The Transmission of the Text (3)

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Good morning, friends, we’re so glad you have tuned in to hear God’s Precepts and Promises this morning brought to you by the Rome Church of Christ.
We’re examining Christianity systematically--taking all the Bible has to say on a subject and putting it together as best as possible. Letting the Bible speak
Today we want to discuss “The Transmission of the Text”
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Q: I have heard that there are thousands of differences in the Greek manuscripts? Is that true, and does it show the Bible to be unreliable?
A: We have seen in our discussion that there are about 6,000 Greek manuscripts of the portions or all of the NT. Naturally, 6,000 copies hand-written copies will have some differences. The question is do the differences change the Gospel message in some way? Do they contradict other passages in some way. No, they do not. Most differences or textual variants are a word omitted, a word written twice, a word or letters that are transposed, things that are easily spotted. But amazingly, there is over 99% agreement within the manuscripts.
Sum: 1 Pet 1:24-25
Next Week: We will continue our discussion about how we got the Bible next week.
Until then, We encourage you to hear His precepts and trust His promises
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