Deborah, A Rock and Voice of Reason

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Deborah was a rock for Israel, even their military commanders. She was trusted, wise, and gave Godly reason. How can we emulate that in our present day?


If there was a battle and you could choose one person to go with you, who would it be?

How can you be a rock/a safe place for someone in difficult times?

Read Judges 4:1-24

Deborah Was a rock for Israel.

Deborah had a voice of wisdom.
Arwen saves Frodo
How can we be a rock for someone and be a voice of wisdom?
We start here: Confidence, courage, and wisdom come from knowing the One who can give it.
Deborah knew her God was the ONLY one who could save them, as Arwen knew the power of her father and the elves could save Frodo.
How could this look in your life?
When someone brings a problem to you, interact with them instead of dismissing them.
When someone is facing a battle of their own, charge in with them.
pray to God about what to do. He will answer or give you a prompt about what to do.
Seek God’s wisdom first before speaking, and then speak with the new wisdom God has given you.
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