What is the Bible?

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The Bible
God’s story, Christian foundation
Why does it matter?
We all build our lives on some sort of foundation
Religion, politics, pop culture, fame, wealth
Everyone has something they base their decisions off of
So if you are a Christian, is your life built around God’s word?
If you aren’t a Christian, what is your life built around?
What is the Bible
Word bible means book
Compilation of stories, laws, poems, biographies, wisdom, all pointing to who God is and what he has done for humanity
It is also what Christians base their lives on
Our worldview is informed by the Bible and nothing else
God’s word is authoritative
If I believe something different than the Bible, then I am wrong
Christians believe that the Bible is God’s words written through human authors
Bible Project Video 1
Collection of stories from the prophets/writers
God is speaking to his people
Tells a story of how God is bringing order and beauty into chaos
How we are waiting for a king to come
Jesus claims to be carrying the story forward
Apostles wrote story of Jesus, story of the church, letters to churches
Jesus is the fulfillment of the OT story
God speaking to his people
Bible Project video 2
The story of the Bible
God takes chaos and makes it into beauty, crowns it with humans in God’s image
Made to rule God’s world on behalf of God
But humans decided to take matters into their own hands
God continues to guide people toward Him, but humans keep choosing themselves over God
Exile, destruction, separation from God
God is going to send a new leader to Israel
To transform them from the inside out
Jesus enters the story, claims to be the one Israel is waiting for
Real power is serving others, loving poor/enemies,
Acts as a final sacrifice for our evils, his love was more powerful than death itself
New decision
Choose Jesus, choose the old way
Spreading of Jesus movement
Persecution, confusion, letters to churches
One day Jesus will come to eradicate evil, unite heaven and earth, God will reign over all
The Bible is the story of God and the foundation on which Christians build their lives
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