As Though He Needed Anything

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…As Though He Needed Anything[i]



1.     Read Text: Acts 17:22-31

2.     Areopagus pictures

3.     Regarding text:

(1)         Paul is standing in Athens, the glory city of the Greeks. 

A.       A city built in during the prime time of the Greek empire (461-429 BC).

B.       The buildings were as beautiful as they were elaborate, and they were equally troubling to Paul.

(2)         God rules in the kingdoms of men (Dan. 4:25) and the Romans are now in power.

(3)         The impact of Greece and her worldly ways was still seen and felt.  Athens was filled with beauty, art and sophistication, but it was also filled with idols / ungodly.

A.       They worshipped gods they thought were in existence and even those that might be in existence.

(a)       I believe many people treat God that way. 

4.     Paul = “I want to talk to you about the very God you are trying to extend worship to.

(1)         You are right… He is unknown to you.

(2)         You have already attempted to make offerings to Him on your own terms.

(3)         Now, once I reveal Him to you fully, you should not reject Him.


I.         If The World Was Made, Then There Is One True God!  The World Was Made, Therefore There Is A God  (v. 24).

1.      Either matter is eternal or it was created.  Matter is not eternal.  Therefore, it was created.  The implication = there is a creator.  God is the creator.

2.      Bible teaches from page one that we are the creation of God.

(1)           Gen. 1:1

(2)           Psa. 96:5 – “for all the gods of the peoples are idols, but the Lord made the heavens.”

(3)           Eccl. 12:1;  Acts 17:26

3.      Our world didn’t and couldn’t create itself.  Neither does evidence suggest that our world is the by-product of random chance.

4.      Zeus didn’t create the universe.  He struggles even to control a portion of it.

5.      Hermes was nothing more than a messenger of the gods.

6.      All the Greek and Roman gods with their human nature and frailties.

7.      Most scientist of any weight / credibility who believe in the big bang theory admit either [1] They do not know the origin of the worlds.  [2] The evidence points to a cause.

II.      IF All Men Are Of The Same “Blood” Then There Is One True God.  All Men Are Of One Blood.  There Is A True God

1.      Evolutionary theories (of which there are thousands) require billions of years and as many suppositions (e.g. something from nothing; birth of human from non human or transformation of non-human into non human).

(1)           Would you like to have transfusion of monkey blood into your veins?

(2)           If we are product of evolution wouldn’t the blood that flows through our human veins and the blood of the animal kingdom be ONE!

2.      Consider what the prejudiced mind of man concocts.

(1)           Human races other than our own are inferior, ignorant, savage, etc.

(2)           Our race is superior and to mingle would be to water down our gene pool.

(3)           Push comes to shove, we have treated other races as less than human.

3.      All the while the Bible teaches and has taught:

(1)           God made men of every nation from one blood (Acts 17:26).

(2)           “…the life of the flesh is in the blood” (Lev. 17:11-14).

(3)           All races are different, but all races have common ties (Adam).  Our blood makes us one, and the blood of Christ makes us one.

III.   Most If Not All Of Mankind Knows That God Exists And At Some Level They Pay Homage To Him.

1.      It may not be done in an acceptable and a way involving biblical faith, BUT it will be done by most if not all at some level.

(1)           You can deny God, but you can’t do so consistently.

(2)           I believe that at some level all men have a need to acknowledge God.

2.      Paul’s audience made frequent pilgrimage to various temples with meat and drink offerings (cf. maidens).  (v. 25).

(1)           Temples on earth that these men made with their own hands.

(2)           Serving gods who depended upon men for their life / nourishment.

3.      Men make their own gods/idols, because they know that the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of someone, some being who is out there.

4.      The God of the Bible.  Of heaven and of earth.  Of your soul is out there.

(1)           Living in a temple not made with our hands.  Living not only on earth but heaven.

(2)           Living, and not dependent upon us for His continued existence.  He is great IAM.

(3)           Living, and willing to give life to all mankind… physical and spiritual.  Live in blood.

5.      The Bible pleads with you.  I plead with you.  Give God that which is due Him, and do it today, before it is too late.

(1)           Day coming when every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. (Rom. 14:11; Phil. 2:10.

(2)           Day coming when overwhelming presence of God will leave you with no choice but to admit – God is God and you are not.

A.          Today you have opportunity to make that proclamation / admission of free will.

B.          Tomorrow it may be that you make it only for God’s sake and vindication/


1.     The day is appointed (v. 31).  The judge has already been ordained.

2.     Your heart soul and mind are answering in unison… Yes!  Or “We will hear you again on this matter… in effect = NO!

3.     The evidence is before you.  God is as real as the rock and sculptures of the Parthenon.


[i] Sermon outline by Toby L. Soechting for presentation in Howe, TX on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2007.

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