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Ex 9:16
Your name is a strong tower Jesus.

What do you declaring

The name of Jesus
The blood of Jesus
Declare positivelly
Declare what you want

Act of Declaration

Angel act on over declaration - Are they not our minister spirit - Heb 1:14 ; Psa 91:11
Your Declarations shows your faith
Your Declaration give a consent
Declarations are principle that work in the kingdom - call upon me; if you believe in heart and you confess Rom 10:9

Example of those that declare by power

At the beautiful gate Act 3:6
Jesus at the tomb of Lazarus John 11:40-43
Elijah call fire 2 King's 18:36-39
Moses say if am I man of God
Joshua at Ajalon

Why should you declare

The name of the Lord is a strucng tower Pro 18:10
At the name every knee shall bow Phi 2:10

How do you declare

Declare by faith
Declare odesiously
with a fear
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