April 18, 2021 - Why Good Works Matter EVEN MORE Today

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Jesus told us let our light shine before people so that they see our good works and glorify our Father who is in Heaven. How do we do that in a pandemic? Good news is it is something we can work into the day-to-day of our every day...even in a lockdown. Why Good Works Matter Even More Today Jesus said, "In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father." How do we do that when we need to be in isolation? What does good works look like in the day-to-day of every day today? Why is so critical we get it right NOW? Let's see if we can have God's input on these questions and more.

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Because these are for reading up here and I really can't see anything if I have them on but it's new to me and I was just saying I watch The Bill Johnson message. He has an iPad and it's kind of like I can enlarge an iPad maybe I should preach from that, but I don't have that setup today. I want to start by reading the end of The Sermon on the Mount. Everything in the sermon the mount is so much fun. It is so good. And it's it needs to be unpacked. But I'm not I'm not I want you to catch what Jesus is saying here? Because I'm going to unpack it later without seeing from this verse. Here's here's what it means. Okay going to pick up in verse 12 of chapter 7 of Matthew. It says do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets. You can enter God's kingdom only through the narrow gate that Highway to Hell is Broad and its gate is wide for The Men Who choose that way, but the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult and only a few ever find it. Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep, but a really vicious wolves you can identify them by their fruit. That is by the way that they act can you pick a grape from Thorn bushes or figs from a thistle a good tree produces good fruit and a bad tree produces bad fruit a good tree cannot produce bad fruit and a bad tree cannot produce good fruits to every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. Yes, you just as you can identify a tree by its fruit so you can identify people by their actions. Not everyone who calls out to me Lord. Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven. But only those who actually do the will of my father will enter. On Judgment Day many will say to me Lord Lord. We prophesied in your name. We cast out demons in your name. We perform any miracles in your name and I will tell them I never knew you get away from me you who break God's laws. Anyone who listens to my teachings and follow it follows it is wise like a person who builds a house on a solid rock though. The rain comes in Torrance and flood Rises flood waters rise and the winds beat down against that house. It will not collapse because it is built on bedrock. But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn't obey it is like a foolish person who builds a house on a sand and when the rain and the floods come the twins beat down against that house and it will collapse with a buddy crash. Jesus had finished saying these things the crowds were amazed at his teaching for he taught with real Authority. Quite unlike their teachers of the religious law. Let's pray.

Heavenly father. I do pray that we have ears to hear and hearts to obey. What you are telling us to do. Lord, it's not the words. I say, but it's Lord the words you speak to Hearts today. It's those words of encouragement and Lord. We cannot look in the mirror of your word and go away unchanged. We can't be hearers of the word and not do what you say. So Lord, I pray that you would speak clearly and speak speak powerfully today. And Lord, I pray that we would be quick to hear and quick to obey while you tell us to do in your holy name. Amen.

All of us in her life for going to emphasize different things at different times. It's just the way we are. I want to show you today that emphasis matters. There's a sentence in English that if you emphasize every word that it is emphasized a different word it a different meaning we have a little bit of fun with this. Okay. The sentence is I didn't say we should kill him. Okay, so just listen to this. Okay, I didn't say we should kill him. I didn't say we should kill him. I didn't say we should kill him. I didn't say we should kill him. I didn't say we should tell him I didn't say we should kill him. I didn't say we should kill him.

emphasis matters, right it matters The problem is that in this pandemic. The church is a whole has emphasized the obvious. Andy emphasized the significance

we've emphasized meeting together and how to do that safely or not do it at all because it it's important to keep everyone safe.

But we be emphasized. The reason we shouldn't stop meeting together. Pastor John a couple weeks ago challenge does with it. I want to go through how do we live out that challenge of the day today of today?

I've only heard one other Church mention that this is important and and work it out how they were going to do it every other church. It's about how we've been offended or how we've been depressed or how what we have to do just to injure I'm telling you I'll get into that in a second. Okay. Hebrews 10 is where Pastor Shawn lettuce couple weeks ago turning it verse 23, let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope. We affirm for God can be trusted to keep his promise. Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works and let us not neglect the meeting together as some people do but encourage one another especially now as we see the day of his return Drawing Near. The reason why we meet together is to encourage one another to acts of love and good works. Now why is this important because Jesus at the start of the sermon of the mount or closer to the start of the sermon amount? Cuz this is Matthew 5 verse 14. He says you are the light of the world a city on the hilltop cannot be hitting no one lights a lamp and then puts it under the basket instead of lamp is placed on a stand where it gets the blank to everyone in the house in the same weight. Let your good deeds shine out for all to see so that everyone will praise your heavenly father.

my goodness Does this really matter?

I made a statement on a llama online meeting in the last couple of weeks and it was kind of in the middle of the ranch. I was in. and

the reason I was kind of in a rant was there's this very he's a retired Pastor. He's a gentleman. He's a gem of a person. and he was asking the group

He was very concerned about taking the vaccine.

Because he was listening to Brother sewing so down in Texas who is saying this that or the other thing and is anyone heard what he said and we discuss this.

And I was trying hard. I didn't want to rant against that because it needed to be a safe place. We could all share and I I know this man enough to know he's got a really good heart and he loves people and he loves Jesus.

But what I did rant about was what the church was missing on. Found myself saying that if a church can't learn how to do service during a if they had to do service during a pandemic if they're only concerned about having a service during the pandemic. I don't think it's going to please God to have them to open up their doors after the pandemic.

And I'm offended a few other pastors here. But honestly, it's been our church in one of their church. I've heard talk about service at this time. Talk about serving each other in Love talk about serving outside of its these walls in love. We have the peace from Jesus that passes all understanding and if you don't get it because the world needs it and you and I need to share it.

Oh my goodness it matters because we we can we can't put off doing love and Good Deeds acts of love and Good Deeds until after this pandemic is over. We can't we cannot and I'm telling you why we can't because of the story from history.

Ironman finish the story about the deal why I wanted to rent with that that guy okay, because I mean he was concerned because You know in in Israel 97% of the people have a vaccine and now they have a passport. And is that passport the mark of the beast and should we be concerned about that and I'm like what I did in that meeting if anyone is here or anyone listening you got to hear this now. Okay, it is not the mark of the beast to get the vaccine. Why do I know that because the mark of the beast is the denial of Christ is Lord the mark of the beast says no, I'm going to serve this other God instead of Jesus. And if the government was saying you had to renounce Christianity in order to get the vaccine. Yeah, it could be the mark of the beast. That's what was happening in the story. I'm going to get to in a few minutes. That's what was happening to the church in the in the early Church in Rome in in in Alexandria that the the the but it's not happening now don't worry, but what other people are saying online or what people are saying it is not a matter of is this the mark of the beast we cannot was by accident take the mark of the beast. It is a conscious choice to say Jesus is not my Lord anymore. That's what the mark of the beast is on the Handler in the forehead. It's what we think and what we do that goes against Christ and joins with the Antichrist. And the good news is we're not there yet. Don't be concerned about protect your health and others get the vaccine as soon as you can. Okay?

story in history that takes place in Alexandria and it starts with C with dionysius. dionysius live from around 19026 to 65 and he was the bishop of Alexandria and a very very good debater very smart individual in all kinds of different areas. but he had just become the bishop in Alexandria, and there was civil unrest And if you read the story it was a terrible time to be a Christian because people took out their frustrations with the Empire on the Christians in Alexandria, and we've got stories of people getting beat up in the streets and people getting burnt to the steak and one lady was shook was confronted and instead of of enduring the pain that they were going to inflict on her and threatening to do she jumped in the Flames herself. like this was a serious time for the church that he just he just became the bishop of and then the emperor decided to join in with all the civil unrest and say okay, there's a person's fault and they've got to to offer a pinch of incense to the emperor to prove that. They're worthy citizens. and a lot dead and dionysius kind of got tricked into leaving Alexandria his followers kind of kidnapped him and took him away and he was quite upset cuz he wanted to be a martyr but a couple of days after after the emperor's edict was done and things went back to him or he was able to come back to the city. He came back 2 years later. And he was interest instrumental in the the questions of the church was okay, these people that have taken that Mark have it pinch that the pinch of intra incest to the emperor of the night Christ if they've denied Christ of the church tonight them. That was the question. And dionysius was among the leaders who said no. As long as they breed forgiveness is there and there's this thing called brace that says we can't earn ourselves anyway, and God gives it to us by his grace and he was instrumental in understanding that even if we mess up that bad and we're still alive to ask forgiveness God's grace is sufficient.

So don't even worry if you anyway.

I want to read.

Did the book?

What's it called by this sign the Christians? I'm reading a quotation from this that actually quotes dionysius as well. And then quotes a historian that talks about the results. Okay, so I will get that up next. It's that this book says during the plague time. The pagans will push the suffers away and fled from their dearest throwing them into the road before they were dead treating unburied corpses as dirt. Dionysius is flock. However, he did his call to take the opposite approach most of our brothers brother Christian Showtime bounded love and loyalty never sparing themselves and thinking only of one another key list of the danger that the that they took charge of the stick attending to their every need and ministering to them in Christ with the and with them departed this life serenely happy for they were inflicted by others with the disease drawing on themselves the sickness of their neighbors and accepting their pain. Ace serve the ones the other threw away and they got sick and died. That's what the church did during that plagued at that time.

Goes on to say it's noteworthy that Dionysus is policy towards the stricken had resulted had results. He could have hardly guest is story and Rodney Stark believes that the care offered by the Christians may have cut the mortality rate by 2/3 or more and eventually led to a large number of conversions to this merciful Creed and that in turn further secure Christianity's place in society in history has his church under his Direction prospered in the face of animals, unless speakable calamity.

Are you and I do not live in a place where time with a sick or throwing out into the streets.

if that's not our role in this

but we do live in a time where people are ignored and suffer in silence. We live in a time where families who don't have the tools to cope are imploding. We live in a time when people who like to be alone have really been alone for a long time and I'm hearing like it's just that they need something. We live in a time where businesses are feeling and unemployment is skyrocketing and and it's not getting better and credit card debt is out of control. We live in a time where healthcare workers can't get away from the sickness. It's it's all over the place and they are burning out and people who make minimum wage or the ones on the front line who can afford this did not be there. Even if they're terrified of getting sick. And you and I should have the peace of God that transcends all understanding. You and I should have the joy of the Lord is our strength. You and I should be that light on the hill at the city on the hill the light in the darkness of Darker the night the brighter our lights.

We can't sit back and wait till is in price did not call us to hang out until the Rapture people need the piece that we've been promised and we've been stuck too often on the question. How do we meet together safely? And how do we lay hands on the sick? So they'll ring recover during cool wedding. How will our rights be respected if we don't stand up for them?

What if the Holy Spirit wants us to ask how do I show love and good works?

How do I let my light shine before people so they glorify God?

Listen, some of us need to know the benefits we get from serving others. We've been so overwhelmed by the size of our own problems that we forgotten our role is to serve others in love. We need the benefit. We we don't serve others to get this benefit, but we understand there is a huge benefit we serve others because it pleases God when we serve each other and love but you know when you bless others you get blasted when you refresh others you get refreshed and if you're limiting your thinking that you got to put this off for a time until things are safer until it's even legal.

You got to hear this. This is a video of Simon sinek on service. So can we play that video now?

Admitting you have a problem but it's the 12th step that matters is if an alcoholic Masters all 11 steps am not the 12th. It's highly likely they'll drink again. If they mess of the 12 that they're much more likely to become a disease the 12 steps of the commitment to help another alcoholic it serviced and this really is the most powerful thing in the world, which is it's not about us. It's about others book shop called selfhelp. There's no section of the book shop called help others, right and it's not about how can I lose 10 lb, how can I how can I find the love of my life, you know know know it's not how can I lose 10 pounds of how can I help somebody I care about live a healthy lifestyle. How can I find a job that I love its, how can I help somebody I care about find a lifetime of joy in their work. How can I find true love his how can I help my friend settle down and live the life they want to live and ironically do we set out to help people solve the problem that we struggled with r That in turn is what teaches us the solution.

We don't know the blessing we missed because we want to extend ourselves to bless others.

We stopped looking at the problems and start its we need to stop looking at the problems and start looking and realizing that God in us is the solution.

Not saying do anything offensively to anybody. I'm not saying you anything. That's that's dangerous to you or anybody else. I am saying pay attention to what holy spirit is telling you. And step up Bulls lead to do that.

What if it's not about us is a church having an event because we really can't have any events outside of this. Although I do think we could call the service small groups who have to meet here when it's raining outside because our backyards are just too wet. I think we could call that service and get away with it.

It's not about us as a church having event, but it's about you and I being the church in the day-to-day of our everyday. It's about us being that light of the world the city on the hill. It's about us serving people in love and letting them see our good works not so that it brings glory to the hospital because it brings glory to God.

And a church that motivates one another to love acts of love and good works is part of the Bride who has made herself ready? We're not doing it. There's no point of Us opening up our doors. We're just here to have her ears tickled. Why? I can tell you there's a whole lot of better preaching the way you're getting this morning out there. You could just Google it it's there.

What would it be like to be motivated to do acts of love and good works?

How can you motivate others to do acts of love and good works? Here's the hints. We see you doing that and it motivates us to do that. We hear your testimonies about doing that and it motivates us to do that. We hear what God is doing in your life and we want to have a sum of that for ourselves.

And we need to be doing that during a pandemic.

We can't wait till it's over because that's not what Christ has called us to we come from a long line of people who've been killed because they believe in Jesus or being killed it died because they served others in love.

That's what the church supposed to be. That's that's where we come from. That's what we need to be.

But I might get a ticket. So what? So what?

You're not going to last any every ticket that goes before a judge gets thrown out just so you know and oh my goodness. What a good thing.

How do we do this? Well, there's a tool and I'm afraid you won't be able to read it. Cuz I don't think I'll be able to read that far. But if you want this print it off, I can do that later. I always do good work stool. Let your Deeds Good Deeds shine before everyone so they will praise your heavenly Father in Heaven. How do you do that? The acronym is always okay. So the A and always is you got to accept. Holy spirit's role. I'm Philemon 1:6, I'm certain that God who began a good work in you will continue his work until it's finished on the day Christ. Jesus returns. The question. We ask ourselves if my doing good works in My Own Strength, you can't do that we can do some some of it is that but we got to know that we're doing it as unto the Lord. Otherwise it working at War out. Holy spirit is the one who leads you he teaches you hear neighbors really empowers you to accomplish every good work prompted by your faith. Amen.

Kent don't do acts of love and good works in your own strength in your old ability. What is perfect love love is perfect love is love I get from God and share. Others but not getting it from God and I'm just doing it myself. I won't have the energy to keep it up. I won't have the ability to do it and under him when I get it from him and give it out its continual it just grows and grows and grows.

Yell and always is love always. Okay, love love love 1st Corinthians 16:4 tells us to do everything in love. Question we asked ourselves. Am I really doing this out of love or am I trying to compete or doing this because I think I deserve a tension. What does it say do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit?

If you're doing it for any other reason than love we think about rethink your motivation before you proceed.

Like wolves matter just like emphasis matters motives matter. And if you're doing it for the other person if you're doing it, so God sees the glory of God gets the glory go for it. if it's he I want to help my neighbor because I'm with my neighbor's lawn because he's got a core aerator that can do mine. Later.


I mean New in always has walk in the light.

Jesus said in John 16:13 when the spirit of truth comes he will guide you into all truth. The question is where is Holy Spirit leading me to serve?

There are things that we can do I'll get to some of those later.

That are completely within the rules and we got just got to do it.

There are other things that I know God is stringing me to do the kind of her in that gray area of the rules where ya might get a ticket but I don't think a judge is going to let that ticket stand and those are the things that are you going to obey God or you going to be mad?

Make sure as long as you're being led by the spirit, as long as you're doing it in love the obedient and where it what he's leading you to do number one will be there to him number to don't let don't do things that make the other person uncomfortable. Right if they want it, you know, you don't come up and give them a hug even though you really feel you should give them a hug unless they're comfortable with that and they need it. Give them the physical distances don't you know where your mask do those things you can but don't let that stop you from doing the good work. I'm thinking about helping out in people's Gardens. I'm thinking about you know doing those things around the neighborhood. I'm talking about picking up trash around the place or something. You can do things and make people feel comfortable. And in still still do it, right?

Yeah, I think I mentioned a couple weeks ago. I have like we I have no I think the government over reached when they said I couldn't go see my parents. So as long as my parents are healthy and I'm healthy as long as my wife's parents are healthy and I'm healthy as long as they're isolated which they are and I'll isolated most of the time which I am and I don't really care if the government gets upset that I go visit them regularly cuz I will and I am And maybe their stuff like that. We need to be doing more. I'm just saying that could be ticketed it can

as long as it depends on you live at peace with all people don't make others uncomfortable ask them before you just assume you could do something. Okay, so that's the best hint hint in tip there.

The A and always a second and always is act like Jesus Colossians 3:17, whatever you do do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus giving thanks through him to God the Father. Question you ask yourself is how do I show Jesus and his love in my phone calls in my text messages in my video calls in my social media posts in every interaction with everyone I meet in it. However, I meet them.

Oh my goodness. Do you know the difference we can make in the atmosphere of this town is it if we are the nice one, the only nice ones that that teller at the grocery store gets to see that for that day. You know you come in there. People see when you smile. Okay when you get the mask on we see when you're smiling so put a smile on. That we also see when you're not smiling. Stop being like that. You got the joy of the Lord suck it up.

I told best authentic authentic.

Oh, yeah, hence be authentic. It's not plastic Christianity. It is in plastic Christianity. You cannot fake acts of love and good works. You can't. You know. people know when we give off platitudes if that we don't believe

like, you know

I am usually will call people when they told me call people out when they say yeah, I'm trusting God, but I don't see their piece. I will call them out. But there's other things too. If I'm if I say I'm thankful and yet I don't have that piece because I'm trusting God.

Yeah, I don't have real thankfulness because thankfulness isn't just a choice. It's at the it is a decision, but it's also an action. It's also a will I've got to be thankful with my whole heart if I'm not doing it with my whole heart and I'm just saying be thankful cuz I'm thankful and it's made a difference in my life. Let me see the difference in your life and ask you what the difference is and then you can tell me you're thankful.

the authentic pasta Christianity the Y the why is urine to flow Ephesians 5 to live a life filled with love following the example of Christ. The question I like to ask myself and it's made me a better driver. Do I leave everyone a little more happy? Joyful at peace or interested in Jesus?

Really? I'm just not taking up space or people. I'm changing the atmosphere as I go. And sometimes I got to admit it's not always the right atmosphere I change. Like I am grumpy some days, you know, I got it. I got other things on my mind than making other people happy sometimes.

But if I'm asking myself this question, I'm getting in the right place with God before I go out. I'm praying as I go. I got to tell you one of the blessings I have in my life as I get to go into companies and talk to people and give them Jesus when they're ready. But it before they're ready. We just talk about stuff. And a lot of that got shut down during the start of the pandemic but some of its opening up now, so I've been going again and every time I go you just have fantastic conversations. It's amazing because a year ago, Some of these people won't talk to me. Now they're telling me everything in their life. because I'm a friendly face with a smile and we talked of a dragon and it's cool and it's it works out good.

Do I leave everyone a little more happy or joyful or a piece or interested in Jesus? What's the kingdom of God the kingdom of God is not a matter of meat or drink, but righteousness peace and joy. I better be leaving righteousness. Peace and joy Wherever I Go. Happy might not be the right term, but that's what people want. And that's what they see in Union City. You're happy.

Don't try to change their part before you anyway, it's okay. The s in always is to surrender. 1st Peter 3:15 instead you must worship Christ as Lord of your life and if you anyway if someone asked you about your hope is a Believer always be ready to explain it. What if I'm not ready to always do good works? What if I have been putting it off? What if I see no possible thing that I can do at this time?

There's two things you can do. First of all, it's confession and second of all it's repentance.

Confession is agreeing with God that what he says is true and what my experience is may not be.

I don't care who you are. You can maybe right and maybe it's your write a letter to that person that you need to communicate with. I don't know how many of you get letters. I like getting letters cuz no one gives me letters anymore.

Maybe it's the email. Maybe it's a text. Maybe it's how many ways can we do video calls?

Some of you should be thinking about starting a private Facebook group for just those people that God has placed on your heart.

Gather them together and let's just talk about life. Then will throw in Jesus along the way.

We know God will Empower us to accomplish every good work prompted by our faith. So whatever holy spirit is prompting you to do it the person he's prompting you to contact that that act of service those acts of love that he wants you to do and you're getting them already in your mind and it coming out of your heart. You got to know he's going to accomplish that. Step out in faith to do it be bold in it. Be smart in it. Be safe in it, but be bold and what God is telling you to do.

The challenge today comes from Spurs Chronicles 12:32 where it says that from issachar those who understood the times and what is real should do. We need people of wisdom to rise up and you need to be a person of issachar and rise up and understand the situation. We're in but I know what to do in that situation where you're at and who you're connected with and those people you love the closes in the deers and those strangers you come in contact with as you walk along the way.

God will show you how you can do it. You need to know that you need to always be doing it.

Will you be a person of issachar will you understand the times and know what to do? Will you do acts of service and love and good works today?

Will people see your good works and glorify your father who is in heaven?

Bill Johnson has said that Jesus didn't give us power and authority so that we could sit in the Pew and wait to the rapture.

James. James Dobson is said one of the most important responsibilities is in the Christian life is to care about others smile at them and be friends to the Friends.

I don't know how often you're out in the world. The days are getting nice go for walks.

You see the people that are walking.

You see the arguments going around on around you? She the one who weren't talking to each other you see. You see it.

You're there to make a difference. You're there to bring Christ.

And honestly, it's just a matter of the Loaves and the fishes we give what we have available and God multiply Jesus blesses it and multiplies it and it goes out. Our job is to show up.

Start showing up.

How will you do acts of love and good works this week? Not next week starting today. Who is God placed on your heart. How are you going to do it? Let's pray.

Lord I first of all want to pray for all the prayers that people are praying For the people they love in the people they're connected with and some that we prayed for years and years and years that haven't. Haven't lined up with your will in heaven yet. I pray Lord God that we would see those Miracles take place in those lives. I pray for those who have grown weary in praying for others that they would be reinvigorated to do that. And keep on keeping on and pray until the Breakthrough comes. And I pray Lord God that they would be blessed as they bless others in that way. Lord, it's not just in the prayer closet that weird called to make a difference in the world. It's in the where where we go and the things we do. And if that's online through social media, if that's in the grocery store or in the park where we walk where in the work where we go wherever wherever we are.

Jesus help us bring you there. Help people to see the piece that we have and ask about that help them to see the joy that we have and ask him that. and Lord If we're here today or watching online now or later, and we we need that Joy or we need that piece. Help us. God to seek that out with you and it up with others. So Lord God we can truly be your representatives to this world.

There's never been a time that we need to see you more father Jesus. We need to see you glorified. The Lord help us to glorify you in our lives and through our lives. Opus dream bigger dreams and attempt bigger things give us wisdom to know what we can do now and what we're doing for the future to see that Future come about In Jesus name we pray amen. Thank you.

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