Martha, Martha. Luke 10:38-42

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3 Hindrances to discipleship


Intro: Mary had it right. She sat at the feet of Jesus to learn and commune with him. This is dicipleship - this is what it means to follow Jesus. “Take my yoke upon you and learn of me.” We commune with God through the study of his word and through prayer. Jesus said this is one thing that is needful. For peace, for spirtual victory, to be a blessing to others. But Martha did otherwise. Her concern was to be the consummate host to the Lord and his disciples. But the project took a life of it’s own and robbed her of a precious opportunity to sit at Jesus feet. Notice the 3 descriptions of Martha in vss 40-42.

1. Martha was distracted with much serving. She was doing the right thing but it became a hindrance. She was overburdened. What was a ministry became a distraction from the one she was trying to serve. Distracted means unable to concentrate because one’s mind is preoccupied. She wsa too distracted to give him much attention. See Mark 4:18-19 Distraction allows God’s word to be stolen out of our hearts.

2. Martha was worried. Close to the previous word worry steals the word. But I call attention to this word to bring out how worry is the result of unbelief. Martha says “Do you not care?” What kind of question is that? Yet we ask it every time we spend precious time worrying. Jesus often described those who worry of “little faith” Worry doubts the goodness and power of God. Jesus called worry sin. We all need grace here…I believe, help my unbelief.. It’s easier to worry than to pray and trust God. Be anxious for nothing. Cast all your care upon Him for He cares for you.

3. Upset. Martha was upset with Mary. She wanted Mary to do one thing but she did another. Mary broke Martha’s rule. That led to her being upset with her. We have rules. Our rule is that we always be treated fairly. That our spouse will adore us and do what we want them to do. That our bosses give us raises and promote us , that our families support us etc…but the frustration comes because we cannot make these things happen. We cannot enforce our rules. We are the policeman writing tickets with a broken down squad car. We can not make anyone do what we want them to do. Since Martha couldn’t get Mary to pitch in she told the Lord to tell her to do so…and he didn’t. You can’t control anything or anyone but yourself. How much aggravation, frustration, and wasted time we have because we won’t accept what we can and can not change.

Closing - But there is one thing we can concentrate on and that’s Jesus. While there are so many things that are a waste of time…following Jesus is not one of them. There is only one thing needful! Jesus said of Mary - she has chosen what will not be taken from her. Only what we do for Christ will last. Our devotion to him is storing up treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal.

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