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Good Afternoon.
This is Kimberly Pino reporting from Dallas, Texas. A lot of attention is being paid across the globe to a growing movement promoting the radical teachings of Jesus. My investigation has discovered that one prominent leader of the new group is a man named, Paul. He has over the last few years, made several trips across the coast of the Mediterrnean Sea. During his travels, Paul is reported to teach in the synagogues of the towns that he visits, among them Ephesus, Corinth, and Philippi, proclaiming the truth of the resurrection of Jesus, who was cruxified by the Roman authorities in Jerusalem. The Jewish, High Court, accused Jesus of heresy as he claimed to be the son of God and the long awaited Messiah of the Jewish people. Interestingly enough, I have confirmed that Paul, is an alias. The person in question is actually Saul. My sources also confirm that he was a prominent Pharisee, originally from Tarsus. He also studied under the renowned Rabbi Gamaleil in Jerusalem. Before being converted to this new radical belief, Saul was actually major opponent to this movement, now being called by some as Christians. Eye-witness accounts even place Saul at several violent stonings of these Christians.
Roman officials have confirmed that Paul and some of his accomplices have been imprisoned on several occasions, including the city of Ephesus on charges of interrupting trade and general disturbance of the peace. He was also held under house arrest for a time in Rome. However, as of this time, he has not been convicted of any crimes.
While my sources can’t confirm the validity of Paul’s claims, the tone and content of Paul’s teachings seem to be attracting new converts from both within the Hebrew community and non-Hebrews alike. Prominent business owners and others in the communities where Paul has visited and taught have given him personal aid as well as making contributions to his movement.
Many are questioning whether or not this new Christian movement will take hold? The answer to that is yet to be seen, but as far as I can tell, we certainly haven’t heard the last of Paul, yet.
This has been Kimberly Pino, reporting live from Dallas.
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