It was Necessary

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It Was Necessary

Text: Hebrews 9:22
PAID: The Blood of Jesus was necessary
MOS: To show how the blood of Jesus was required for our salvation, so that our hearts may be with adoration to the Him for His sacrifice, and that we might learn to sacrifice the same way.
Intro: Necessary
Defined as that which has to be
Visionaries: see the necessary before it happens and then acts accordingly
Wise: see the necessary after it happens and gain better understanding in life
The Neccecity of the blood in explained in Hebrews 8-9
Chapter 8: 3 promises from One Covenant
Because Jesus the exalted and eternal High Priest ministers in the the Holy Place of the true tent, He mediates a better covenant with better promises.
Promises Jer 31:31-34
Transformation Eze. 36:22-26
Chapter 9: One Medeiator with 2 provisions
1-10 the blood the priests bring does not perfect the conscience
11-15. Christ entered into the most holy place of the true tent
with His own blood, securing our redemption
Christ’s blood through the power of His Spirit purifies our conscience
2 Provisions
15-22 The Death of Jesus is Neccesary
Textually: In light of all that has been said, the Heb writer begins to make the case that His death was necessary in order for the covenant to take effect
The Life of Jesus was guided by Necessity
Childhood: I must be about my Father’s business
Preaching: You must be born again
Miracles: I must work the works of Him who sent me
Discipleship: Deny yourself, take up your cross
Death: The SOM must suffer
Passion Week: We must go to Judea
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