What will you beg Jesus to touch you for

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Unclean Unclean, In the Law of Moses If the priest examined and declared a person to have some forms of skin or fungal infections, the person would have to cut his hair short, cover his face and publically cry out Unclean Unclean from a distance. Perhaps we can relate to the pain, Isolation, loss of work and income fear and frustrations of this leper much better living through these pandemic years of our own, masked and shielded, in essence all of us, made like a leper, signalling each other from a distance “unclean unclean”.


In our Gospel one such desperate leper comes to Jesus and begs him “If you wish you can make me clean.” Jesus moved with pity, stretched out his hand touched the leper, and said “I do will it Be made Clean” leprosy left him immediately. Jesus touches and speaks. He touched the apostles and said rise do not be afraid, He touched the little girl and said arise, and she arose, Jesus touches, speaks, cleanses and and gives life. Perhaps we may beg Jesus today to touch the world and speak the word form above and free us from this evil pandemics that has come up this one and any other brewing up in the future.


Jesus has spoken to us through his word today, from his compassion he says “I do will it”, by his Mercy he says “I do will it”, by his love he says “I do will it”, in spirit and truth, by faith he says “I do will it”. Jesus has spoken through his work, In a short while he will come to touch us in the Eucharist, fully preset, body blood soul and divinity, not to just touch externally but to enter in, and touch every element of our body and soul that needs cleansing , healing or new life. Let us Think now, what will you beg Jesus to touch me for when he comes to me in the Eucharist +
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