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A sermon on giving



Intro. - Christ’s call to discipleship asks for the commitment of our lives to Him . . . not in part, but in their entirety. thus, because so much of life is devoted to the pursuits of earning, saving and spending money, it is imperative that we understand the relationship between our discipleship and our money. there is a relationship that cannot be dismissed by dividing our lives into the sacred and the secular. What is this relationship?
It Is A Fact That We Exchange Life For Money
This is the agreement under which we pursue our vocations or professions. In exchange for a definite portion of our time, ability, and the intelligence we are paid the wages by which we live. (We must remember, however, that we do not live by wages alone.)
The laborer who receives his wages may truthfully say, “This represents my life. This is my life coverted into a form that might be used for other things”
That for which we exchange our money is that to which we’re dedicating that portion of our lives that was used to earn this money.
Therefore, How Our Money Is Used Is A Real Mark Of The Commitment Of Our Lives To Christ
It’s unrealistic for us to believe that we can commit our lives to Christ and not take seriously our responsibility to give.
We cannot serve God and money (Matthew 6:24), as though the commitment of life to Christ excluded that portion which is used to earn our money.
We can, however, serve god with money . . . letting it, in part, represent the commitment of our lives to Jesus Christ.
Whether We Take Our Money With Us Depend Upon The things For Which We Have Exchanged It.
Money this is invested in that which is eternal becomes eternal. It is converted into that treasure which is beyond the reach of moths and rust and thieves (Matthew 6:19-21).
Money that is used to shape a man’s destiny in Christ is never lost. If it buys a cup of water to be given in His name it shall not pass away (Mark 9:41). If, in christ, it lifts the burden of despair and gives the comfort of hope it is forever saved.
Conc. - Commitment of life to Christ means also commitment of that for which we exchange life!
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