Strength, but because of what he's doing in US What an amazing gift he's done?

Let's pray father God we thankful. We're thankful Lord that you have.

he made a way you've done this for us it is so Overwhelming God what you've done even though we see and understand just how Wicked and sinful we are. You love us. You don't just tell us your Levis you demonstrated Your Love by. Sending your son to die on our account. I'll on your son to take the punishment that we all deserve. And so we offer our Thanksgiving this morning guy. We asked Lord that you would help us to live a life through the empowerment of your spirit that reflects the praise of your glory to those around us. Got to pray for those that might be listening this morning. You are outside of Christ. Who Remain

Under your curse. I pray that your spirit would do a mighty work in their heart. I can't convince them. It is the work of the spirit. Got an I just pray that your spirit would do still work for the praise of your glorious Grace God that you would save another from what they truly deserve and that you would place them into the family of God. Into the bride of Christ that they too may enjoy blessing.

And relationship with you. For what Christ has done. We asking his precious name. Amen and have a song of

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