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1 Kings 18:20-40

Praying for Power

I.        Introduction


B. Acts 2:42 - 42) They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

C. Historical Background

1. Northern Kingdom of Israel had fallen deeper in sin since the kingdom had split

2. By this time Ahab was the king and Jezebel the queen

3. Elijah had prophesied that there would be no rain for three years and then went into hiding

4. This was his first reappearance

II.      Pray according to God’s Will

A. Illustration

B. Exegesis

1. Do it his way all the way - Wavering between two opinions (21)

a) You cannot try to live according to God’s plans and the world’s because the two are going in separate directions

b) They were praying to gods that fit their needs

(1) These were no gods at all

(2) We search for hope from the gods of this world – popularity, sex, money, drugs, alcohol, etc.

(3) They will never meet our needs

2. Choose God over the majority (22)

a) Most of us would do anything that the church voted on

b) Martin Luther, “One with God is a majority”

3. Elijah prepared for prayer

a) Assembling the stones of the altar

(1) 12 stones – according to the tribes of Israel

(2) He repaired the altar that had been broken down

(3) The altar was a place of confession and repentance

b) The time of worship – At the time of sacrifice (36)

C. Application

III.   Pray for the impossible

A. Illustration – Music City Miracle

1. January 8, 2000, Tennessee Titans vs. Buffalo Bills

2. The Bills had just kicked a 41 yard field goal to put Buffalo ahead 16-15 with only sixteen seconds left in the game

3. Om the next play Lorenzo Neal received the kickoff, handed off to Frank Wycheck

4. Wycheck lateraled the ball across the field to Kevin Dyson who ran the ball seventy-five yards for a touchdown and the Titans won the game

5. It was not really a miracle because it was something within their power to do

6. We should pray for that which only God can do

B. Exegesis

1. Elijah prepared for the impossible

a) Gave them the home-field advantage – Mount Carmel

b) HE was outnumbered 450-1

c) He le the prophets of Baal go first

d) He gave them plenty of time, probably around 6 hours

e) He lets them choose the bull

f) He makes his own altar impossible to burn – Flooding the sacrifice with water

2. Elijah’s prayer shows that he expects the impossible and God acts

3. Elijah prays expectantly

C. Application –

1. Pray that God would do something great in our church

2. Most of our prayers are for the completely possible

3. Let God be God

IV.    Pray for God’s glory to be shown

A. Illustration

B. Exegesis

1. God’s glory of covenant with his people (36) – Abraham, Isaac, and Israel

2. Let it be known today that you are God in Israel

a) Sense of immediacy

b) He is God in Israel because that is where they are – He is God wherever you are

3. We are His servants

4. We Are His people – doing things according to His commands

5. We are to be showing His glory to others (37-39)

C. Application

1. We should pray with the lost in mind

2. We should pray with the world in mind

V.      Conclusion

A. What are you praying for?

1. Is it all about you

2. Are you praying about things that make an eternal difference

B. How are your praying about it

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