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Do you ever fell distant from God? We all do when we first come to know Christ as our lord and savior we can’t stop of thinking of ways to please him as babes in Christ this is a normal felling. But after sometime of walking with the lord we start to fell distant from him. This felling come in many forms one of the most obvious is the felling that God is not present. God is omnipresent. This felling can be a bit scary but it is not uncommon for believers to fell this way even one of the psalmists wrote Psalm 10:1
Sometime we feel this in our worship with the lord by just going thru the motions or during prayer time it may seem like our words are floating into the expanse of space and not getting to Gods ears. Another way we feel this disconnect is we no longer hear God’s voice or the dialogue is now infrequent or non-existent. If this goes on too long we start to question whether we will ever hear his voice again. There is Good news. We as believers cannot be moved by what we feel. Emotions are often false indicators of God’s presence.
The Devil is a liar. We must rely on the word of God. Not on feelings Feelings are subject to change and the word of the Lord is not. In 3 of the 4 gospels Matt 24:35 Mark 13:31 and Luke 21:33 Jesus stated that Haven and earth will pass away but his words would never pass away. God has given us the ability to deal with thoughts that are contrary to his word. In 2Corth 10:5 we are instructed to demolish arguments and every pretention that sets itself up against the knowledge of god and to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. We must trust the father when he says in Joshua 1:5 some ways to reinforce this is to meditate on the following Isaiah 43:2 or just remind yourself of what God views you as-
John 1:12
John 17:15
Esph 1:-3-8
Isaiah 43:2
You see as we become more mature in our walk we tend to lose that feeling but praise the lord that we are saved by the blood and we believe by faith not feelings. Feel like your praise is not making contact Psalm 22:3 states that God inhabits all praises of his people. No matter what it feels like remember the lord prophesied to Jeremiah in Jer 29:13 and perhaps the best way to rekindle that spark with god it to take the advice the King David gave to his son in 1 chron 28:9
Keep Serving the Lord and Feel certain that he will be found by you.
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