The Mission: 2021/03/28 PM

Acts: The Mission of the Church  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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What is the purpose of the power of the Holy Spirit?

What was the primary purpose of miracles, signs, and wonders in the Bible, esp the NT?
What parts of the Bible do we see the most miracles, signs, wonders, etc?
Gospels, Beginning of Acts. From AD 35 until AD 63/64, 30 years covered by Acts, signs and wonders significantly decrease.
We have to ask why? Did the filling of the Spirit diminish? Had these things accomplished God’s purpose?

What happened to the gifts?

1 Cor 13, 14 (yytrye)

What is speaking in tongues?

Tongues in Acts 2 are real, earthly languages.
1 Cor 14 people were pursuing gifts not the glory of God. Gifts were being misused.
They were not satisfied with their own giftedness, they wanted more.
What happens when we are focused on something we want instead of what we already have? (neglect, jealousy, coveting, poor stewardship, God didn’t know what He was doing.)
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