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Call Bamboo in Columbus. So it does Talk About Women of Faith. But again, it's also bad moms. You say, OK, Google three. See what I can do, is put a block on the county in which was asking to see if it's there, but amiibos come outside and meet you at at the make a motor motor part of me and you can have your support 4K. I keep getting reminded. And I do thank God for for my mom and I know it can be hard sometimes for for those that have lost Mother's or grandmother's special during Mother's Day, but you know, just push through.

Number to South Roosevelt songs.

He's a queer that most of them that we've been in Hebrews 11 for the last few weeks. For Suzuki most honest person. We're going to actually go back to versus back into Hebrews 10, Iva Dale's dies. It was earlier in 2027, we're going to be reading verse 38 and verse 39.

Everyday, Rose Dies, 2003 Clinton Highway Hebrews, 10:38 and 39.

He's a barber that used to work at SAS. But Apple Vision, scenery Los que tiene para preservation de l'alma Alleluia. Now the just shall live by faith, but if anybody drawers back, my soul has no pleasure in him, but we are not of those who draw back to Perdition, but of those who believe in the to the saving of the Soul, so that let us pray, Heavenly Father, we come before you once again, Lord. You just, thank you, God, for all of your blessings. Everything God that that you've been doing in our lives or Jesus. We thank you for our mom's father. God, not for those at that are here father and those that are not father God. Thank you, Lord for, for allowing us to, to be in their lives. Father, God, and in this day, just continue blessing, each mother. Father God. And not just this day, but throughout father, got the year of Cuz we know that is such a hard job. Father, and many times it's thankless job, father, God. But got. I know that you're seeing all of that and you are blessing than father as the Lord as we go forward. Father, I just ask that again. It may be your holy spirit that speaks to us today. Father God, that it's not me but it is your word. Instructing all of us Lord and that us we learned father that we may be able to share it with others as well. Name of Jesus Christ. We pray. Amen. And amen. Daddyo's Grill, Saint say nosotros somos, hombres y mujeres.

Chino para San Valentin, para. Ver La salvacion, as always see here, is that all of us, men of Faith, Women of Faith, that we're not those a drawback to Perdition, but we are those that believe in the saving of the Soul, we believe in our future, not the past, we believe in what Christ has done for us so that we can live the life that he wants us to live. You just got mine at giving massage and foot to Royal Oak.

But old man can't afford the gas and O's La cuerda. As I was there, they locate said, ecuacion de facto a la Vida La Vida de muchas, personas Mas. And it was telling you about 2 weeks ago when we were talking about Moses that you know, a woman has the potential to also affect the life of so many others. But specially, you know, people that will rise up and make a big impact La Semana Pasada mean. Who am I supposed to last week? We talked a little bit about that. That's why I want you to go with me. We're going to be going into Timothy 2nd, Timothy 1 v, i c k it by economy, was it will let you know Cinco. 2nd, Timothy 1:5.

Serenity Motel owner. Single it is a palabra Lafayette. You do mad. Real nice. Okay, Auntie tambien. When I called you that when I call to remembrance the genuine faith that is in, you this Paul talking to Timothy, which dwelt first and your grandmother, Lois and your mother Eunice and I am persuaded is in. You also 7K, the Loyola. either way, it will Neeson Elementary in this episode. Denison.

We don't hear anything else about Eunice about Louis outside of this passage. but these people were very influential in the life of Timothy, but if you get this, and I'll be there at the motel, You play, almost there, come over there at the motel coronavirus cause a problem with one of the ones that were chosen by Paul, he was pastoring, a church estar El Paso. Even though it doesn't, we don't know as much as we do like with Paul with Timothy Timothy. We do know what it is in these two books. We know that he was a very Man full of Faith, Family coronavirus, you know, that we know that he was arrested Monday and I can imagine his ministry. But again, all of this started by the mom. And the grandmother do. I stop the sound over? That Kalama is Alita.

okay, I will say is that I know some of you may have heard it before from me, better 7 karat Nosotros equal

Is that was a keeper that come up as soon as I got here as pastors because of the grace of God and the other way. And and I'm going to focus on on my mom because of its mother's day, or that there's someone else you notice through her testimony, that we are pastors. One of the reasons, anyway, and what we know is that if you go even further back, she said either South Windsor California, You do have you had with your Ramon, do with your Roberto Quattro, you go back and you end up finding out that four of her brothers, for my uncles are pastors. And why are their pastors again? Because of the grace of God, I will later because my grandmother also had her testimony and what she shared with them and instruction, you can wait in my location. And so we see that with them, they didn't want to just learn and they weren't just being Christians, but they wanted to also share what God was telling them, as pastors because of the calling that God had given them. None of that would have been possible if it wasn't for my grandmother, because when she grew up, when she was a little girl, yeah. Pequeno, you know, she grew up in the Catholic church, so you send espanol, they whistle Arrow who Coronavirus The West Colorado and so she was like a hardcore Catholic Family, my grand my great-grandmother and my great-grandfather. Beto Como veces Pasa like we see even nowadays but they they don't embrace it. If anything when they do is just the kind of shut off from wanting to hear anything else but I was little Kim Possible as a kid

Eeyore thought you going to know where I'm talking about that playlist.

And so my grandmother would something be sent to do tasks to go get things for for the house or what not groceries. Whatever as though from the local stores and that you would go by and pass by a Baptist Church. You muchas veces, hola como esta, pasando will be going by, you can't undo and they were singing with us on the 4th of June, she would start to learn some of the songs and don't like passing by. I would imagine she would probably stop by and listen in a bit and let you know what I used it, but I won't poke. Do you stop by your switch and do the Los Gatos she comes home? And she still humming, as you still singing, one of these songs with Oriental Nando. I can't. And that's so scandalous.

It does this calories amoeba Sowela? Pacific estas cantando, my great-grandmother's, that you're singing. Do you want to lie? So she was like, it was a song that I've heard from the church and I will not want to go into that place. To let me know. I was just passing by and I might stop by Sunday. Acquaintance.

It's still a little bit of correction and they told her never to step foot there, never through to be going there.

But now there was a fire that had sparked in my grandmother's heart. you wouldn't know what I am going to tell you, is that later on, as there was an incident, that happened and They they had even asked the the priest to come over. He know, you said Each one. Could I come in yet?

Mooyah in really sick. And and they had asked them to come and, and to come in through to pray and do something, and she had been praying to the Saints, Auto Los Santos. Yo, Tambien.

Yeah, that's a momento. Do you have that your 7K Metals Bella's yes to Santos Linares.

You don't get on $30 until the last moment to that you can order me. I will eat there. Homicide, on the 2000s. Wisconsin I saw that moment that happened. They broke everything else. They're like it, none of this helps all these candles. Holy Saints, even the priest? Nothing, nothing came off of this. Let's throw all this stuff away. We're done with this. Take us to that church. That you were coming from humming because it looks like they may have something special there. You don't say this, when they went over there to the Baptist Church, they gave their life to Christ. You know, you were that your location and Dynasty come down from all of the different pastors that came from from that act alone,

Chicago rapist or is that each of them were raised up to be pastors? All of them or a woman of faith if we're in 300 days. That was a mother. That ended up instructing, his future pastors, get where we need to get them when I used to go in Surrey, on do with that has mass near to my nearest muchos Primo supremist. Santa Maria in full swing and do a lot of my cousins as well. You know, not just my siblings are are also in doing something for the Lord in Ministry, all of this, because of a woman of faith,

Guess what's important. Okay? So you must have landed and start a New Mexico. Do you know, that's all we could do to talk about this woman even though she's only on one first and the second woman as well, just say, you know, the mom and the grandmother were talking about Eunice and Lois or that I just almost hablando de the lawyer that they are witnessing. 7. Kia. Sportage circulation. Do you know you have the potential to change the world? and I know that sounds, you know, like all that, so cliche, but that's when I come okay, but I'll escort, you know, we know that God chooses people Play llama llama in the NSO El Camino, but we know that moms have such a strong effect. It does that God has chosen process of Krizz Kaliko videos. Jesus Christ, the son of God. But you know, what? His mom had to do, the upgrading to, but it's on my mother that I did not load any activity and time again that I'm off, will like, it is to work. I'm beyond over. I can't order it and see if it's at the middle by Zedd. You know, even Jesus Christ needed, his diapers changed and that was Mary, you know, it and for all of us. I just want to remind you that that's why we all strive you know, to be men and women of Faith, you put us a letter, Cordova Presbyterian, mental, illnesses, Mama's, especially for each and everyone of you moms. Got to know, it says I'm a horrible. It has, you know some of you as well that our grandmothers you know the role that you do is so important to understand important. A lot of times you don't get the things from your children or from your grandchildren. But you know what, God is watching all of that. As I noticed that the restroom you're both sides by MOS Estes cuatro Punto.

Cuz I look at the list of Tina Guevara, Como La pregunta por Nosotros. But a place to meet on the strategos, but abuela Street and lustrous nietos.

You look at more sorrow. Piano. Travis, Travis did not need a lawyer that no chemical route but that is complete. And as we go through all of this and we start to see, you know, everything that that we've been looking through all the different characters that we saw with Moses and Abraham writing Ruth and and Eunice and Lois. We start to see there that there are patterns that there is something that we need to have it. We're going to have if we're going to be men of faith and Women of Faith and that starts with trust in the Lord across-the-board. All of them, it was about trusting God. We cannot have faith. We do not trust the Lord. What does thrush look like in physical? Must have ever seen your stressing Proverbs 3:5? You sick of being told to Corazon, no dependents and sending me Antonio. Radio station, 770, Los que estan at 10 to sign instruction Prosper on Proverbs 3:5. Property 6020 Northwest in the Lord, with all your heart, do not end up depending on just won't understanding. And those that are listening through the instruction of the Lord will prosper. Does a trust in the Lord will be full of joy. Again but I do my nose. Kate's address of Romans, 15:13 Le pido. Adios Puente de Esperanza Heroes Jenna. Completamente the bus book a confianza in n and don't says that was her and they want experience. And so I guess like I asked the Lord, you know, who gives us all hope that he feels you with happiness and peace because you trust in him and then you will experience such a Asher Joy through the Lord. Through the power of the Holy Spirit. Closest Associates are against a proposed amendment in your self, deeply in him and edify, all of your life, build all your life upon him, and then your faith will strengthen itself. In the truth that has been taught to you, and you will be full of gratitude. I think about most and we see all of this that comes from the trust in the Lord and your kiddos are some generations. I want to be that person. It has to start with you trusting, the Lord. Can I get comments are going to State thing if a thing is a confianza en El Senor. So you know otherwise nothing is going to happen. As we see there, it gives you peace if I go. So he gives you Joy but I let die Felicia daddy, brings you happiness from the different verses that we just finish reading.

He went to entonces que Le Creuset in a cat shed. So then what else do you need to do that? Okay she says I completely understand your is something you think I can process known as the handle. Tell me how do I enter a severe trusting in the Lord then you're seeing that you're not letting fear in, don't be afraid, it wasn't nothing, I'm yellow. But that was a solar event though, you may be facing things alone. Know that God is with you. Except I can't stand working for probably close to a hundred and twenty years, right? And with God, only on his side. Are you close? I'm at the senior Pocatello, the mass and Yakima Loco, you know, and only trusting in God because everybody else believe him to be a fool. Abram completamente. I want listo para, la Vida Del Sol, Rico promesa, Abraham who ended up giving it all to the Lord, leaving everything behind and ready already to even give back that son of the promise. Without Root Kelly, Houghton bien gracias. So I ended up leaving her relatives. I left her land to go to is to do that but I don't care. How are you? I know Amy. I said who. Little Clinic instead of you when I can weiner. But as we learn in second, Timothy 1:5, it has to be a genuine faith. When I fed can weiner to sit in his affection weiner go to Niagara University Paquita Another word for genuine is unhypocritical or not. No stylist. That can do for that. Pinky and the FAE I sent a scorpion do. You're not faking it, you're not faking that, you have faith because then the time will come when something strong happens. And then, you're going to just go run and hide away. But instead, you're growing this faith that you're saying. You know what? I fear nothing because the Lord is with me and required places to go Alleluia senor entonces.

Easy Elantra, semi-auto entonces, La Manera eloquent contract, and do you know that? Because we are human, there was some way to counteract that and that is going to talk to Dad.

Michelle Rodriguez.

Then you need to go ahead and go into prayer and talk to God. I said, God help me. They know what I do them in their store. I do them a salir to the Starbucks that, you know, they spent answer. I was going to start the records that you going to be full of Hope. Full of Hope. Because can you imagine if you no longer have fear to say, they're not the enemy LOL? Housatonic.

But now even if you do end up facing something strong, you have a Lifeline, you have a phone, a friend that you can do by talking to the Lord, and knowing that, you have your going to have a victory. Been all about going to produce. Hope Esperanza start seeing things in a positive light.

Because otherwise if that's not where you're at right now, what casino is on this is that Aretha you're very pessimistic. It's like there's a cloud above. You always raining at Aquatica tiene Una Mujer que Siempre esta. Lloviendo

Houston after this Kinte and stone, the ways that we'll see who's at your house, that is not something that should be. That's all I wanted to leave you with this as a Mother's Day gift, as you can. For yourself is a Helicon on status gentleman as a mere Janam, Janam Janam.

As of today, is the day that if you want to be free from all of that, just say, God no more, no more to fear, no more to anything that is binding. Me, no, more through the Troubles of life to all this pessimistic, negativity, no more to anything. That Satan is telling you Because, you know what, you are, the daughter of the king because that ass by then. So I'll leave you with 1st Peter, 5:7 all of your worries and anxieties and las manos. De dios in the hands of the Lord, put in their status because he will take care of you, your move ended up on yesterday. God bless you, go ahead and stand up why we whole floor to be able to be those men and women of genuine Faith, Lord Jesus. So, thank you, God, for all of this because we will no longer be afraid. That's in your book. Yeah, I don't know if they're more senior because we have our trust in you. Lord, Jesus look at the name on The Second Chance in team. Has a good Easter Island. Yes, I'm an errand was traffic racer Army, senior, and our faith. As we learned to depend more on, you are already happened and he is in your car. Every grandmother, give them patient. Give them love. Dallas paciencia, Melissa more missing your they can. They have the power to be able to influence the next person that maybe the next evangelist to change this world. Father God, But it all starts at home. Less than PSI in La Casa, de las tiendas de, Fortaleza de vida me senior, but you need to feel each of them. Father God with less than father blessed, all of the moms. But you said thought as my my senior sister that was with, thank you God for their lives. Father God in the name of Jesus. We pray Jesus to look pretty much a man. Yeah man.

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