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Faith Working Through Love  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  33:59
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I can't even witnessed. I can't even have an influence for the Lord on others in my myself and feeling spiritually burnout. This is going to be an exciting time together. I do pray and I pray that with all my heart because we're chapter 5, in fact, the plan is license 5 this morning. And again, this evening, the message, this morning concerns Place working through

You remember that the Apostle Paul had some real issues with the church, a relationship and those issues concerned. Something that I don't know, is as common problem in this modern world as it was during all today. But there were a lot of religious in the community of Valencia, who continues to hold on to the idea that salvation or even favor with God, could be marriages, are earned. Through righteous deeds and good works which we know is not important. It is, is not, is not valid. Now, our work's, important measure important as we heard this morning faith without works. What? What the galatian Believers with the galatian. People were teaching, was that salvation was kind of a joint s words. Between what price did at the cross of Calvary and then the personal Merit are the personal Deeds of the one who claimed to be the flower of price and difference. Nothing. Further from the truth.

I attended Fred Douglass, Intermediate School. Y'all, remember, how do you remember the old Fred Douglass threw up on the hill? Alright. And analyzing, you know, that it had been a dominant black, high school, a black stool for a lot of the Black Folk in our sign Channel attended school but was used for understand, makes just a couple of years used to be the high school there, across from where the post office, is where the KFC used to be.

They didn't exactly that's what it was for me. I did go to Junior High there. That's why I went to library and check out a book about some fellow, of course, I discovered that Fred Douglass born into slavery, And the eighteen-hundreds several books where he graphically describes the brutal Horrors. All slavery chapter. He described watching his mother in the kitchen, with a horse with that, begin to draw blood immediately. Whatever. I could, for how her warm blood was flattering and spilling all over the kitchen floor, because she has failed to complete her chores for the day. He also wrote and the genius of his writing of Freedom. After the Emancipation, Proclamation, during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln and he produces a new kind of slavery of its own You say that again is taken for granted. I need kind of slavery. It's no Small Wonder that God has placed his greatest work of the Arts of his people. When they are imprisoned enslave persecuted, but not spiritually. Paul's message was you can chain my hands and feet. But you can't Shane my spirit. I'm free. I've been set free by the blood of the Lord. Jesus Christ that you can. You can put me in stocks, you can put me in check, but I am set free by the blood of Jesus Christ that has washed away. My sins. When I bow to the lordship of Jesus Christ was even part of God's glorious. Paul wrote some of the finest Epistles from a jail cell. That is just amazing that while chained up that he was able to scribble out the book of Romans the greatest most Christians. Are you ready for this? Have a greater problem if we ever begin to view, The grace of God is anything other than marriage. They were right back into the enslavement of let's read about it. Galatians chapter 5, beginning at verse 1. Send Pastor for in the Liberty by which Christ has made us free and do not be entangled again with a yoke. Indeed RI pole, say to you that if you become circumsized, that is circumcised thinking, that somehow that's going to make you more spiritual, stop talking about just the act of being circumcised, but doing it with that, in mind that, hey, I'm doing a good deed, this is going to put me in a picture of it, if you become circumcised for that reason. Then cries will profit you. Nothing. No other words. If you feel like that, you can earn God's favor on your own by Tolley, some religious advancing yourself, promoting yourself into God's Heavenly favor price Frappuccino. Because this is the work of Christ. What is the Sabres one stands there for fantastic in the liberty of Christ is all right and then he says you're free. And I testify again to every man who becomes burping side for that reason, you don't think of it he's going to become more religious or acceptable to God. That he is a debtor to keep the whole law. Know the words, hey, you're guilty of one infraction, your panel. So you better be. You better never had such respect. To receive entry into heaven. Several issues. We need to talk about here.

Your friend's number one, I want to talk about spiritual freedom in here, Point number one, spiritual freedom, is spiritual surrender. If you meant what you syringes and the degree of your spiritual Freedom will vary depending upon the death of your spiritual surrender. The words Stand Fast in verse one, another translation translate translate, a paragraph of spiritual Liberty is not a smooth one to stand firm to stand fast. I kind of get the idea has live music sperian slit. If you've been out in the west Texas, or your New Mexico or places like that up in the high mountains,

Gust of wind 60, 70, 80 miles an hour to where it's like being in a wind tunnel is hard. It's like 8 to walk against the wind is like walking with all your bike is crazy. Emergency, I need to hear the picture is kind of what the picture that Paul has in his mind is he saying just a firm Stand Fast in the Liberty by which made you freeze he says don't be enslaved, don't go back doing what religious Endeavor is going to score you points with God in heaven. That's an insult to the blood of Jesus Christ. It's an insult to the Cross, you're making the South Pacific mission of price, if you say Jesus to get me into heaven. So Jesus, thank you for now. But I'm going to try to earn the rest of my way into heaven through my rights. Now that's into a captive mentality, always going to boil down to that. I'm going to get what I deserve. Boys, we ever fall into that malignant way of thinking, you see? I don't watch. I deserve. I know myself too. Well, you think God doesn't know me. I love myself, but I have to earn myself a place in the highest part of outer Darkness, where there's weeping and gnashing of teeth. That's what Nathan desserts. But for the grace of God in Salvation, thank you for the precious blood of Jesus. We think about it, a moment ago. Are you washed in the blood? If you're not, my keeper is Mercy. Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? That's the only key there and and and that enables us and hear something else, I believe. You say, well and Brother Don was talking about Bowleys surrendering to the full authority of the lordship of Christ and brother named struggle with that. How do I do if the key is in the recognition of what the grace of God has provided for you? Grace is going to expire a spirit of fear of holy God because you realize it worth not. For the grace of God to bring us out of Asian. We would be eternally lost you recognize when you read in the Old Testament. No sooner had the two or three left. The city limits of the Egyptian Capital. They started looking. Why do they do that? Because it's a lot easier to walk by sides than it is by saying. Easier to do what are humans? What happens to believe.

Bad guys do to help. That's the way that heaven and hell. Are you always the same thing that goes to heaven and it's the bad ugly fellow black bars with the word of God tells us. Hell's going to be filled with a lot of good phone, brother, so and so's the Christian. Oh, I'm sure he is such a nice fella. You know, he's a good guy. I'm sure. That means it. He's probably a born again. Christian. The Brother Don Jackson question, how many thousands of hey did you think that your good deeds are going to get you to have it? There's a lot of posting, a lot of so-called Christians. Nothing is that any form of religion, based on personal Merit? The features of a Salvation based on personal Mary Warren. Now, there's a lot of religions that feature. A Salvation by good works and I'll be real honest, they appeal to you. If you're looking for The Logical, scientific way to the net worth of how many digits do you have? Check checks yet. You have the old ladies cross. The street. You did the angel tree at Christmas time for a little kiddo to have a Christmas gift and they're just acting up.

Surely, you're going to go to heaven, the Lord is saying. Why don't you understand about that logic? Says, that the cowboy way more than the story of Christianity cuz it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how heinous were the crimes that you committed if you came to the Lord Avery tickets. Women's Center tears.

You're going to be safe unless you, repent. You shall likewise perish. Call boy. and, So adverse to, you know, I was talking about this ritual circumcision.

You talking about, you know, it's apparent, you know, doctor said how you want to start this bad little boys uncircumcised. So I can say, I'm go ahead circumcising, you know, for good hygiene or whatever like that, if you intentionally submit to Ritual circumcision are performing, certain Deeds, are keeping certain religious customs, in an in thinking, that in doing. So that somehow makes you more spiritual more acceptable to God, perform sacrifice. All these things, you know, there are and we know some branches of Christianity where you walk around with a reminder to do that. So that's what I'm going to inflict myself, because I'm going to show how spiritual that I am. Well, he says, if that's the way that you're coming to God, making you earning God's blessing, then the Salve indignation of price of cross of Calvary of no value whatsoever.

Not even in car, not even in far, it would rather hard message. Because it just flies in the face of what seemed so logical and I agree, that's why we need to study the book of Galatians. Number three, words best. Think about this for me salvation based on good work.

So if you're going to, if you're believing that well, I take issue with that. I believe I have the potential to earn my salvation through good works. All right? The first volume

All right, so check your birth certificate. See if you had a human Daddy. It's already born.

And you better, never say it. Look at first three again and I testify against every man who is going through some religious, all right, so if you're thinking that you are somehow achieving a measure of a Divine Merrick Define acceptability through obedience to the law, then you better keep it all one strike and you're out you might as well be guilty of it all by the Apostle John salvation by good words. That would mean that But you must be holy. Remember 1st Peter. Chapter 1 verse 1416. Where the Lord declares his children be holy for. I am. Holy Now. As Born Again Christians. Are we to live and leave. Holy by yes. But are we to take that to the point to save? You know what? I got this whole thing down. Did not happen, but play the decision between God, and man is symbolized by a great Chasm. And I think about the story of the rich man and Lazarus, the rich man, who was Enjoy all life's Pleasures. He fared sumptuously it up backwards, table everyday, meanwhile poor Lazarus, not the brother of Mary, and Martha different Lazarus, PA from to tell from the rich man's table. He was a poor fella, rich, man. Did not go forth. And so whenever they both died, the rich man sees Lazarus from a bar, but he notices that they're separated by Greg deuel said to scripture, great golfer, great Chasm, not far from Colorado Springs has the world's longest suspension bridge.

Amtrak going through divorce, their lord, Jesus Christ. Now, you may decide, I think that I could make it across the gorge on my own. And so you begin to figure out Friday, gize different ways that you can cross that Canyon and you realize where there's no way to throw a ladder, there's no no way to do. If you don't have any type of you, no grappling hook for the gun or something, you know, modern like that. It's just you and I and whatever I guess how far you can jump when you realized but there's no way. I mean Carl Lewis could not jump. I just to say and write your files and speak from your destination and finally, it Dawns on you. But there's no way. Get that you're never going to make. You're never going to make. said that point on a spiritual plane, where we realize that what Jesus accomplished for us at the cross with something that we

Have you ever just stopped and thought about that for a second? What Jesus did for you at Calvary. And I'm talking about, you personally, what he did for you and you and you and you and you and you and every person in this room. It's something that you could never do that yourself. Something that you can never accomplished. What could possibly inspire A spirit of reverence and obedience to the holy God that you could never accomplish on your own or Airforce as you have become estranged from Christ. You would have to be justified by the wall.

You're trying to earn God's favor and in doing so you're finding your nose at the grace of God. For we, through the spirit, eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness.

Sporting Christ, Jesus, neither circumcision or uncircumcision avails anything, but it's working through life, and that's where I got the state through love, couple of points during closing number for is that our only chance for acceptability to God. He is in the act of re-creation. Our chance at acceptability. To job is in the act of re-creation.

Rehabilitation only because you take a person who is an addict a drug addict or alcohol addicts or some type of emotional disorder, something like that. And we say, well let's see what may be a few months of rehab with the So you send the person golf to Rehabilitation and sometimes, right is God, sometimes they come out of a rehab center. Just seemed like a different person and maybe they are in some way a different person. Man, for years and years or heroin or alcohol or something like that is sad me by the throat. And now, after some months of Rehabilitation, I've overcome that

But why does Rehabilitation not work when it comes to the problem of sin? All right because we're talkin about not just that they the same as being an activity and action, the Disobedience. But rather a mission or talking about a person to send is a sitter that is lost, that is without hope that is available except through the blood of Jesus Christ. This word righteousness, in verse. Where is it? Verse 5? We through the spirit, eagerly, wait for the hope of righteousness by faith. This is the word Kya sunau, which means absolute holding it. Are equality with Christ in terms of our standing, in the outside of God. Do you realize what that say?

That is this is the fruition the Fulfillment of the passage that says that God May Christ, you know, Cindy meaning when your born again.

God sees you on price. Your sins washed away by the blood of the lamb and the onus is upon you to continue to walk in to Bear the fruits as we heard this morning that is indicative that you are alive in Christ. But your friends, this this is just me, a Russian, my spirit, he at we eagerly await the consummation. How are union with Christ? When we stand before the Lord.

And don't be concerned. We need to be concerned now, don't worry about that. And you know why? Because we stand before the Lord, and the Lord doesn't have anymore a record of your wrongdoing. When you stand before him at the great white Throne. I see that the record has been expunged. It's been washed clean. What can wash away your sin, nothing but the blood of Christ. And then finally, this morning number five is this our purpose in life is to imitate Jesus Christ. Think about that it will please. Her purpose in life is to imitate Christ's example, to be Like Jesus, Does the world see Jesus in you. There was a song back in the 1980s. It said you're the only Jesus, some will ever see. You're the only Jesus ever see. This is really the only things account. I heard about a missionary to Zimbabwe, having a tough time communicating Jesus. There was a terrible drought, a dying native woman changing, his missionary, who gave her his shirt, his protection, from son. He gave her his last drink of water from his canteen. Within a couple of days, the missionary succumbed, just as a rainstorm was begin to come through in the village was miraculously saved. Except for this missionary, who is given literally give the shirt off his back and given his last little canteen of water away. And let me say that the missionary's wife, the weather Celsius, Talk about the spiritual famine, heaven or whatever.

but they recognize that in spite of all human effort, they're never able to achieve this transformative power that can only come when a person receive Christ as Lord and Savior, needless to say, through this living example, in this example of this missionary who literally gave his life, The entire Village virtually was one at the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So beautifully, down the burg. 12 first 7 says you ran well who hindered you from obeying the truth. This persuasion does not come from him. A little leaven leavens, the whole lot. Other words a little bit of untruth, he's going to impact the entire lump of dough. I have talked and seen you in the war that you will have no other mind but trouble and I rev, if I still preach circumcision that is spiritual marriage through personal effort effort. If I still preach.

I could wish that those who trouble you would even cut themselves off from the Apostle. And so,

are you going to heaven?

If you're going to heaven, why are you going to heaven? Because you wore the white hat. because you never strayed from the path, Let me talk to Val to the authority of the only one shake you. I am doing so you.

We are reconciled to God.

And if so, I believe that today, you have a holy Trip Lee in your spirit. I'm going to this for Jesus everyday because I could never do for myself.

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