Jesus Opens Minds

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Luke reveals some things not seen in John

They are frightened that Jesus might be a ghost.
They are uncertain whether this is actually Jesus, or some familiar spirit (demon) sent to torment them more.
Thomas is not the focus here
Jesus ate in front of them
Jesus presents the whole aim of the Scriptures

Jesus showed up among them

He showed them his hands and feet as signs of his suffering

They were so excited, they didn’t know what to believe

They did in some sense believe, otherwise they would not have rejoiced.

Their excess of joy prevented a clear understanding

Jesus even ate in front of them

Disembodied spirits don’t eat (unless your Slimer from the Ghostbusters)

Jesus reminded them of what had to be fulfilled

They still doubted

Sometimes, even when all of the evidence is presented to us, we still cannot believe it.

When we what a loved one to really know something, we tell them everything we know.

We might say, “Let me clue you into something” if we think they are being naïve.
Or, we might say, “Let me show you something” when we think they haven’t seen it.

When we feel like they are really getting it, it fills us with joy.

Some might say that the experience is “Pregnant with possibilities”
We are filled with joy and excited at the possibilities

But, may not be able to wrap our mind around its newness of it

When we are opened up to this way of being, it gives us new life

Jesus showed them all that they needed to see

Jesus opens up their minds so they could understand all that happened

Not just reminding them of what he said, but revealing it as true to their souls

This was an unveiling of their hearts to the truth, illumination of his Spirit

He prophesied that they would bear witness of him to the world

He added the promise of the Holy Spirit who would come to them at Pentecost

God opens our minds to understand the Gospel, the Good News, by the Spirit

This is why we pray that God will reveal it to us each time we read the Scriptures

The Scriptures are not just for us, we need to share what we know with others

When others know about God, they can have the choice of receiving understanding or remaining in doubt.

Repentance through faith lead out by understanding and into the life in the Spirit.

Life in the Spirit is a true life of freedom from lies about who are to the possibilities of who we can be.

Those possibilities are opened up to all as we share in the life of the Spirit.

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