Learning to Eat

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Prepared for the Table

Mark 14:1-11 Two people are introduced
The woman with the perfume
One gave out of the abundance of their heart. the other took for their own
The nameless woman poured an entire years wages over the head of Jesus, it was worth 300 denarii, and Judas will betray the Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

Eating at the Table

It was a holiday celebrating the moment Yahweh rescued his people from captivity in Egypt.
This wasn’t a holiday like Christmas or Easter. It was filled with joy but it was because of the sacrifice that was made.
The Feast of Passover
God tells the people that each home must sacrifice a pure, young lamb.

Leaving the Table

All would leave him.
Big Question, how will you leave the table?
Will you leave the table thinking your a big deal, or will you leave the table thinking, I don’t even deserve the table. I shouldn’t share in this meal,
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