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the powerful reminder
But our world is broken.
We are broken.
But Christ has rescued us.
We need to understand something vital and that is that every single one of us is a sinner.
But every single person who places their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation has been rescued by him.
Matt video went through an awful lot of atrocity and tragedy in just a couple of minutes but out of all of it.
We have been rescued by the blood of Jesus Christ.
I mentioned we're going to tackle a difficult topic today.
And so here is the title of our message sexual Purity matters.
sexual Purity matters
Imagine with me then.
Do you have an adult child?
Some of you don't have to imagine that?
Another jolt child is headed for a destination.
And you will learn that when that child arrives in at that destination their worst enemy.
It's going to be there waiting for them.
That worst enemy is going to Trappin.
That worst enemy is going to ruin their life.
And that worst enemy is going to ultimately kill them.
What would you do?
What would you do to prevent that from happening?
How far would you go to prevent your child from facing that what we have in this passage this whole chapter 5 1st Corinthians remember in chapter 4 Paul told the Corinthians you are my children in the face and his children his spiritual children are headed for Destruction.
Until Paul is trying to pull them back and rescue them.
That is why what we're going to see Paul is addressing very seriously and very bluntly this topic of sexual morality.
And I hope that you are in agreement with me that this is a very important topic for our day today.
In this picture you see a chain.
At the end of that chain is a bird flying free.
And the reason I chose this picture is because sexual immorality places Us in bondage.
Sin places ice in bondage.
But when we Embrace what Christ has done for us through the cross there is freedom and we can soar
we are going to address this topic.
a sexual purity As we do that all of us, I think would recognize that our world has some issues in this area or world says that biblical morality.
Is wrong it's a progressive.
It's hurtful words damaging.
And there have been recent events that seem to support that statement on March 16th shortly before 5 p.m.
A very disturbed young man shot and killed 8 people.
Maybe may have heard of this he was at the various massage parlors.
And I don't want to talk about what people are speculating in regards to the racism.
What I want to talk about is what this young man himself said he said that the reason he had perpetrated these crimes was because he had a sexual addiction and you wanted to remove Temptation for himself and others.
And your world looks at that and they say see.
This guy was a church kid kid grown up in the youth group.
There must be something wrong with what the church teaches about sexuality.
Podium heard that was almost exact words several times over the last couple weeks people are saying that because of what of these atrocities atrocities that has happened, but there must be something wrong with what we teach about sexual purity.
So we're going to lay that to rest today.
And as I do that I want to remind all of us at what we do here at Grace Church as we preach chapter by chapter and verse by verse through scripture and that means that sometimes we arrive at passages like this that deal very blatantly very clearly and very explicitly was sexual immorality.
So that's what we're going to talk about today.
I'm not going to pull any punches.
We're going to talk about it very clearly.
Okay, but I also want anyone here or online or who may be watches this later or here is it or whatever I want you to know that if you are someone who is trapped in the scent of sexual immorality.
There is hope There is freedom.
There is a way to break the bondage.
Until you can reach out to me if you want help with that.
So obviously we're going to need prayer as we tackle this topic.
So let's pray father.
We approached your word today with fear and trembling because we recognize that what you have revealed is unpopular in our society today.
We need your strength to stand firm on what you have revealed and what your word teaches we need your grace to hold your convictions with uncompromising love and gentleness.
And we need your mercy father because we all fall short of your glory.
Father we need your Holy Spirit to fill us to Enlighten us and to make your word clear to us until as you speak through me May ideal willing vessel in your hands made your Saints here be equipped and Christ be exalted.
This isn't his precious name that we pray.
amen Are we coming to 1st Corinthians chapter 5 we come into a new section of the book.
And Paul is Shifting Gears a little bit chapters 5 and 6 are going to deal with this idea of the church having a unified vision and what verse chapter 5 deals with is this idea of corporate Purity the local Body of Christ needs to have Purity today.
We're going to begin learning how Purity protects the Saints.
sexual Purity matters Freedom Is Possible the Corinthian Church had an unhealthy response to sexual immorality and Paul rights to correct them and to instruct them until what he's going to tell him is that there are two responses that we should have the sexual immorality.
This is how we should respond.
And when we respond correctly Purity can be restored.
But oh and secondly when we respond correctly, the people of God are protected.
So Purity can be restored and the people of God can be protected if we respond correctly to sexual immorality.
So Paul says, there's two responses that we need to have response.
Number one.
We need to mourn the loss of purity.
mourn the loss of purity
our world says that
there should be no morning with the loss of Purity.
In fact, what does our world today should be celebrated, right?
Our world is almost demanding that sexual immorality be celebrated by all.
and there are boys and girls are young men and women who are walking around wounded and hurting because I've been lied to Our world our society is lying to people about what sex and sexuality is all about.
Just a wave.
We know that right what we know that our culture is line.
Whose responsibility is it to teach the truth?
for the church and the parents It is our responsibility as the church to teach the word of God.
What does the word God say about these topics and then it is the job of parents to then work with our children to show them what is truth and so I would argue that it is time for the church to step up and teach the truth about sexuality why because our culture is teaching lies.
and our young people are being saturated with The doctrine of demons with live from the pit of Hell and they're in bondage and they're trapped in their hurting and the only way for them to get Freedom Is For Truth to set them free.
Where do we find the truth?
Thank you for asking.
It is in God's word God's word does not shy from this topic.
It speaks directly to it and her here in the first two verses of 1st Corinthians 5, There's two things you need to understand.
Okay, if you are going to mourn the loss of Purity, here's why first of all there is an objective standard.
There is an objective standard we mourn the loss of Purity because we understand that there is an objective standard.
Look at verse 1.
It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you and such sexual immorality as is not even named among the Gentiles that man has his father's wife.
If we are going to talk about sexual morality, we need to Define what is being spoken of here and do this Greek word translated sexual immorality is the Greek word cornea, and it means sexual immorality fornication sexual acts that are morally objectionable who wanted to encapsulate this word.
It would be any form of sexual behavior outside of marriage.
You may think that this word sounds a little bit familiar and that's because from this Greek word we get our English word pornography.
That's where it comes from the Greek word sexual immorality talking here about sex outside of marriage before someone is married.
He's talking about pornography self-gratification adultery.
All of those things would be wrapped into this term when he talks about this.
He's saying this is any sexual activity outside of what God has designed what has God designed.
God has designed one man one woman for life.
inside the Covenant bonds of marriage
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