When your pocket has a hole in it

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when your pocket has a hole in it

Haggi 1

          Ever run out of money before you run out of month?  Look and try to figure out if you have lost money because you know good and well could not have spent all that much money.  Never be quite enough.  May be that you have a hole in your pocket.  As boy go to the store and get a coke for 5 cent and then inflation came and went up to 6 cent.  Get a coke and a moon pie for two nickels.  Go to pay and realize that I had a hole in my pocket and hand just keep going.  Had a hole in pocket. 

          God said in the book of Haggai that the people had a hole in their pocket and the reason for that is because their lives are not in tune with God.  Consider your ways when wonder why the money is not there.  Verse 1 Son of She- ah -T- L, son of G-hos-E-Dack.

L, son of G-hos-E-Dack.  If look at that passage see in verse 1 the word of the Lord, verse 2, thus says the Lord, verse 3, the word of the Lord came by Haggai, verse 5, thus says the Lord of Host, verse 7, thus says the Lord of host, get idea who it is that is talking here?  Word is from the Lord.  When talk about giving, need understand that these are not the words of man but the Word of God.  Can't miss what He is saying.  Consider our ways and ask ourselves, are we where God wants us to be?  Are we living in obedience to God? 

          Reasons here for the holes in their pockets.  That their money bags have holes in them.  That their productivity is diminished.  That they have but not enough.  Why?  These people had come to Jer. to rebuild the temple according to the Word of God.  Started to work, met opposition and became tired and weary so they stopped doing that which God had instructed them to do.  Instead they began to concentrate upon themselves.  Left the work of God in ruins.  Now, God sends a prophet to stir them up.  A prophet is one who speaks for God and gives God's message to the people. 

          Here is the message.  Selfishness is always empty.  Want to have an empty life, then live a selfish and self centered life where you are the center and focus of everything.  That is what verse 6 is saying.  That is the condition of literally thousands upon thousands of Americans today.  Making more money they ever thought or dreamed of making and yet are empty and so little to show for it.  Because selfishness is empty.  When we put ourselves first and use what God gives us to consume upon ourselves we come up empty.

          There is no true satisfaction in disobedience.  If you are going to live a life of disobedience to God, do not expect satisfaction and fulfillment for it will not be there. You can not walk in disobedience.  What were the reasons for these people for having the difficulties that they were having?  I promise you, the same reasons that we have today.  Everyone listening to

me now and not tithing and giving as God leads you to give,  then going to give you the reasons here and I promise you that the same two reasons will apply to your life this morning. 

          Delayed Obedience.  Reason that had holes in their pockets and the reason their crops were disappointing and reason that they were living dissatisfied lives, is because of a delayed obedience.  They did not say that was not right to do what God requested, or forget it, in fact they intended to do what God wanted them to do.  They intended to one day work on that building, intended to do exactly what God wanted.  They had become side tracked.  Preoccupied and busy making a living when God had said make a life.  Busy building their own things.  Found self living a life of disobedience.  What did they say?  Verse 2, the time is not right.  Sure we are going to do right by God and serve God but the time is not right.  Well, I would tithe and give but the economy, and what I might need in the future, what foolish thinking for only one that can provide for your future and that is the Lord God.  No security any where else.  Not now, God not tied to the economy and obedience is never tied to the economy or anything else.  Simply should obey God.  Delayed obedience is simply disobedience.  All have intentions of serving God.  Time is always right to obey God.  Always be something to take the place of giving to God.  (time right, 70 when got married, time was right)  Something will come up, hospital bill, car breaks, always be something.  What God is saying is that when you live in disobedience to God you live under the displeasure of God and never reach a point where it is right.  Some been saying for 5 years, 10,15, yes I intend but time is not right.  Time to obey God is now.  ( average $256 year if all tithe then $2,560)  God wants you right now to obey.

          Second reason that they had holes in pockets was because of a displaced priority.  God was to be their priority, but God was not.  Verse 4 they offer excuses.  Lord going to do it but time is not right.  God says alright let me deal with that.  It seems to me that you have had time to build your own houses.  And you have built nice houses.  You, You, in basket ball,  You, You,  You have displaced priorities.  Living in confront, and sitting in your recliners and yet you say that have no time.  God saying my work is more important than your work.  We don't have to accept it but what God says.  Seek first God and His righteousness.  Your house ought to be given to God if wants it.  Verse 7, I will be glorified, by putting Him first and living in obedience to him.  So consider your ways, think about what you are doing.  Our ways reveal the state of our heart and soul.  We can say what ever want but our ways reveal the truth.  Rest is just

religious talk.  In marriage, church, in giving to God, do give when have extra money or give Him that first tithe that belongs to Him.  Consider what doing.  If consider ways, come understand that many not been able get act together financially and find the satisfaction in life and blamed everything for it but the whole problem is a problem of delayed obedience and displaced priorities.  Real problem.

          What are the results?  Verses 9-11  When do not obey and priorities are mixed up and God is not first, here is what happens.  Results are withheld blessings.  Verse 9.  You try to accumulate things and with one puff it will be gone.  South Fork in Dallas burning to ground, not make difference how big. A toro in one sweep and gone.  What ever you hold on to God says that I can blow it away.  What are you holding to?  (Easterwoods  400,000 acres, game, horses, barns, stroke) Bankrupt.  Verse 11.  Bottom line is when you fail to put God first, then God will punch a hole in your pockets.  God said that. Never be able to make it up.   God always claims what is his.  Tithe is the Lord's.  All tithe.  Some voluntary and Lord beats it out of the rest.  Make plenty but have more and more needs. 

          Listen, get all the financial advisors in world and not enough to give you security if God is with holding the blessings from your life.  Smartest thing ever do is line up with God.  Well, I'm not tithing and things going pretty well.  Well, you don't know what God had planed for you that you may be missing out on.  Lot things I thought were wonderful till God gave me something better.  (Sinton if ever live there on the coast and pastor that church and live in that big pastorum, be wonderful)  Went back and could not imagine having such thoughts as that.  God has better.  Well, God doesn't settle his accounts at the end of the month.  God sees life times, You may not see till kids get grown but will understand one day that God with held blessing from your life the moment started to live in disobedience to Him.  Ten years means nothing to God.  God lives in eternity.  This book is either true or it is false and a lie.  God Says, you live in disobedience and you will reach a point where I'll take what you have and I blow it away.  It will be gone.  The basic truth is that everything that this world has, we should hold in our hands, loosely.  Because that's not what really matters.  What really matters is God's place in your life. 

          Remedy.  Verse 8, they began to obey.  If want God's blessing, security, satisfaction, fulfillment, something that transcends this life, then begin to obey God.  Well, Jan 1st start tithing.  Miss it if want live two months without God's blessing upon your life.  Without the protection of God.  God will not bless

selfishness.  Many place themselves in a position where God can not bless them.  Consider your ways.  Start obeying God.  Intend to do it, do it now.

          Second thing they did in verse 12 is they put their priorities in order,  they did fear God.  Started responding to God like he was really God.  If not first then he is not God.  Verse 13-14.  I am with you.  God will bless obedience. 

          The leader began to lead.  Tithers.  (backed up pu and stolen heater, so rotten and take from the church)  Doesn't bother me, this means nothing to a lost man.  What bothers me is how some you claim to love God and are ordained to lead God church and you rob God ever Sunday by not tithing)  What he got out that? Yea, fired.  Got two tithing deacons and central heat and air.  They just never really considered what they were doing.  How low you stoop before the God of all and rob and cheat him.  Then the people followed cheerfully.  How we ought to do it.  Learned that the mule that is kicking is not carrying his part of the load.  Not equal giving, but equal respondsibility. 

          Consider your ways.  Want to be a responsible member.  Because of love of God.

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