Protecting the Truth ~ God's Truth

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The focus of this weeks lesson continues to follow the theme "The truth that will make you free". Whose Truth? God's Truth. Coming from the book of Jude, tune in, as pastor Wayne Mack feeds our spiritual appetite with this weeks message titled "Protecting the Truth ~ God's Truth". . . You wont regret it!!


Sermon Title: Protecting the TRUTH ~ God’s Truth

Core Scripture: Jude 1-4

Foolproof means infallible, or so simple or well-made or established

that nothing can go wrong. It's synonymous with terms like reliable,

sure, guaranteed, and flawless. God’s Truth is just that -- infallible and

unmovable, impervious or resistant to damage at the hands of fools.

Jude intended to write a letter about the common salvation of the

Christian Faith, but false teachings were becoming so widespread in and

around the church that he was compelled to write a call to battle for the

Truth in light of the arrival of apostate teachers

Jude 3

What has this to do with us today?

It should convey to us that the war against the very Truth of God we

stand on today is still being attacked at the same level of intensity it was

when Jude insisted that the saints never, never let up holding to the


In verse 4 Jude says . . . watch out . . . stay WOKE . . .

Jude 4

These apostates where Satan’s counterfeits, most likely posing as

itinerant teachers. Their stealth made them dangerous.

They were characterized by three features:

1. They were ungodly

2. They perverted grace, and

3. They denied Christ.

Jude 5-8;16

Jude 5;17-18

1 John 2:4

1 John 2:22

Jude 20-23

Glory to God . . . Five “Make You Free” Truth Applications

Jude 24-25

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