What Is Man? (2)

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Good morning, friends, we’re so glad you have tuned in to hear God’s Precepts and Promises this morning brought to you by the Rome Church of Christ.
We’re examining Christianity systematically--taking all the Bible has to say on a subject and putting it together as best as possible. Letting the Bible speak
We are talking about the Biblical doctrine of man. David asked, “What is man?” (Ps 8:4). We want to try to answer that question today.
Last week we saw how God made made at the beginning (Gen 2:7).
Today we want to focus on the fact that man is made in the image of God (Gen 1:26)

Definition:Image (צֶלֶם) and likeness (דְּמוּת)

Image: likeness (HALOT), resemblance (DCH), that which is a pattern, model, or example of something.
Likeness: similarity in appearance, character, or nature between persons or things (LALHB)
While much disagreement exists over what it means to be made in the image and likeness of God, it has to mean that man has been patterned after the nature of God.
Grudem: Man being made in the image of God “means that man is like God and represents God.”
So in what ways is man like God?

To be made in His image is to be a mental being

God is a mental, rational being
Rom 11:33-34
1 Cor 2:16
Is 55:8-9
Man too is a mental, logical being
Is 1:18; Rom 12:2

Animals sometimes exhibit remarkable behavior in solving mazes or working out problems in the physical world, but they do not engage in abstract reasoning—there is no such thing as the “history of canine philosophy,” for example, nor have any animals since creation developed at all in their understanding of ethical problems or use of philosophical concepts. No group of chimpanzees will ever sit around the table arguing about the doctrine of the Trinity or the relative merits of Calvinism or Arminianism! In fact, even in developing physical and technical skills we are far different from animals: beavers still build the same kind of dams they have built for a thousand generations, birds still build the same kind of nests, and bees still build the same kinds of hives. But we continue to develop greater skill and complexity in technology, in agriculture, in science, and in nearly every field of endeavor.

To be made in His image is to be a spiritual being.

God is a spiritual being (Jn 4:24)
Two parts to man (Gen 2:7)
Death occurs when the spirit departs the body Jam 2:26; Lk 8:55

To be made in His image is to be a moral being.

God is moral (Dt 32:4)
God made man upright (Ecc 7:29)
WE have a conscience (Rom 2:14-15; 2 Cor 4:2)
Moral law (Gen 2:16-17)
Another item that separates man from the animal world is our moral nature
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Q: Is man born in sin?
A: No. Sin is transgression of the law (1 Jn 3:4). Ezek 18:20

To be made in His image is to be a free being.

God freely chose to create (Gen 1:26)
Man is free to choose
Between good and evil (Dt 11:26-28; 30:19)
to serve God (Josh 24:15)
Address the freewill of man further in an upcoming lesson

To be made in His image is to be a relational being.

“It is evident that man was made with a social nature, even as God had a social nature. Human love and social interests spring directly from this element in man’s nature” (Thiessen 157)
God is relational
Relations within the Godhead (Jn 17:21-23, 26)
Covenant relation (2 Cor 6:18)
Man seeks relationship with...
God (Gen 4:26)
Family Gen 2:18, 22-25
Next week: think about fathers
Until then, we encourage you to hear His precepts and trust Him promises.
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